7 sci-fi films that deserve to be rediscovered

They do not serve as classics but are nevertheless works of the highest caliber. From “Abyss” to “The Inner Adventure” via “Looper” and “Galaxy Quest”, focus on seven science fiction films that deserve to be rediscovered.

7 sci-fi films that deserve to be rediscovered
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ABYSS (1989)

James Cameron, true legend of SF, it is Terminator, Aliens, the return or even Avatar, but it is also the (a little) less known Abyss. Oscar winner in 1990 for its particularly innovative visual effects for the time, this fascinating feature film tells the story of a US Navy commando who disembarks aboard a drilling station to rescue a submarine stranded in depths. As salvage work began around the wrecked submersible, the crew had to deal with unexplained phenomena. What if they weren’t alone in the abyss?

Worn by Ed Harris, Abyss, whose filming conditions were particularly trying, is a high-end entertainment that it is difficult to come out unscathed. Opressing, magical, moving, subtle … James Cameron strikes a blow by orchestrating this encounter between man and extraterrestrial creatures like no other.

LOOPER (2012)

Before traveling to a galaxy far, far away, directing Star Wars – The Last Jedi, American filmmaker Rian Johnson impressed with Looper. An SF marvel that plunges the viewer into the near future, at a time when the Mafia has perfected an infallible system to remove all annoying witnesses. She sends her victims to the past, to our time, where new kind of killers are killing them. One day, one of them, Joe, discovers that the victim he is to execute is none other than … himself, 20 years older.

Considered by some British critics to be “the new generation Matrix”, Looper, carried by the Bruce Willis / Joseph Gordon-Levitt duo (unrecognizable), is a fascinating and particularly ambitious anticipatory thriller, as entertaining as it is profound, which plays with mastery with the heart and the neurons of the spectator. A top-notch sci-fi film, arguably one of the best of recent years.


The Inner Adventure is the story of Lieutenant Tuck Pendelton, strong head of the American Navy, who volunteers for a very risky experiment: miniaturized, at the controls of a pocket submersible, it will be injected into the organism of a rabbit. But evil industrial spies seize the chip that can reverse the process, and Tuck finds himself thrown into the butt of a modest supermarket worker. He will have to convince his host to get him out of there!

A miniaturized man who finds himself in spite of himself propelled aboard a small machine just as rikiki in the body of a person of normal size? Frankly, how can you resist this wonderful idea of ​​entertainment, especially when a certain Steven Spielberg is in charge of the production and the production is directed by Joe Dante, the director of the Gremlins?

And those crazy special effects, Oscar winner in 1988, that will make you believe that you REALLY slalom between red blood cells, a small intestine and a lung? And the music of Jerry Goldmsith, which creates such a unique atmosphere? And this humor, these characters so endearing (the trio Dennis Quaid / Martin Short / Meg Ryan is perfect), this hectic pace, this succulent scenario made in 80’s that grabs you and never lets go … No, really, difficult, whether you are small, medium or large, not to be carried away by the breath of this fantastic comedy like no other in the depths of the human being !


After The Inner Adventure, make way for a new SF film placed under the register of comedy, and even parody, with the irresistible Galaxy Quest. Galaxy quest, it is a science fiction series that made the heyday of American television in the 80s but whose actors then failed to break through and are doomed to don their space costumes at conventions or ensure supermarket entertainment. When real aliens seek help from Jason Nesmith, who played Commander Taggart, he rounds up his former partners.

“I liked the idea of ​​these six old-fashioned people projected into a futuristic universe and forced to play their part for real. The gap that sets in between what is expected of them and what they really are m ‘seemed a very strong comic spring “, says producer Mark Johnson. We can only agree with him: Galaxy Quest, funny, creaky and intelligent comedy, a true declaration of love to SF carried by an exquisite bunch of actors (Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman…), is a real success.

STARMAN (1984)

The feature film Starman is the story of an extraterrestrial pursued by the American army who takes refuge with a young widow and takes the appearance of her deceased husband. The young woman accommodates him and accompanies him in his flight …

With this order, John Carpenter, crowned with the success of Christine, surprises by moving away from the style that made his success with films like Fog, New York 1997 and The Thing. His alien melody, which one might believe made by Steven spielberg, surprised his fans, but the result is particularly touching, with a duo of actors (Jeff Bridges / Karen Allen) in tune.


Remake of The Desecrators Invasion, directed by Don Siegel in 1956, the feature film Body Snatchers, tells the story of characters joining forces to fight against aliens but also to fight against a dehumanized society.

True curiosity in the filmography of Abel Ferrara, this commissioned film is a great success thanks in particular to its distressing atmosphere and some particularly chilling moments. How, for example, not to shiver with fear in front of the very disturbing performance of actress Meg Tilly? Its frightening cry may haunt you …


Perfect Sense is a film that necessarily resonates in a special way in our troubled times. David MacKenzie’s feature film indeed tells the love story between a cook and a brilliant researcher as the world is struck by a strange epidemic causing people to lose their sensory perceptions.

Disturbing, disturbing, moving, wonderfully interpreted by the duo Ewan McGregor / Eva Green, this Perfect Sense is a sci-fi film really like no other, a little nugget unfairly gone unnoticed when it was released in theaters in 2012.

“Everyone who worked on this film was aware that we were not in the register of the blockbuster but of something more subtle, metaphorical”, says the director. “The science fiction part of Perfect Sense had to be discreet to remain plausible, to give the appearance of happening in the very near future (…) The more Hollywood films make cases of them, the more I find them hollow, without substance. “

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