6 actors replaced at the last minute

They should have starred in a movie that would later be a big hit but were replaced at the last minute. Focus on 6 casting changes more notable than the others.

Marty McFly, IndianaJones or Wolverinethese are obviously Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford and Hugh Jackman. Except that these actors, who were not the first choice for these iconic roles, were hired at the very last minute! Focus on 6 casting changes without which the history of the seventh art would probably not have been the same.

Marty McFly

6 actors replaced at the last minute
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Originally attached to the feature film Back to the future as Marty McFly, actor Eric Stoltz will be replaced by Michael J. Foxafter a few days of filming! Considered too old, he did not look “adolescent” enough for the role.

Considered from the start of the project in the main role, Michael J. Fox could not take part in it, bound by his commitments on the series sacred family. He will finally be able to participate in the adventure, the filming schedule being set according to that of the television show. A happy ending for the actor, who will become a real international star thanks to the film by Robert Zemeckis


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Indiana Jones IS Ford (U.S.A.) (Acteur,Producteur délégué,Producteur exécutif)”>Harrison Ford ! However, originally it was Tom Selleck who was to embody the hero on the big screen. The actor was indeed the first choice of Steven Spielberg and george lucas to slip into the guise of the adventurer archaeologist in The Raiders of the Lost Ark. In 1980, the actor even conducted trials for the role.

But Selleck, who had been officially chosen, will ultimately not be able to embody Indy. The reason: his engagement with CBS on the series Magnum, of which he had just shot the pilot and whose shooting dates could not, according to the chain, be modified. Ironically, the filming of Magnum will still be postponed due to a strike by the actors, which means that Tom Selleck could have finally played both Magnum AND Indiana Jones!

It should be noted that Tom Selleck, not resentful, will later parody Indiana Jones in an episode of Magnum entitled Legend of the Lost Ark, an obvious reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark !


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Most popular character in the mutant saga X-MenWolverine was originally to be played on screen by the Scotsman Dougray Scott. However, held back by its obligations on Mission: Impossible II (in which he plays the dark adversary of Tom Cruise) and also injured his back on the set of the feature film, the actor had to leave the project. The opportunity for Hugh Jackman to grab the bet at the last minute.

American Psycho

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Originally it is not Christian Bale who was to play the serial-killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho but… Leonardo DiCaprio ! The studio indeed wanted a very popular star in the role (Leo had just starred in titanic), with moreover Oliver Stone the controls.

But disagreements led the director and the Hollywood star to leave the adaptation project of Bret Easton Ellis shortly before filming. The Lionsgate studio then hired the director in disaster Mary Harronwho insisted that Christian Bale, a young actor then unknown, hold the main role of the film.

Fifty Shades of grey

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It is originally the British actor Charlie Hunnamthe star of Sons of Anarchywho was to play on screen Christian Grey, the hero of the film saga Fifty Shades of grey. But feeling that he was not the ideal person for the role, he decided to leave the adventure himself, in October 2013, very shortly before the start of filming. In just a few days, the Universal studio will find its replacement in the person of the Irishman Jamie Dornan.

All the money in the world

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At the end of 2017, the day after accusations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey, Sony decides to exclude the comedian from the film All the money in the worldrealized by Ridley Scott. Problem: he has already shot his scenes! The studio then decided to call upon Christopher Plummerwhich will return the latter.

At the microphone of Vanity Fair, Christopher Plummer referred to this very particular situation. “I admire Ridley Scott and I’m thrilled to make a film for him,” he says. “The opportunity presented itself. I was in the running for this role a while ago. I already knew him, so when Ridley came to offer him to me, I accepted”. In this interview, Plummer also indicated that Mark Wahlberg and michelle williams agreed to return all the scenes where they share the poster with his character.

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