6 Underground: no sequel for Michael Bay’s film on Netflix

6 Underground: Released in 2019 on the platform, the action blockbuster 6 Underground – with Ryan Reynolds and Mélanie Laurent – will ultimately not have a sequel. Netflix said no. Wise decision ?

Netflix had the ambition to make 6 Underground its Fast & Furious, a one-armed bandit who would hit the jackpot with every draw. Despite the success of the film, the adventure of Ryan Reynolds and his team ends prematurely.

6 underground: no sequel for michael bay's film on netflix
6 underground

The decision is all the more astonishing as Netflix is ​​reluctant to admit its mistakes. Indeed, the firm of Ted Sarandos communicates regularly on marvelous audiences – which should always be taken with a grain of salt – because they count as “seen” a program which would have been only during the first two minutes.

We are delighted to learn that Scott Stuber, head of Netflix’s film department, finally admitted that Michael Bay’s $ 150 million blockbuster is a creative fiasco despite excellent audiences.

It’s hard not to agree with him. Despite a nice cast (Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Dave Franco…), 6 Underground has not been able to leave its mark in the history of pop culture. Released in December, like many Netflix blockbusters, it reached the fourth most-viewed Netflix original movie with 83 million views in its first four weeks.

6 underground: no sequel for michael bay's film on netflix PacificPressAgency / Bestimage
Ted Sarandos, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Stuber at the “6 Underground” premiere at The Shed in New York City on December 10, 2019

Figures that do not prevent a certain realism. In an interview with Variety, Stuber confessed that 6 Underground was a disappointment:

We didn’t feel like we had made this film from a creative point of view. It was a hit, but in the end, we didn’t feel like we had scored enough points to warrant a sequel. There just wasn’t that deep love for these characters or this universe.

One can legitimately wonder how many people, out of the 83 million views, watched beyond two minutes. Because, to renew a series, Netflix makes sure that the season has been watched to the end.

6 Underground received bad reviews overall. Many of them pointed out that the film was almost unintelligible, so it’s not really shocking news to learn that there won’t be a sequel. But it is on the other hand interesting to hear the head of Netflix’s film department motivate his decision with a creative argument.

This is the opportunity to (re) see the False fitting devoted in part to the film by Michael Bay:

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