7 Habits of People Who Are Good at Saving Money

Saving money can be hard…especially with how expensive everything seems to be right now.

Gas, groceries, you name it.

But today we’re gonna get some pro tips about the habits of folks who are good at saving money.

So pay attention!

You should try to put 10% to 15% of your earnings every month into a retirement account if possible.

It’s important!

7 habits of people who are good at saving money

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Sure, I want to go on a vacation to Florida this month…but do I really need to?

People who are good at saving money write down a list of their needs, their wants, and their biggest wishes.

It’ll help!

You know what I’m talking about…a budget.

It seems like common sense, but a whole lot of people out there DO NOT stick to a budget.

So make a spreadsheet or even a written chart to keep track of your cash.

Before you spend money on anything at all, pay yourself first by putting money into a savings or a retirement account.

Make saving money a priority in your life!

Keep track of everything you’re spending in a ledger or however you organize your budget and you’ll be more on top of what you have and what you’re spending.

Yes, even when you spend a few bucks on a cup of coffee or a sandwich…

7 habits of people who are good at saving money

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People who are good at saving money use coupons, look for good deals, and do a lot of research before they make a purchase.

Hey, it pays off.

Life throws a lot of curve balls at all of us and we have to do the best we can to roll with the punches.

And that includes how much money we spend!

So when big changes do happen: divorce, job layoffs, getting sick, etc., you have to adjust your lifestyle. Things change!

Now we want to hear from you. What money-saving tips do you have?

Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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