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She was the one who played Holly Gennero, John McClane’s companion in the films “Crystal Trap” and “58 Minutes to Live”. What happened to American actress Bonnie Bedelia?

In Crystal Trap, she took care of the hostages and wasn’t afraid to provoke the terrible Hans Gruber. And in 58 minutes to live, she kept all her composure aboard an airliner as the airport Washington-Dulles International was threatened by Colonel William Stuart. She is the actress Bonnie Bedelia, who played Holly Gennero, the companion of John McClane, in the first two parts of the Die Hard saga.

While the feature 58 minutes to live has just been broadcast on M6, we take the opportunity to find out what has become of the American actress since her appearance in the credits of these two classics of action cinema.

After Crystal Trap and 58 Minutes to Live, which brought her a pretty notoriety, Bonnie Bedelia once again embodies the companion of a Hollywood star in the person of Harrison Ford, in the thriller Presumed innocent of Alan J. Pakula. The one of which we can report that she is Macaulay Calkin’s aunt will then have trouble confirming, but will nevertheless continue to actively tour. In the 90s, she thus appeared in the credits of Bazaar de épouvante, adapted from Stephen King, Gloria by Sidney Lumet, alongside Sharon Stone, or even My mother, me and my mother, who saw her rub shoulders with Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman.

Over the years, Bonnie Bedelia has favored the small screen. After playing in the Elite Division series and appearing in an episode of CSI, the American really came back to the top of the bill in 2010 with the role of Camille Braverman, Parenthood’s grandmother. More recently, the one who is now 72 years old was illustrated in the show Designated Survivor, with the role of the mother of the First Lady.

58 minutes to live on M6: return to the unusual genesis of this 2nd Die Hard

For the record, we note that Bonnie Bedelia, who therefore appeared in the first two parts of the Die Hard saga (we just hear her voice in A Day in Hell), was almost back in flesh and blood in Die Hard 4 – back to hell at the behest of Bruce Willis himself. A wish that was ultimately unsuccessful, to the chagrin of fans of the actress, even if we can see her photo in the fourth opus.

Have you noticed the little hidden details of “58 minutes to live”?

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