6-Year-old Etan Patz—boy on milk carton—goes missing

On the morning of May 25, 1979, six-year-old Etan Patz walked the two streets of his house to his bus stop in Manhattan. It was the first time he went there alone before school, and the last day his parents would never see him. It’s because someone kidnapped Etan during this walk. In his efforts to find him, Etan became one of the first missing children to appear on cartons of milk.

Julie and Stanley Patz did not realize that her son was missing until later that day, when he did not return from Independence Plaza school. They soon learned that he had not been in his freshman class that day or even taken the bus that morning, and called the police. Etan’s disappearance led to nationwide research that was only resolved in 2017, when Pedro Hernandez was found guilty of the kidnapping and murder.


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