54 Gorgeous Spine Tattoos for Women

Spine tattoos are elegant and captivating. From small to big, black to color, you will find your next ink in these spine tattoos for women.

The back is one of the most favorable tattoo placements. It’s a large, flat space that can be divided into sub-placements like the shoulder blade and the center of the back. And the spine is one of them that is adored by many.

Spine tattoos are so loved, especially for women, because the spine is the axis of the back. So it works incredibly well for symmetric designs. And because of the length of the spine, long and narrow tattoos will fit perfectly on this area. Also, you can go as big as you want as the spine is covered most of the time. But it makes a bold statement when you wear a backless top.

However, getting a spine tattoo can be painful as the skin is pretty thin, just like collarbone tattoos. So if you are sensitive to pain, shoulder or arm tattoos may suit you better. But if you want something beautiful to compliment your body, you will love these spine tattoos for women. Keep scrolling to find your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of spine tattoos for women is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Gorgeous spine tattoos for women

Simple spine tattoo ideas

Many spine tattoos extend from the back of the neck all the way down to the waist. But they can also be simple and dainty. So if you are a minimalist, here is a list of spine tattoo ideas for women that you will love.

Two-color flower spine tattoo

Two-color flower spine tattoo for women by @pauline.son


A rose outline tattoo on the back can be a little cliché. The tattooist changes part of the outline tattoo to red, adding visual contrast to the tat.

Moon and flower spine tattoo

Moon and flower spine tattoo by @tattooist_giho


The moon symbolizes femininity and calmness. Flowers often represent beauty and purity. A spine tattoo combining the two will no doubt elevate the wearer’s feminine charism.

Single line spine tattoo

Single line spine tattoo by @tuzee_tattoo


There’s nothing simpler than a straight line. No decoration, no curves, just one simple line. But simple doesn’t mean monotone. Stretching all the way on the spine, this tattoo is definitely a conversation piece.

Bird and quote spine tattoo

Bird and quote spine tattoo by @jmunztattoos


Quotes and scripts make good spine tattoos because of the length. The script “c’est la vie” means “this is life” in French. Situating right on the spine, it looks like a bird contrail.

Small butterfly tattoo for women

Small butterfly tattoo for women by @tattooist_flower


One good thing about butterfly tattoos is that you can put multiple butterflies in different positions to fit on the placement. For example, the two butterflies in this nape tattoo tilt in different directions and extend to the spine, adding fun and liveliness.


Divine one-word tattoo for women by @555jennariel


Just like quote tattoos, one-word tattoos are simple but meaningful. You can arrange the characters vertically to lengthen a word tattoo, like this one here.

Small symbols on the spine

Small symbols on the spine by @miss_raven


Symbol tattoos are also a great design for the spine. On the one hand, you can align them perfectly on the spine. On the other, you can choose as many symbols as you want if they are meaningful to you.

Chinese quote tattoo

Chinese quote tattoo by @_joppink


Tattoos are not just reminders to ourselves. Sometimes they can be a message for others. Take this spine tattoo as an example. The Chinese characters mean “mom is the best thing we can have in the world.” It expresses the daughter’s gratitude for her mom, making it a heart-warming mother-daughter tattoo.

Lion script tattoo

Lion script tattoo by @tattooist_doy


When choosing a tattoo design, it’s always important to consider both the meaning and the aesthetics, especially when putting different elements together.

This spine tattoo consists of a lion and a script, both representing the wearer in some aspect. The tattooist pays attention to the lion and uses fine lines and smooth curves in the illustration, keeping it cohesive with the script.

Tree tattoo on the spine

Tree tattoo on the spine by @ilwolhongdam


Trees represent life and stability. Placing it in the center of the back creates symmetry and balance that makes a tattoo elegant.

Oriental flower spine tattoo

Oriental flower spine tattoo by @chenjie.newtattoo


When you look at flower tattoos, most petals are placed on top of the stem, just like what you see in nature. However, the tattooist extends the stem to the top and bottom, placing the flower right in the center. Though it may look unreal, the result is beautiful.

Butterfly spine tattoo

Butterfly spine tattoo by @grettel.inkaholik


Because butterflies are naturally small, they are not often put on spine tattoos. But the tattooist highlights the design with vertical straight lines and stretches the tattoo elegantly.

Magic wand

Magic wand spine tattoo for women by @stefolah


Many people get witchy tattoos as a reminder of their inner power. This magic wand is no exception. What seems to be a small tattoo can awaken your magic within.

Planet and orbit tattoo

Planet and orbit tattoo by @okanuckun


Planets always travel following their orbits. Therefore, orbit tattoos often symbolize one’s destiny and mission in life. This orbit tattoo on the back combines simple shapes like straight lines and circles and creates a symmetrical, well-balanced ink.

Simple flower and leaves spine tattoo

Simple flower and leaves spine tattoo by @tattooist_gaon


Tattoos often represent one’s personality and aesthetics. For example, a daring tattoo with vibrant colors may belong to someone adventurous and confident. And a dainty, simple tat like this reveals the wearer’s quiet and calm side.

Moonlight stripe tattoo

Moonlight stripe tattoo by @inkflow_franky


Most landscape tattoos or nature tattoos stretch horizontally. This one, however, captures part of the moon-lit night sky, creating a luminous effect and a sense of mystery.

Paint brush tattoo

Paint brush tattoo by @alexabarricelli


Paint brushes are often seen in artistic tattoos as a symbol of creativity. And its shape makes it fit perfectly on the spine. So if you are an artist or an art-lover, the paintbrush tattoo will represent your identity.

Survivor one-word tattoo

Survivor one-word tattoo by @simikosart


Quote tattoos or word tattoos are so widely loved not just because of their meaning. They are also versatile. You can style the font, alignment or boldness to fit your aesthetics. And everyone can find a script tattoo that works for them.

Bold and gorgeous spine tattoos for women

Just like rib tattoos, the spine is a perfect placement for bold and big designs because it is not often exposed. So why not choose something that catches eyeballs when you decide to show it? Below is a list of daring spine tattoos for women that will capture everyone’s attention.

Black and white flower tattoo

Black and white flower tattoo by @pauline.son


Black or white ink alone might not be the most innovative tattoo. But combining them together makes a tattoo one-of-a-kind.

Lotus flower spine tattoo for women

Lotus flower spine tattoo for women by @tattooist_doy


The lotus flower grows from the mud and blooms above water. Therefore, it often represents purity despite a troubling upbringing. For this sake, such a visually impactful lotus tattoo is not just beautiful but also meaningful.

Black and grey tulip

Black and grey tulip by @inkflow_franky


Like many flowers, different colors of tulips carry different meanings. For example, the red ones are associated with love and passion, while the yellow represents energy and positivity. This tulip tattoo, however, is in black, giving room for different interpretations.

Elegant ornamental spine tattoo

Elegant ornamental spine tattoo by @bibi.lea_.tattoo


Not every tattoo has to have a specific meaning. If you don’t know what to ink, ornamental tattoos like this may be for you. They are often a combination of intricate shapes and symbols. An appropriate position and structure will make it timeless and gorgeous.

Dragon and sun spine tattoo

Dragon and sun spine tattoo by @jing.tattoo


The symbolisms of dragons of the east and west are quite the opposite. In the west, they are often seen as evil and disastrous. But in the east, dragons are symbols of royalty and strength.

This traditional Chinese art-style tattoo highlights the dragon’s power by picturing it flying to the sun. It will be a fantastic piece of body art to celebrate one’s inner strength and oriental roots.

Intricate dragon spine tattoo

Intricate dragon spine tattoo for women by @cami__ink


Compared to the previous dragon tattoo, this one doesn’t have highly contrasting colors. Instead, the details make it stand out.

Abstract water element tattoo

Abstract water element tattoo by @koray_karagozler


Contrary to realism tattoos, concept tattoos are not about an object or a person. Instead, it takes a concept or an element and magnifies it with colors and lines.

For example, this one uses blue strokes to mirror the flow of water. If you are drawn to the river or the ocean, a full back tattoo like this one will answer to the natural calling.

Butterfly ornament spine tattoo

Butterfly ornament spine tattoo by @lauralacombretattoos


A butterfly might not be long enough to cover the spine. But just like this black tattoo, you can add decorative elements to lengthen the design.

Cherry blossom spine tattoo

Cherry blossom spine tattoo by @tattooist_flower


Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short time in a year. That’s why they are often seen as a symbol of the past of time and life. But a cherry blossom tattoo turns its beauty permanent.

Scale tattoo for Libra

Scale tattoo for Libra by @jk.tattoo


The scale is the symbol of the Libra zodiac sign. It represents balance and structure and is usually symmetric, making it perfect to be placed on the spine.

Black phoenix tattoo

Black phoenix tattoo by @tattooist_jaymee


If you want a large phoenix tattoo, the back is an ideal placement. You can ink on the shoulder blade or stretch it along the spine like this black tattoo. It also creates movement as the phoenix flies upward.

Flower full back tattoo

Flower full back tattoo by @nell.tatouage


A tattoo that covers most of the back is not for everyone. But if you are feeling confident, why not give it a try? And because it extends all the way to the hairline, the top part of it is still visible underneath clothes. It will keep people guessing what the entire design looks like.

Red spider lily

Red spider lily spine tattoo by @janetchunky


Unlike most flower tattoos with a positive symbolism, the red spider lily is often associated with death and reincarnation. And because of the unique shape and color, it makes the perfect tattoo for those who want something different.

Lily flower spine tattoo

Lily flower spine tattoo for women by @winnie__waiyin


Another stunning lily spine tattoo. Unlike red spider lily, lilies symbolize purity and love. It sometimes carries religious significance as a representation of the Virgin Mary. But with their gorgeous look, it will be a good tattoo idea for most women.

Snake and moon spine tattoo

Snake and moon spine tattoo by @andreinkman13


Just like dragons, the meaning of snakes varies greatly between the east and the west. The snake is seen as divine in the east, while it symbolizes greed and lust in the west.

Snake and sword

Snake and sword spine tattoo for women by @wallaceherrera


Snake tattoos are sometimes seen as a symbol of protection, especially the ones poised to attack. A sword also represents one’s strength to defend themselves. The two together create a badass tattoo for women.

Pisces spine tattoo

Pisces spine tattoo by @seolheetattoo


Two fish facing each other is often seen in Pisces tattoos. While most of this spine tattoo is red and pink, the fish on the left has a trace of blue on it. The warm and cold color combination draws people’s attention to the tattoo.

Realism snake tattoo

Realism snake tattoo by @jamjam.tattoo


Snakes are, by nature, dangerous creatures. To make them more menacing, the tattooist adds a special glowing pattern to its scale. And the way it reaches out of the frame creates an additional dramatic effect.

Sun and moon spine tattoo

Sun and moon spine tattoo by @sukza__art


Like Yin and Yang, the sun and moon represent brightness and darkness. Such a dainty spine tattoo is for those who value balance in life.

Water spine tattoo

Water spine tattoo by @tattooist_doy


From afar, this may look like abstract spine blackwork. But when you observe closely, you will find that the tattooist captures the flow of water perfectly, adding nature movement to a static ink.

Girly ornament on the spine

Girly ornament on the spine tattoo by @newtattoo_nina


Unlike most ornament tattoos in black and grey, this tattoo highlights the feminine side of the wearer with the pink color. While it may not come with meaning, this tattoo will stand the test of time for its girly color palette and perfect symmetry.

Intricate spine tattoo for Taurus

Intricate spine tattoo for Taurus by @aksinya.tattoo


The bull can be a little masculine for girls. But in this spine tattoo, the flowers and fine lines soften the imagery.

Floral wolf spine tattoo

Floral wolf spine tattoo by @baronarttattoo


Wolf tattoos on the spine can be tricky as you can’t stretch a wolf lengthwise. A better idea will be to add decorations like flowers, leaves, and arrows, just like this tattoo here.

Oriental norigae tattoo

Oriental ornament tattoo by @seolheetattoo


The norigae is a traditional Korean accessory for girls. And in this tattoo, the norigaes function as a canvas for different types of flowers, revealing the wearer’s femininity and root.

Creative spine tattoo ideas

Spine tattoos can be either big or small. But some tattooists think outside the box and ditch the limitation of shape and forms. So if you want something unique, keep scrolling to check out these creative spine tattoos.

Red deer tattoo

Red deer tattoo by @koray_karagozler


In Greek mythology, deers were considered representations of Artemis. She is the goddess of Hunt and is often associated with power and intuition.

This deer tattoo is unique because it removes the facial features and keeps only a silhouette. With the flowers blooming from its horns, the tattoo looks even more divine and stunning.

Creepy spider back tattoo

Creepy spider back tattoo by @justinsandelli


This tattoo plays with the placement by stretching the line all the way to the hairline. If you have seen a spider dangling on the ceiling, this tattoo will creep you out.

Geometric spine tattoo

Geometric spine tattoo by @axelejsmont


Geometric tattoos are often a combination of shapes. This one, however, uses different levels of opacity to strengthen its visual impact. It’s still made of simple shapes but shows how many thoughts are put into it.

Oriental crane tattoo

Oriental crane tattoo by @chenjie.newtattoo


If you want an animal tattoo on the spine, dragons and snakes are obvious choices for their curvy, lengthy body shape. The cranes, however, might not come to your mind. But if their symbolisms – nobility and wisdom, resonate with you, why not challenge the stereotype?

Ornamental tattoo on the back center

Ornamental tattoo on the back center by @easy.tatt00


A spine tattoo doesn’t have to start from top to bottom. You can place it right in the middle of the spine, making it the center of attention.

Blood moon spine tattoo

Blood moon spine tattoo for women by @tattooist_danha


Moon tattoos are attractive to many people, especially women.
First, different stages of the moon often represent different ideas. For example, the full moon symbolizes wholeness, while the crescent moon stands for the beginning.

On the other hand, you can tattoo the moon in different colors, addressing different emotions. And this blood moon is a great example.

Tribal tattoo on the back

Tribal tattoo on the back by @d.russ_.tattoo


Just like many tribal tattoos, Polynesian tattoos carry a cultural significance for the Polynesians.

Traditionally, they are used to indicate the hierarchy and social status. Nowadays, it becomes more of a proud statement of one’s culture and identity.

Landscape spine tattoo

Landscape spine tattoo by @grxsy


Do you love exploring the world? If so, this traveling tattoo is for you. It has three realistic sceneries in a round frame, representing different destinations. And the unalome symbol on the bottom indicates that traveling is part of a life journey.

Flowers and sky tattoo

Flowers and sky tattoo by @k_inx


If you want something a little more fun, consider adding elements to a common design. Take this nape tattoo as an example. Flowers may not be the most creative tattoo idea. But connecting them to the sky above takes this tattoo to a different level.

Lightning tattoo

Lightning tattoo by @jamjam.tattoo


Lightning tattoos show the power of nature. By reversing the colors inside and outside of the frame, the tattoo is even more striking.

Zipper spine tattoo

Zipper spine tattoo by @t_bag_tattz


Tattoos for women don’t have to be girly. If you are feeling confident, why not go for something bold? This back tattoo mimics a zipper. It’s so real that it makes you want to unzip and check what’s underneath.

Circus girl spine tattoo

Circus girl spine tattoo by @tata.jouaux.art


This back tattoo for women reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. The girl is hanging on a rope as she falls from the sky. And the string that extends all the way up the neck is a beautiful final touch.

Which of these spine tattoos for women is your favorite?

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