7 French superheroes in the cinema: from Super-Résistant to Philippe Lacheau

While the comedy “Superhero despite himself”, led by Philippe Lacheau, has been in theaters since February 2, focus on these other French stars who have played superheroes on screen.

Thomas Ngijol in “Black Snake, the legend of the black snake”

7 french superheroes in the cinema: from super-résistant to philippe lacheau

After years spent in Paris, Clotaire Sangala, embodied by Thomas Ngijol, returns to his native country, in Africa. Raised by a Chinese grandfather who was an expert in martial arts, convinced he had been found in a trash can, Clotaire knows nothing of his parents’ glorious past. Addicted to women and to the easy life, selfish and without ambition, Clotaire will however be overtaken by his destiny… He will become Black Snake, the masked and ultra-sapped superhero, liberator of the people against the dictator Hezekiah.

There are multiple action scenes in this superhero comedy and Thomas Ngijol wanted his character to be believable in the way he fought. To be credible by playing a draw, you have to have the basics”, laughs the actor. “So I learned certain gestures to do them naturally and without forcing them, and on the screen do them badly! It was all about having fun without feeling like Fast and Furious or Mission Impossible: punching anyone in the face has never been my fantasy!”

“I didn’t want to transform my body but I trained to be in shape”, continues Thomas Ngijol. “Alain Figlarz coached me and he choreographed the fights in the style ‘we’re going for real but I’m a bit to the west’! (laughs)”

The superheroes of “How I became a superhero”

7 french superheroes in the cinema: from super-résistant to philippe lacheau
Shanna Besson / Warner Bros. France

We are at Paris, in 2020. In a society where supermen are trivialized and perfectly integrated, a mysterious substance giving superpowers to those who don’t have them is spreading. Faced with increasing incidents, Lieutenants Moreau and Schaltzmann are in charge of the investigation.

This is the pitch of the ambitious feature film How I became a superhero, adapted from the homonymous novel by Gérald Bronner. Released on Netflix last July, the French blockbuster, with a budget of between 10 and 15 million euros, notably sees Benoît Poelvoorde and Leila Bekhti slip into superhero costumes!

Philippe Lacheau in “Superhero despite himself”

7 french superheroes in the cinema: from super-résistant to philippe lacheau
Julien Panie

In Despite himself superheroescurrently in theaters, Philippe Lacheau embodies an apprentice comedian in trouble who finally lands his first role in a superhero film. One evening, when he borrows the filming car, he is the victim of an accident which causes him to lose his memory. When he wakes up, dressed in his vigilante costume and surrounded by the film’s accessories, he is convinced that he has become the character of the film with a perilous mission to accomplish.

Fan in particular of Superman played by Christopher Reeve and of Thor, Philippe Lacheau dreaded having to wear a superhero costume because the filming took place in the summer. “This type of costume is thick and long to put on, because as I learned while preparing the project, all the American actors who play superheroes wear a lycra jumpsuit with fake foam musculature under their outfits, “says he.

“It’s essential because these very fitted elastic costumes compress the flesh and the volume of the real muscles”, continues the actor. refresh myself.”

Martin Lamotte in “Papy is resisting”

7 french superheroes in the cinema: from super-résistant to philippe lacheau
Mediterranean Film Rental Agency (AMLF)

Grandpa resists, the cult comedy by Jean-Marie Poiré released in theaters in 1983, immerses us in 1943 alongside the Bourdelle, invaded by the Germans and who find themselves housed in the cellar. The son, GuyHubert, hidden behind the features of a homosexual hairdresser, is in fact Super-Resistant, a sort of Zorro of the moment, who is plotting against the Nazis. In the role of Super-Resistant, we find the actor Marin Lamottealso screenwriter on the film.

Leopold Huet in “Benoît Brisefer: Red Taxis”

7 french superheroes in the cinema: from super-résistant to philippe lacheau
The Walt Disney Company France

Benoît Brisefer: Les Taxis Rouges is the story of a 10-year-old boy, with a strong character and great generosity, who hides superpowers under a very ordinary appearance. His only weak point: he loses all his strength when he catches a cold!

It is the young Leopold Huet who lends his features to Benoît Brisefer in this feature film adapted from the cult comic book by Peyo, the father of the Smurfs. The boy was chosen among 300 small candidates, his resemblance to the character of the comic strip and his talent as an actor having hit the mark!

Leopold Huet was given the air of a stuntman, because he had to perform several fairly technical scenes, then completed with special effects so that he had real powers on screen. For his first experience in front of the camera, the young boy has the privilege of rubbing shoulders with three great stars of French cinema: Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte and Jean Reno.

The superheroes of the series “Hero Corp”

7 french superheroes in the cinema: from super-résistant to philippe lacheau
Calt Production

The Hero Corp series tells the story of an agency created to bring together all superheroes and maintain a climate of peace after a period of war. In Lozère, the retired, the discarded, the resigned, the unmasked, the untrained, the outsized, find themselves cut off from the world to find a calm and peaceful life, but their daily lives are shattered when the supervillain The Lord resurfaces. Fantastic and humorous, the program, created by Simon Astier and Alban Lenoir, has five seasons and enjoys a nice cult status.

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