6 Key Inventions by Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison applied for his first patent in 1868 when he was only 21 years old. The first original idea of ​​the famous inventor was for a device that recorded legislative votes. It was only the beginning of a career in which he would obtain 1,093 American patents, in addition to 500 to 600 applications which he had not completed or which had been rejected. But Edison’s greatest invention may have been to develop a new process for coming up with inventions.

“When Edison raised huge capital, built a laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ, and hired a team of dozens, each with distinct talents, he was the pioneer of what became the research and development process for modern business, “says Ernest Freeberg, historian at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and author of The Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America.

“He saw it as an invention factory, a factory that would produce surprising new products at a regular rate.”

In many cases, Edison’s genius took a new technology that someone else had launched and developed a superior way of doing the same. “An invention must not only work well enough, but it must be something the market wants and can afford to buy. Edison understood this as well as anyone in his time, ”said Freeberg.

Here are some of Edison’s most important inventions.

Automatic telegraph

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