6 post-credits scenes that lied to us

The fashion for post-credits scenes was launched by the Marvel universe from “Iron Man” and with the success that we know. But sometimes, they are not followed by effects in the saga they concern. Proof by example!

At the moment, it’s rare for the post-credits scenes to disappoint. Since their revitalization by Marvel Studios, they are now among the traditions of blockbusters, and we find them almost systematically at the end of big Hollywood productions. They are used in particular to announce the big events to come of the following film.

With hindsight, it has happened that spectators are promised things that they have never had. Here’s a quick overview of these post-generic scenes that lied to us. It would have been easy to point to films that never had a sequel, but we preferred to limit the selection to post-credits scenes that were consciously chosen to ignore in favor of other storylines throughout the rest of the movie. saga.

Monica Fuentes Returns – Fast & Furious 5

Universal Pictures

In the mid-credits scene of Fast & Furious 5, Eva Mendes is making her comeback in the saga worn by Vin Diesel. Already seen in 2 Fast 2 Furious, his character makes an appearance again to give Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) a dossier announcing that Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who we think died since the 4th opus (and absent from the 5th) would in fact be very much alive! A surprise that will be confirmed from Fast & Furious 6, but Monica Fuentes never returned to the screen.

Death – Avengers

The Walt Disney Company

When Thanos appears at the end of Avengers, comic book fans understand where Marvel Studios’ next story arc is going to take them. However, we hear the leader of the Chitauris declare (in French): “to challenge humans is to expose oneself to death”. In original version, it is said “to challenge them is to court death”, literally: “to challenge them is to seek to seduce death”.

In the comics, Thanos gathers the Infinity Gems to seduce Death, who is a character in his own right. At the time, Phase 2 of the MCU will barely begin, and the arrival of Death is teased by this line, which can not be trivial, Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon would not have left such a sentence by chance with their knowledge of comics. The point is, the character will never be shown or even mentioned in the MCU sequel.

Skynet – Terminator: Genisys

Paramount Pictures

At the end of the fifth installment of the Terminator saga, we can see that Alex (Matt Smith), the physical incarnation of Skynet, has survived and will be back, probably in the next installment. Except that !

Meanwhile, Genisys has been an oven at the US box office ($ 89.7 million for an estimated budget of $ 155) and as a result, the producers are deciding that the next episode of the franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate, will be a reboot. Partial taking place after the plot of Terminator 2 and ignoring the films that followed it. At the time of this writing, Alex has never reappeared.

Mister Sinister – X-Men: Apocalypse

Twentieth century fox

At the end of X-Men Apocalypse, individuals can be seen entering Weapon X base and stealing a sample of Wolverine’s blood before putting it in a suitcase that reads the “Essex Corp” logo. The latter refers to the character of Nathaniel Essex alias Mister Sinister, a scientist specializing in genetic modifications. We owe him in particular the creation of X-23, female clone of Wolverine.

The spectators thought then to find this intrigue in the following film, Wolverine 3, meanwhile become Logan, a film with a completely different point of view and a twilight intrigue. Result: Doctor Sinistre (Sinister in VO) never appeared on the screen.

Deathstroke – Justice League

Warner Bros.

At the end of Justice League, we see shaved-haired Lex Luthor (still played by Jesse Eisenberg who played him in Batman V Superman) hiring a supervillain. And not just any, since it is Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), one of Batman’s adversaries.

The idea was to announce the solo film The Batman then prepared by Ben Affleck, which was at least in part to center on the clash between the Dark Knight and the dreaded assassin. The feature film is ultimately canceled, Ben Affleck leaves the role, and the solo Batman film sets off in a new direction spurred on by Matt Reeves, who hands the role of Bruce Wayne to Robert Pattinson.

The voodoo doll – Pirates of the Caribbean: the Fountain of Youth

The Walt Disney Pictures

In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth, Angelica (Penélope Cruz) is abandoned by Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) on a tiny desert island. The credits start and when it ends, we find Blackbeard’s daughter retrieving a doll bearing the image of Sparrow washed up by the waves. We then understand that she will use this doll for voodoo rituals intended to make her pay for her abandonment … but we will never see Angelica again in the saga.

Bonus: postponed game – The Spy Who Loved Me


We are faced with a special case: an announced film that will not be made immediately, but will eventually be made! At the end of The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), we are told that the next film will be Just For Your Eyes. Except that in the meantime, the Star Wars created by George Lucas has been a worldwide hit, and the project is discarded to send James Bond into space in an emergency with Moonraker (1979)! Just For Your Eyes won’t be filmed until after, for a 1981 release.

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