7 Bizarre Sports Curses – HISTORY

Superstitions and sports are as inseparable as Halloween and candy, but a few sports franchises and athletes have endured such bad luck that they can apparently only be explained by the supernatural. Hexes such as the Bambino’s Curse and the Billy Goat’s Curse that plagued the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are familiar to most sports fans. Here are seven lesser-known sports spells:

1. The curse of Rocky Colavito

Once the Red Sox and Cubs broke their historic curses, Major League Baseball’s longest title drought passed to the Cleveland Baseball Club, which changed its name from Indians to Guardians after the 2021 season. As some Red Sox fans pointed out Babe Ruth’s trade for their woes, Cleveland fans blamed the 1960 trade on the team’s most popular player, Rocky Colavito.

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