56 Unique Aries Tattoos with Meaning

Aries have a unique taste for tattoos. From big to small, simple to intricate, these Aries tattoos are tailor-made for the sign.

In the list of power words, 9 out of 10 describe Aries: passionate, tough, ambitious, bold, competitive, you name it. And yes, Aries people are big personalities. But that doesn’t mean they are hard to deal with.

In fact, Aries may be the best people you will meet. They are loyal lovers, supportive friends, and inspiring leaders. Being ruled by the sun, Aries is born a powerhouse. Wherever they are, they radiate energy, lifting everyone’s spirit up.

But they do have their weaknesses and toxic traits. Over-competitiveness is one of them. For Aries, everything is a competition. Whether cooking, dancing, or getting a tattoo, they go 100% to be at the top. They have every reason to be proud of themselves, but they are still eager to prove it.

So how do you get the best tattoos as an Aries? It’s not like something you can measure with numbers. What Aries look for instead is the uniqueness of the design. Aries tattoos don’t need to be big, bold, or attention-seeking. But they have to be relatable, meaningful, and uncommon. If that sounds like you, you are at the right place.

From big to small, colored to blackwork, intricate to simple, these Aries tattoos are for those who want the best ink. They will be a proud statement for both Aries men and women. But first, let’s talk about the common Aries elements and their meaning.

Disclaimer: This collection of Aries tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Aries tattoo elements explained

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What are Aries tattoo elements? Here is a collection of Aries symbols and meaning

The word Aries is the Latin of Ram. The Ram, or the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology, is a sheep with curved horns. It represents energy, courage, and strength of the Aries sign.

The horn derives from Aries symbol – the Ram. It’s the most powerful weapon of the Ram. We will see a lot of horns in Aries tattoos with a personal touch, giving different possibilities to a tattoo design.

In the shape of a V, the Aries glyph is similar to the Ram’s horn. If you are looking for a minimalist zodiac tattoo, the glyph is a good fit.

  • Aries birth flower: the Honeysuckle

Just like the Aries zodiac sign, Honeysuckle loves the sun and can stand the heat.

  • Mars and Mars glyph tattoo

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. It is the planet of war, passion and anger.

Gorgeous Aries tattoos with meaning

Small simple Aries tattoo ideas

The following small Aries tattoos might not have the biggest coverage or intricate details. But they will win your heart with their simplicity and elegance.

Tiny Aries glyph

A minimalist Aries astrology symbol tattoo by @annaleatattoo


The Aries glyph resembles the horns of a ram. The glyph can be a perfect fit if you are considering a tiny, discreet tattoo. It’s also beginner-friendly and less costly.

Small girly Aries floral tattoo

Small Aries floral tattoo by @brunaroldao.tattoo


If you want a feminine Aries tattoo, consider adding flowers to the glyph. Even better if you pick a flower whose flower language you resonate with.

Aries and Taurus tattoo

Aries and Taurus tattoo by @studiodaveink


If you believe in astrology, you may already know about your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. Layering the glyphs can be a good idea to represent different sides of your personality, just like this small tattoo. It also works for couples who want to combine the signs together to make a unique tat.

Aries power

Aries power quote tattoo by @nadelhaft.tattooatelier


Quote tattoos never go out of style. Because the wrist is highly exposed, an “Aries power” tattoo will also be a visible reminder of your strength and potential.

Fiery Aries symbol tattoo

Fiery Aries symbol tattoo by @denizinks


If a black Aries glyph is too simple for you, adding flames on top will be a good idea. It adds vibrant colors and motion to the static tattoo. But, most importantly, it reflects the fiery personality of the sign.

Fire and stars Aries tattoo

Fire and stars Aries tattoo by @btn_tattoos


Constellation tattoos are usually blackwork in fine lines. But not this one. Adding a watercolor background is a good idea if you want something more colorful.

Heart shape Aries tattoo

Heart shape Aries tattoo by @hktattoo_tina


Just because Aries have a strong personality doesn’t mean they aren’t lovable. This small heart-shaped wrist tattoo shows the cute side of the wearer, and it’s perfect for Aries girls.

Simple constellation shoulder tattoo

Simple constellation shoulder tattoo by @tattooist_woosun


Constellation tattoos might be simple. But there are various ways you can twist them to your liking. One of them is by expanding the size of the stars, like this one. The entire design remains minimalist. But the two stars on either end will capture attention.

Minimalist shoulder tattoo for Aries

Minimalist shoulder tattoo for Aries by @naomink_.tattoo


The shoulder is a delicate area to work on. On the one hand, there’s not much flat space, thus making tattooing more difficult. But, on the other hand, if you find the right design, shoulder tattoos can be beautiful and sexy.

This small floral glyph on the shoulder has just the right amount of details. The flowers soften the entire imagery. And there’s no doubt it would belong to an elegant, beautiful Aries woman.

Simple Aries and lotus symbol

Simple Aries and lotus symbol by @simbar_tattoo


The lotus symbolizes calmness in Buddhism. And it’s one of the most common motifs in yoga tattoos. Those who get a lotus tattoo value peace of mind. As for Aries, who doesn’t really know how to slow down, the lotus is a good reminder to be patient and calm.

Geometric symbol tattoo for Aries

Geometric symbol nape tattoo for Aries by @arnaz_disaster


Geometric tattoos often consist of simple shapes and lines. But these elements carry different meanings. Take this neck tattoo, for example. The triangle refers to the stability of life, while the Aries glyph stands for the wearer’s personality. The circle symbolizes wholeness and balance. Together, they represent the wearer’s philosophy for life. And it’s something you won’t regret as a tattoo.

Burning heart collarbone tattoo with the Aries symbol

Burning heart collarbone tattoo with the Aries symbol by @josyfabres


Aries is unarguably the most passionate sign. Aries people work hard, love hard and do everything with their whole hearts. So the script “burning heart” in this tiny tattoo will speak their minds.

Tiny behind-the-ear Aries tattoo

Tiny behind-the-ear Aries tattoo by @kissa.tattoo


If you want to hide or show the tattoo as you want, the back of the ear is an ideal placement. You can control the visibility by tying your hair up or putting your hair down. And because it’s a small area, a glyph would be a perfect fit.

Matching constellation tattoos for Aries couple

Matching constellation tattoos @uuugne


What are the odds you share the same zodiac sign with your ride-or-die? If you are a lucky few, matching BFF tattoos like these will honor the bond.

Reaching for the stars

Aries back tattoo for cat lovers by @handitrip


Being a minimalist doesn’t mean small tattoos are your only option. This back tattoo shows you how to go big but keep it simple. It’s also perfect for Aries cat-lovers.

Aries collarbone tattoo

Tiny Aries sign collarbone tattoo by @anna_zhmak_tattoo


Collarbone tattoos are alluring. If you wear a regular T-shirt, you will show part of a collarbone tattoo, making people wonder what’s underneath the shirt.

But it’s also a painful placement. So if you are considering collarbone tattoos, but are pain-sensitive, consider inking below or above the bone.

Aries and butterflies

Aries and butterflies tattoo by @beatrice.origlia.tattooer


Butterfly tattoos are not just beautiful but meaningful. They symbolize growth and transformation, as butterflies undergo metamorphosis before spreading wings. For people that embrace changes fearlessly like Aries, butterfly tattoos represent them perfectly.

Aries script shoulder tattoo

Aries script shoulder tattoo by @dda_ttoo


Simple and on-point, this one-word tattoo is for those who are proud of their true selves.

Beautiful and bold Aries tattoos

When getting a tattoo, size is not the only factor Aries consider. It’s about the design, meaning, and colors combined. The following beautiful Aries tattoos stand out because they nail every aspect in different styles. Feeling bold? Keep scrolling to find your next ink.

Aries floral bicep tattoo

Aries floral bicep tattoo by @olaytattoo


This bicep tattoo is the perfect example of combining two or more elements in one tattoo. You can see flowers, the sun, stars, and the Leo glyph. But the Aries symbol remains in the center of attention, making the theme clear.

Aries girl forearm tattoo

Aries girl forearm tattoo by @kristinevodon


Opting for something intricate and beautiful? A portrait tattoo like this gives you the room to be creative and adventurous. The glyph on her cheek and the horns hint at the wearer’s astrology sign, making this ink personal and relatable.

Fine line Aries tattoo

Fine line Aries tattoo by @tamara__mertens


The beauty of fine line tattoos is the story behind the lines. The girl has horns resembling those of a ram. And she sits on the flames as if she is obtaining power from the fire. Together, the tattoo makes a cool tattoo about strength for Aries women.

Girl on fire

Girl on fire tattoo by @darkmagicmagazine


Aries is a fire sign. And this tattoo turns this concept into an illustrative ink. Interestingly, though the entire tattoo consists of black outlines, the flames still look burning red.

Intricate rose and constellation tattoo

Intricate rose and constellation tattoo by @eat_my_pen


Roses symbolize beauty, purity, and love. Such a detailed rose tattoo with a constellation reveals the feminine side of Aries.

Cosmic Aries goddess

Cosmic Aries goddess by @lstattoo


Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle, representing birth, beginning, and life. That’s why it holds such an important place among all signs.

This cosmic Aries tattoo translates the idea onto the skin. The girl sits right in the middle of all planets. The fire on her hand and the trees around her suggest that she is sending power to the Universe.

Small horn tattoo on the shoulder

Small Aries horns on the shoulder by @pinkprincezzz


The horns land right in the middle if a glyph is too simple and a ram is too much. You can go big or small with a horn tattoo like this one. And the stars around it give it extra shine.

A Japanese comic tattoo for Aries

A Japanese comic tattoo for Aries by @catnoname


Anime tattoos are not just replicas of characters that already exist. Instead, a good artist will create from scratch based on your needs. This anime Aries girl tattoo is the perfect example.

The Aries goddess tattoo

The Aries goddess tattoo by @the_ethereal.tattoo  - Unique Ram tattoos for Aries


One way to magnify a tattoo’s visual impact is to add radiating lines like this one. The light creates a spotlight and makes the Aries girl center of attention.

A stunning forearm tattoo for Aries girls

Stunning arm tattoo for Aries by @inkinsomnia


If you love portrait tattoos, the best placements are the arm, the thigh, or the back. You can go as big as you wish with such a large space. It will also allow you to add details and different color combos.

Half-real half-geometric Aries tattoo

Half real half geometric Aries tattoo by @danielle.camurca


Contrast brings a tattoo to life. While most tattoos play with contrasting colors, combining different styles is unexpectedly impactful.

This arm tattoo, for example, is half realism and half geometric. It shows the complexity of the wearer’s aesthetics, making the ink one-of-a-kind.

Black-and-white contemporary Aries tattoo

Black and white contemporary Aries tattoo by @blocktattoo


Portraits of women are not solely for women. They make great tattoos for men as well. The thick and clean lines, the edges of the horn, and the solid background all add masculinity to this Aries tattoo.

A Ram tattoo on the thigh

A Ram tattoo on the thigh by @blkserum


The thigh is a placement with medium exposure. That means you can have a large tattoo on it and still have it hidden most of the time. But if you want to show it, just wear shorts or a skirt, like the wearer of this ram tattoo.

Aries tattoo for adventurers

Aries tattoo for adventurers by @wildeblumetattoo


Most landscape tattoos stretch horizontally. But you can also think outside the box and ditch the norms. Take this tattoo, for example. It takes out the mountain, the tree, and the sky and places them on an Aries symbol. The modification helps the tattoo to fit better on the shoulder blade.

Realism flower tattoo in the shape of Aries constellation

Realism flower tattoo in the shape of Aries constellation


Not everyone wants a tattoo that screams Aries. If that’s the case for you, consider hiding the Aries elements under common motifs like the flowers.

An elegant Aries pendant tattoo

An elegant Aries  pendant tattoo by @solovyovatattooer-Aries glyph and constellation tattoos


Bracelet tattoos are unique because they are not just ink but accessories. This one, for example, has an engraved gemstone with the Aries symbol. And the petals and leaves make it feel like a gift from nature.

A fantasy tattoo for Aries girls

A fantasy tattoo for Aries girls by @lilianraya - Unique Ram tattoos for Aries


Want something that captures the attention even from afar? This glamorous portrait tattoo may give you some direction.

Realism blackwork with Aries constellation

Realism blackwork with Aries constellation by @kosmoss_tatt_and_pmu


Aries tattoos for men are not just bigger. They can also be sophisticated, just like this realism ram tattoo with stunning details.

The luna goddess arm tattoo for Aries

Luna goddess arm tattoo for Aries by @taylyratattoo


Moon tattoos symbolize femininity. And the moon makes the perfect background and decoration for the central motif in a tattoo, making the tattoo a bit softer and more elegant.

Badass tattoo for Aries

Badass Aries tattoo by @marielleroyseth


Word tattoos are flexible. You can change the font and the boldness to fit different aesthetics. As shown in this one-word tattoo, the bold, gothic-style characters make it perfect for Aries men. The burning fire is a brilliant finishing touch.

A blackwork portrait tattoo on the forearm

Ram girl portrait tattoo by @sookiesalegossetattoo


One way to personalize a zodiac tattoo is with portraits. You can have one customized according to your photo. Just make sure you have the right tattooist that can turn your vision into reality.

Skull and dagger

Skull and dagger tattoo by @seraphinks - Unique Ram tattoos for Aries


The ram skull tattoo is perfect for those with dark aesthetics. Plus, the dagger and the rose create a balance of soft and tough.

A detailed Ram tattoo

A detailed Ram tattoo by @sharkling - Unique Ram tattoos for Aries


The ram might not be as fierce as lions or wolves. But the tattooist captures the determination in its eyes, giving it a feeling of power and domination.

Neo-traditional Aries girl tattoo

Neo traditional Aries girl tattoo by @lucille_root


Neo-traditional tattoos usually have highly contrasting and modern colors. With unique imagery, such a tattoo is a strong statement.

A floral Aries back tattoo

Aries floral back tattoo by @medusenoire_tattoo


Sometimes less is more, just like this Aries back tattoo. Instead of layering a symbol on top of the flowers, the tattooist creates a hollow Aries glyph. The result is unexpectedly stunning.

Half-glyph-half-ram neck tattoo

Half-glyph-half-ram neck tattoo by  @campa_tattoo


If you can’t decide which style of tattoos to go for, why not combine two of them and make it a hybrid?

Creative tattoo ideas for Aries

Aries tattoos are not all about glyphs, constellations, and the ram. Below is a list of creative Aries tattoos that push limits and break rules. Keep scrolling for more Aries tattoo ideas.

Cute cat tattoo for Aries

Cute cat tattoo for Aries by @gumu.ink_


If you love cats, why not turn your cat into a cute Aries angel? It’s hard not to love cat tattoos as adorable as this one.

Aries and Pisces sandglass tattoo

Aries and Pisces sand glass tattoo by @macy.tattoo


Sandglasses symbolize the passing of time. It’s a reminder to cherish the current moment and live to the fullest. Adding glyphs to a meaningful motif like this one gives it extra personality.

Aries glyph between the boobs

Aries glyph between the boobs by @agthaw.at_


The chest is not a common placement for female tattoos as it’s mostly covered. But the combination glyph and ram fit so well between the boobs. Even though it’s asymmetrical, it’s still balanced and gorgeous.

Gorgeous Aries tattoo for women

Gorgeous Aries tattoo for women by @ink.nari_


A portrait is not the only option for humanized illustrative tattoos. This one, for example, outlines the entire body of an Aries goddess. The elongated shape of the tattoo is also perfect for areas like the arm.

Whale with Aries constellation

Whale with Aries constellation by @tattoowithme


Do you have a spirit animal? If so, you can combine it with a zodiac element and create a personal and meaningful piece of ink.

Set your soul on fire

Set your soul on fire by @blancamediavilla


If you want an empowering tattoo, consider the fire element. With the fire lit on the fingertips, a witchy tattoo like this one reminds you that the magic is within you.

Comic tattoo for the Fire signs

A comic tattoo for the Fire signs by @persitattoo


The constellation doesn’t always need to be a background. This comic-style tattoo integrates the stars with the girl and makes them a hair decoration. The burning flames around her resemble a crown that belongs to a badass woman.

Girly shepherd tattoo

Shepherd tattoo by @greemtattoo


Because Aries’s symbol is the ram, sometimes we can also see sheep in Aries tattoos. So if you want something cute and different, this tattoo may speak to you.

Quote tattoo for Aries

Quote tattoo for Aries by @tirtattoo


If you have a quote that you resonate with, why not shape the script into an astrology symbol like this one? From afar, it’s no doubt a zodiac tattoo. But one can only get to know the meaning when they observe closer.

Honeysuckle tattoo for Aries women

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Honeysuckle is the birth flower of Aries. It thrives both in the garden and the wild, strong and attractive, just like the Aries sign.

A lighter tattoo that plays with the fire sign concept

A lighter tattoo that plays with the fire sign concept by @ann_gilberg


Aries are not the people who would wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, they are the ones who light their own fire.

Mars planet tattoo on the back

Mars planet tattoo on the back by @parkkaro


Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. Not every Aries is outspoken and bold. But deep down, they all have a fire inside. And this unique Mars tattoo is a perfect statement.

Which of these Aries tattoos is your favorite?

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