5th set trailer: tennis player Alex Lutz at the end of his career – cinema news

Discover the trailer for “5th set”, a sports and human drama in which Alex Lutz plays a tennis player at the end of his career. To be discovered in theaters on December 2.

After pushing the song in Guy, Alex Lutz takes over the tennis courts! In the 5th set, he embodies Thomas, a former great hope who remained in the depths of the standings following a defeat that traumatized him. Now, at 38, he is preparing for what should be his last tournament. But he refuses to abdicate. Suddenly intoxicated by a desire to save his honor, he embarks on an unlikely Homeric fight with uncertain outcome …

Passionate about horse riding, Alex Lutz had never played tennis. To prepare, the actor played this sport for four months, four hours a day. He remembers :

“Advised by a coach, I forced myself to hit balls relentlessly, missing a lot, a lot. I first played very, very badly, then played badly. I still do not play well, but there is has a better (laughs). This clumsiness was not serious because for the sequences of matches or training, the role essentially required knowing how to put, with the maximum of naturalness, three balls in its pocket, or to make them bounce. on the floor, or to initiate a probable service. “

The film is directed by Quentin Reynaud, who knows tennis well for having practiced it at a high level for a long time. For the occasion, he meets Alex Lutz after the Paris-Willouby road movie released in 2016. Scheduled for December 2, the 5th set can also count on the presence of Ana Girardot and Kristin Scott Thomas in its main cast. The first in the role of the hero’s wife and the second in that of his mother.

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