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No one in the world loves a girl more than her dad. Pay tribute to the unbreakable bond with these meaningful father-daughter tattoos.

How do you describe the love between a father and his daughter? For many, the relationship is beyond words. When a girl is born, her father becomes a parent and a protector. He might not be as present as a mother. But he is always there to catch her when she falls. He wants nothing but all the best for his little girl.

And it makes sense why people are getting father-daughter tattoos to show appreciation for each other. These tattoos last for a lifetime, just like the bond between a dad and his daughter. And they are reminders of how lucky they are to have each other in their lives.

But it can be challenging to find the right design for father-daughter tattoos. Unlike mother-daughter tattoos which you can go as feminine as you want, the tattoos for dads and daughters tend to be more gender-neutral. Too feminine, and it will look weird on the father. Too masculine, and it won’t fit the daughter.

So to help narrow your search, here is a list of meaningful father-daughter tattoos. They are either matching tattoos you can get with your girl or dad. Or they are beautiful tattoos for you to show your love to one another. Keep scrolling, and you will find something for you.

Disclaimer: This collection of father-daughter tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Father-daughter tattoos with meaning

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Matching father-daughter tattoos

When it comes to getting tattoos, every dad and daughter have different ideas of what they want. That’s why if you want matching tattoos, it’s time to dig deep and find something that will represent both of you.

Below is a list of matching father-daughter tattoos that are meaningful together and beautiful on their own. If you want to go matchy-matchy, this list is for you.

Sun and moon matching quote tattoos

Sun and moon matching quote tattoos by @finelineink_


The sun and the moon are two celestials we can’t live without. These two simple yet timeless symbols show how important the father and daughter are to each other. Adding a quote makes this pair even more meaningful.

Gold and silver elephants

Gold and silver elephants by @jooa_tattoo


Though the original tattoos are inked on one person, they make perfect matching tattoos for a father-daughter duo.

Elephant tattoos symbolize community and the love and support of a family. The metallic colors not only add shine to the tattoos. They also make them look good on different skin tones.

Pinky promise

Pinky promise by @ghostiebun


A pinky promise symbolizes trust and loyalty. If your dad or daughter is always there for you, these simple yet meaningful tattoos will honor the bond between you two.

A special moment

A special moment by @_rebel_.mark._tattoos_


You might not know how many precious moments you’ve spent with your loved one until you review your family album. So if you have a picture that recalls a sweet memory, consider turning it into tattoos like these.

Father-daughter triangular tattoos

Father daughter triangular tattoos by @angibarr_skinsmithstattoos


Father-daughter matching tattoos don’t have to be portraits or heart shapes. They can be as simple as two triangles. In terms of meaning, triangles represent stability. And in this case, they are a representation of the unbreakable bond.

Matching koi fish for dads and daughters

Matching koi fish for dads and daughters by @anne.de.angelis


Matching tattoos don’t have to be exactly the same. Just like mother-son tattoos or couple tattoos, the colors can be different based on gender and personal preference.

Matching flower tattoos

Father-daughter flower tattoo by @ellenxotattoo


More matching tattoos in different colors. The flowers on the daughter’s arm are done with red ink, which makes the design pop.

Year of birth matching tattoos

Year of birth matching tattoos by @laaraa.tt


Getting a number tattoo is a great way to commemorate a special date. In this case, it’s the father and daughter’s birth year. The best part? Such simple tattoos make sense on their own, so it doesn’t look weird when you are not showing them side by side.

Plane tattoos on the wrist

Plane tattoos on the wrist by @inkd_by_t


No matter where you go, home is where your families are. This pair of plane tattoos are the exact interpretation.

Take my hand

Take my hand father daughter tattoos by @daisymaytattoo


A father will always be the protector of his daughter as he guides her every step of the way. These small hand tattoos interpret the idea beautifully. And the love they represent will last for a lifetime.

Childhood memory

father daughter tattoo by @bdtattoostudio


In a father’s eyes, his daughter will always be her little girl. These matching tattoos capture a loving moment and turn it into permanent ink. In addition, the frames in different shapes make the tattoos work on both men and women.

King and Queen crown tattoos

King and Queen crown tattoos fir father and daughter by @axuhl


King and queen tattoos don’t just belong to couples. They can be a proud statement for dads and daughters. In addition, the lines “For her, I’ll risk it all. For him, I’ve never fallen,” make them a pair of heart-warming quote tattoos.

Lion tattoos

Lion tattoos for father and daughter by @davidinho_tattoo


Lions are a symbol of family and power. So if you and your daughter or dad are both badass, you will rock these arm tattoos.

Cute matching leaves

father daughter tattoo by @eden_tattoo_


In the interview with tattooist Eden, she talks about using colors to make a simple tattoo unique. These matching tattoos of her are a good example.

By filling the leaves with different shades of green, these matching father-daughter tattoos look instantly more alive. If you are a fan of minimalist matching tattoos, these two are for you.

Rainbow color Celtic knots

Rainbow color Celtic knots father daughter tattoos by @kendra_lea


Celtic knot tattoos are a great way to celebrate one’s heritage. They can also be a tribute to family, faith, and loyalty.

In addition to the original symbolism, these two cute Celtic knots on the arm are in rainbow colors, showing a positive take on life and respect for the LGBTQ community.

Sign of the times

father daughter tattoo by @ginacraigtattoos


What are the odds that you and your dad or daughter share the same love for a song? These matching lines come from Harry Styles‘ song Sign of the Times. They are great reminders to stay strong in tough times.

Matching ostrich tattoos for father and daughter

Matching ostrich tattoos for father and daughter by @catlemoyne


Simple one-line lion tattoos

father daughter tattoo by @choicebeauty.ca


Looking for something minimalistic? These lion tattoos are not only simple but also cool enough for a father-daughter duo.

Daddy’s little girl memorial tattoos

Daddy's little girl memorial tattoos by @divinyainkzone


Cute hand gesture tattoos

Cute hand gesture tattoos by @there.ttt


Not a fan of finger hearts? These cute hand gesture tattoos will reveal your playful side.

Wishbone wrist tattoos

father daughter tattoo by @garbage_pail_spatz


A wishbone is a symbol of good luck. As matching tattoos for father and daughter, they represent the best wishes for one another. Plus, the details are handled so perfectly that even on such small scales, they still look authentic and cute.

Matching bouquet tattoos

Matching bouquet tattoos for father and daughter by @heim__tattoo


These matching flower tattoos are a great example of how to make the same pattern work on different genders. The tattoo on the daughter is decorated with yellow and green, adding to its femininity. On the other hand, the father’s version keeps its simplicity with the black fine-line silhouette.

A pair of giraffes above the ankle

A pair of giraffe above the ankle by @lulachina.art_.tattoo


Fingerprint heart shapes

Fingerprint heart shapes for father and daughter tattoo by @spud_tattoo13


Having a family that loves you unconditionally is a true blessing. And these tattoos will announce your pride and gratitude.

On fire

Small matching fire symbol finger tattoos by @tavi_tattoo


If you want a matching tattoo with your dad or daughter to low-key show off your connection, consider placements like the side of the fingers. Such discreet finger tattoos will work for most people and professions.

Numbers and anchor tattoos

Numbers and anchor tattoos by @stizo.sc_


The anchor symbolizes home and guidance, as it keeps a floating boat grounded. That’s why anchors often show up in family tattoos.

The roman numerals, on the other hand, represent the daughter’s birth date. It shows how much the lives of the father and the daughter have changed ever since.

Musical note tattoos

Musical note tattoos by @miss_monroe_tattooshop


What can be better than having a supportive dad with the same passion as you? If you are one of the lucky few, consider getting symbolic tattoos like these to celebrate your connection.

Handwriting script tattoos

Handwriting script tattoos by @weepingwillow


Quote tattoos and one-word tattoos are often deeply personal and emotional. What makes these two stand out is the styling. By turning each other’s handwriting into ink, these wrist tattoos remind them to always cherish one another.

Cosmic bicep tattoos

father daughter tattoo by @pejczt


Do you have someone you want to show the whole world? If that happens to be your dad or daughter, these artistic tattoos may be for you.

Coordinate tattoos

Matching coordinate tattoos by @timmay_all_in


A coordinate is a string of numbers representing a place’s longitude and latitude. Thus coordinate tattoos often symbolize a special place for the wearers. For example, the ones on father-daughter tattoos may refer to their hometown or the site where the daughter is born.

Matching skull tattoos for the cool father and daughter

father daughter tattoo by @tattoosbyfrankiev


Abstract coffee tattoos

Abstract coffee tattoos by @ralphmadridtattoo


Never underestimate the power of coffee and deep breaths. If you and your father or daughter are both powered by coffee, these abstract tattoos will be perfect for you.

Matching boat tattoos on the arm

Matching boat tattoos on the arm by @wayneyslc


No matter how far you sail, there’s always a place for you called home.

Matching sea turtle tattoos

Matching sea turtle tattooss by @tatsbyrii


People often underestimate the strength of sea turtles. Though they always look calm, they must endure the wild’s challenges and escape from predators.

Without strength and good luck, they won’t survive the ocean. Therefore, sea turtle tattoos inherit the same meanings. They also bring peace to the wearers when they feel overwhelmed.

Minimalist wave tattoos

Minimalist wave tattoos by @tattoo_vesna_prague


Wave tattoos can be a symbol of new beginnings, as waves never stop hitting the shore, just like the endless life cycles.

They also make perfect matching tattoos for fathers and daughters because waves represent the passing down of generations. If you want something minimalistic to reflect your thoughts on life, wave tattoos may be a good idea.

Meaningful father tattoos

Being a dad is not only a gift but also a huge responsibility. A man must overcome the struggles of being a new dad and learn to provide support and love for his little girl. As he watches her grow, she also helps him grow.

So to show your love for your daughter, or to announce your dad pride, here is a list of father tattoos for you. Whether you are into simple designs or bold statement tattoos, you will find something for you.

A simple photo tattoo

A simple photo tattoo for dads by @meetatts


A daughter is the sweetest responsibility.

The strength of a father

The strength of a father tattoo by @ThelittleEnginethat


A father gives a daughter protection, and a daughter gives a father power. This abstract tattoo is a great reminder of how love makes a man stronger.

Year of birth family tattoo

Year of birth family tattoo by @studiodaveink


If your family is your number one priority, it may be a good idea to have all the years of birth of the family in one tattoo. Such a simple tattoo is empowering because it reminds you who you are fighting for.

Abstract family tattoo

Abstract family tattoo by @tahirtokma


A family photo tattoo doesn’t have to be the exact replica of the photo. This tattooist takes part of the original picture’s colors and patterns and turns them into an abstract tattoo.

The two reversing commas refer to the father and daughter having fun together, making it meaningful and unique.

A cute father-daughter tattoo

A cute father daughter tattoo by @xefer_inks


Touch of hands

Touch of hands tattoo by @ziv_tattooer


A heart-warming father-daughter tattoo

Daddy's shoulder by @mr.tangle_head


There is no place higher than on a daddy’s shoulder.

Birth date celebration tattoo

Birth date celebration tattoo for father by @jamarograida


A father holds his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever.

Cute fine line tattoo

Cute fine line tattoo for father and daughter tattoo by @ziv_tattooer


Family is everything

father daughter tattoo by @parinax.tattoo


Cute and heart-warming daughter tattoos

Having a dad that takes care of you and stands by your side is a blessing. But as you grow older, so does your father. So the best time to show him how much you love him is now.

Here’s a list of daughter tattoos to help you do so. They either make a special moment permanent or remind you of the precious love you have from your dad.


Hugs - heartwarming father daughter  tattoo by @tattoojinnie


One hug from daddy can solve millions of problems

Wolf family tattoo

Wolf tattoo for father and daughter by @moonchild.tattoo


Wolves are not only skilled hunters that symbolize power and strength. They also represent the family as they live and hunt in a pack. This cute wolf tattoo takes the concept and reveals the soft side of the beasts, adding meaning to the tattoo.

Dad – one-word tattoo

Dad - one-word tattoo by @tinytattoos_feathertouch


He’s always there

He's always there - father daughter tattoo by @amykegel_tattoos


Minimalist daughter tattoo

Minimalist daughter tattoo by @prampramtattoo


Loving someone is to be there for them and carry them in their lows. This cute tattoo is a beautiful yet simple interpretation of this truth about love.

Abstract outline tattoo

father daughter tattoo by @kazumi_tattoo


To her, the name of father was another name for love.

The biggest supporter and cheerleader

Cute father daughter tattoo by @7hillstattooz


Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.

From the first day to the last

Hearty father daughter tattoo by @rootstattoo


Because death is the only thing that could have ever kept him from you.

Which of these father-daughter tattoos touch your heart?

Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!

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