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Exorcist: Believer Just in time for the scariest season of all. Direct sequel to 1973 the Exorcist, the film throws a whole new family into the horrors of demonic possession and all the scary moments that come with it. And you can totally watch another horror movie after watching Exorcist: Believer To keep in the creepy mood, there’s really no better time to sit down with a scary game.

To help scare you, we have a list of scary games that bring a lot of the Exorcist-Like paranormal scares on the table that will transport you to Halloween. From hunting ghosts and ghouls to being hunted yourself, play them… if you dare.


Several tents are in a half circle, with twinkling lights running along ropes above and a tree next to the tent.  A hand holding a torch points towards some ghost hunting device on the ground.
Kinetic Games

Released in 2020, Phasmophobia It’s an online co-op game that’s perfect for anyone looking to live out their ghost hunter dreams (or nightmares, depending on how you play). The game sets four players in various haunted locations ranging from suburban homes to a campsite and a high school. Players have free rein to set up and use a variety of ghost-hunting tools, such as spirit boxes, EMF readers, and night vision cameras, in an attempt to capture any type of paranormal activity. It’s up to you to figure out what kind of ghost is haunting each location based on the evidence you find.

Each round starts off relatively harmless, with the ghostly activity being pretty basic until things get started. The ghosts begin to become more terrifying, toying with the players by cutting off their power and hunting them. A word of advice: It’s always best to find a good place to hide when you and your friends start a new game.

Exorcist: Army VR

A glass door with the word Spy opens into an office, where there is a table, chair, some shelves.
Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd

what a the Exorcist-What inspired list could really be complete without a game based on the movie? Exorcist: Army VR is an episodic VR title that takes place in the world of the Exorcist Franchise. Comprising a total of five episodes, players are placed in the role of a detective who is tasked with looking into a series of murders – all of which have ties to witchcraft.

Each episode features a different gruesome murder in a new location, with chapters taking place in classic horror locations like a church, a family home, and a hospital. Players will find classic exorcism tools in each chapter, including the crucifix and holy water, and will encounter plenty of terrifying, unexplained horrors as they work to solve each case.

dead by daylight

Main artwork of Dead by Daylight.  In the title Dead by Daylight, several assassins are standing behind, while the playable characters, two girls and two boys, are standing below.
behavior interactive

it is fair to say dead by daylight One of the most popular horror games at the moment. Players are thrust into an asymmetric 4 vs. 1 game where one player is placed in the role of the killer while the other four players are left to fight while escaping as the survivors. As survivors, the main goal during each game is to escape the killing field where each match takes place. Players can choose to work together, which can help increase their chances of survival, or you can take the independent route and try to outwit the killer. Of my own.

Players who take on the role of the assassin have their primary objective to hunt, capture, and kill other players. dead by daylight It features a cast of its own original, terrifying killers like the Nurse and the Wraith, but the game also includes plenty of iconic horror names to play as, like Ghostface (the Scream) and Michael Myers (Halloween, There’s definitely room for Regan McNeil on that list, right? Some projectile reverse powers are sure to spice up the matchup.

bull free

Riley, a teenage girl with blue hair in a ponytail, stands on a small rock across an open space.  Across from Riley, a ghost-like figure with a glowing red face is floating above the ground.
Night School Studio

In classic horror style, a group of teenagers find themselves faced with a supernatural turn of events bull free, Praised for its stunning animation and its realistic teen dialogue, bull free You play a teenager named Alex who brings her new stepbrother and some friends to a party on an old military island. A group of five teenagers are there to hang out, party, and hang out. But as is often the case in the horror genre, when the group decides to investigate mysterious occurrences on the island – including an urban legend about a haunted radio station, what starts out as an innocent story begins to unravel. Soon it takes a scary turn.

With a walk-and-talk gameplay mechanic, players are prompted to make choices that impact how the story ultimately plays out – such as who they want to see first after the group separates. And whether they want to reduce the distance between them or not. Alex and his stepbrother. Once you’re done, be sure to check out the sequel, Oxenfree II: Lost SignalIf you’re looking for more extraterrestrial radio waves to chase.

till dawn

Three characters, including a woman wearing a hat and green jacket, are sitting at a table.  They each have one finger placed on a Ouija board planchette on the table in front of them,
Image used with permission of the copyright holder

If you really want to feel like yourself In a horror movie, till dawn A great option to follow Exorcist: Believer Also released in 2015, till dawn is an interactive horror story game that became an instant hit, even winning a British Academy Games Award for Original Property. The premise starts off simple enough: Eight friends find themselves stranded in a remote mountainous area one year after a massive blizzard hits. Each character fits classic horror movie archetypes, like the nerd, the jock and the final girl, and it’s over that you have to play through an increasingly sinister story where every decision affects the outcome of each game. Make the wrong choice, and someone could be dead in the next moment.

till dawn Perfect for horror movie and game fans who are looking for a game that can be scary and brutal in equal measure. And if you want more teen slashers like it, check out developer Supermassive Games. mine,

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