6 Legendary Lost Treasures of World War II

War has always brought chaos and with it an opportunity for looting and looting. This was especially true during the Second World War, when countless pieces of art, artifacts and other priceless treasures were destroyed and removed from Europe and Asia-Pacific. The Nazis, in particular, systematically looted cultural property from museums, private homes and royal palaces, some to help Adolf Hitler build his Führermuseum museum project, but other armies also took their own spoils.

At the end of the war, stories of real and imagined lost treasures mixed, especially with regard to rumors of stolen Nazi gold. Some of the items on this list are more verifiable than others, but all of them have motivated treasure hunters to seek them out.

1. Yamashita’s Gold

WATCH: The dictator steals a treasure

Yamashita Tomoyuki was a general of the Japanese Empire who defended the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in 1944 and 1945. According to legend, he also carried out orders for Emperor Hirohito will hide gold and treasures in tunnels in the Philippines, trapped by mines, gas cans and the like. The plan, apparently, was to use the treasury to rebuild Japan after the war.

Since then, there have been many complaints about the destination of the gold. In a court case in the United States, a Filipino locksmith by the name of Rogelio Roxas claimed discovered some of the hidden gold in the 1970s and that the Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos later sent strongmen to steal it. The legend also provoked treasure hunts for “Yamashita gold” in the Philippines, which continue today.

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