50+ World’s Best Latte Art Designs by Creative Coffee Lovers (Images)

We all love to go on coffee dates with our loved ones. Happiness doubles when a cup of coffee is served in an artistic way. Latte art or coffee art, as we know it, is one of the trendiest parts of gourmet coffee culture presently.

It’s not the way coffee is presented that makes latte art a chartbuster, it’s our craze for sharing such images of latte art masterpieces with friends on social media which makes it so much more popular. The art is created on the top surface of the espresso using steamed milk that involves plenty of time and precise hand movement.

What is latte art?

Latte art is the process of pouring steamed milk on an espresso shot to make a design or pattern on the top. This makes a compelling treat for coffee lovers.

History of latte art

Latte art is practiced in different countries by baristas, coffee shops, and independent artists. In the United States, the art started from Seattle in the late 1980s and early 90s and was particularly popularized by David Schomer.

He said, “The intent is to promote respect for caffe espresso as a culinary art that emphasizes flavor, a silky feel and stunning presentation possibilities.” Cute little hearts were possibly the first latte art designs that become popular and still continue to win us.

How to make latte art?

Creating latte art requires a steady hand, a lot of creativity, and also some knowledge of physics. The height, position, and flow of the steamed milk will decide how it will look after mixing with the espresso. A thin metal bar is also used to stir and derive unique designs over the micro-foam layer of steamed milk. Likewise, chocolate syrup help in writing words or creating additional charm.

Most Popular Latte Art Designs for Your Inspiration

An hypnotizing pattern on coffee by Asaf Rauch of Barista Swag

Simple latte art

Image: Instagram @baristaswag

Australian latte artist Aaron Shin makes simple yet beautiful latte heart

Empty heart latte art by aaron shin

Image: Instagram baristaaaronshin

Buddha latte art by Malaysia-based barista is perfect to attain spirituality

Buddha latte art

Image: Instagram @barista_shengz

Messages in the coffee by Barista Daniel Fernando is worth giving a try

Letters latte art

Image: Instagram @barista_daniel_fernando

24k latte by Cafe Astoria is as delicious as it is beautiful

24k milk

Image: Facebook/Cafe Astoria

Santa latte art is really unique

Santa latte art

Image: Instagram @dropship_____

A beautiful dark chocolate “Rosetta latte art” by Elly. The talented artist won the Korean latte art competition in 2016

Elly's latte art

Image: Pinterest

Paris frenzy would love Eiffel Tower in their coffee mug

Paris latte art

Image: Pinterest

Probably a wheat spike in the coffee, anyone?

Wheat spike latte art

Image: Instagram @luke__1125

The cat lover in you will never get over this… Five minutes in, and I’m still fixed at it!

Latte art by dongurinekobei

Image: Twitter @dongurinekobei

You’d want this Lion to stare at you forever

Lion latte art

Image: Pinterest

Japanese artist Yukio Kurosaki makes these cute little penguins in coffee

Penguin latte art

Image: Instagram @cafe_rail

Coffee art with white rose, is there a better way to wake her up in the morning?

White rose latte art

Image: Pinterest

Your cup of Joe will have rose flavor in it

Rose latte art

Image: Instagram @barista_ray

Melannie Aquino is a Minion lover who also realizes these adorable, little mischievous characters inside a coffee mug at Elite Audio coffee bar in San Francisco

Minion-latte art

Image: Instagram @melaquino

German Barista Dritan Alsela draws cute little bunny faces

Cute faces in coffee latte art

Image: Instagram dritanalsela

This Halloween latte art is pretty good dreary

Halloween latte art

Image: Instagram @jeroen_vanhove

This spooky latte is perfect for when you want to scare the s**t out of him

Spooky latte art

Image: Instagram / Kristýna Nežerná

An unusual snail latte art might be a good option for beginners

Snail latte art

Image: Instagram @mykawaiianimals

Native Americans, this one is for you

Red indian latte art

Image: Kangbin Lee

A raining cloud latte by The Trendy Barista is ideal to kickstart a sunny day

Raining cloud latte art

Image: Instagram post list

This clover-inspired latte art would attract good luck for you

Clover latte art

Image: Instagram/Kalyn Nicholson

Made using activated charcoal, this goth drink with Rosetta pattern has health benefits

Charcoal-latte-black goth coffee

Image: Pinterest

Dragon latte art — A good luck symbol to start off the day

Dragon latte art

Image: Instagram @kugglag1

What’s better than waking up with Batman in your cup? Gulp… gulp, you’re a superhero today!

Latte art batman

Image: Fail Blog

Studio 6 Coffee House’s globe latte art is pretty awesome

Globe earth latte art

Image: Pinterest

Mastering Rosetta latte art isn’t easy, this is just why!

50+ world's best latte art designs by creative coffee lovers (images)

Image: Pinterest

Latte art by Kohei Matsuno for pika-choooo fans

Pokemon latte art

Image: Instagram @latte_stagram

Mesmerizing fish and bubbles latte art by Peter Hernou

Latte art by peter hernou

Image: Flickr / Peter Hernou

Coffee mugs from the galaxy far, far away have Darth Vader and Stromtrooper in them

Stormtrooper and darth vader star wars latte art

Image: Star Wars

Chubby little cat munching on a pizza inside a coffee mug

Pizza eating cat latte art

Image: Instagram @melaquino

This fish is living well in the coffee. Cute, ain’t it!

Latte art

Image: Instagram @melaquino

Bring down the galaxy in your coffee

Creative-latte-art-designs planets-and-stars

Image: Pinterest

Christmas tree and stars seem perfect for the holiday season

Christmas tree latte art

Image: Pinterest

This is the cutest teddy bear you can’t cuddle

Teddy coffee latte art

Image: Pinterest

If you live in the fantasy world, then you will surely love this Snow White latte art

Snowwhite latte art

Image: Pinterest

Matcha green tea lattes look great and have antioxidants with cancer-fighting benefits

Matcha green tea latte art

Image: Instagram @littlegreenfork

Red velvet lattes are great, but become more awesome when they are served with rose petals at the Werewolf Coffee Bar in Chicago

Red rose lattes

Image: Instagram @werewolfcoffeebar

Singapore-based barista Damien TC creates incredibly awesome floral latte art

Floral latte art

Image: Instagram @damien_tc

Signature ColorBurst latte you can enjoy at The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

Colorburst latte

Image: Facebook/The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

Incredible collection of Disney latte art, anyone?

Disney latte art

Image: Instagram @belcorno

Colorful fishbone latte art by Ernie Jr. Fernandez is beautiful

Fish bone latte art

Image: Instagram @ernie.jr_

South Korean artist Kangbin Lee’s latte art designs are a tribute to history and pop art culture. His coffee art includes the Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and The Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh

Best latte art designs

Image: Kangbin Lee

Coffee bird art by Goran home barista is eye-catchy

# coffee bird art by goran home barista is eye catchy

Image: Instagram @latteartcity

Rainbow latte art by Mason Salisbury brings a smile to the face and turns bad mood around. The artist is based in Las Vegas and loves making colorful coffee art

Best latte art designs

Image: Instagram @ibrewcoffee

Latte Artist Brian makes remarkably realistic latte heART

Heart latte art

Image: Instagram @baristabrian

Three stripes in blue make up Adidas logo latte art

Best latte art designs

Image: Instagram @designerlattes

Kazuki Yamamoto teamed up with Volkswagen Japan to create 3D Volkswagen Beetle coffee art

Volkwages latte art

Image: Twitter @george_10g

Hong Kong-based Leo’s Espresso Group used colored milk foam to create beautiful imagery of Leo that seems to emerge out of the cup

3d latte art by leo's espresso group

Image: Leo’s Espresso Group

Mouth-watering donut with coffee errr… in coffee

Donut latte art

Image: Interactive Entertainment Concepts

Inspired by the mobile game Neko Astume, Nowtoo Sugi creates lazy cats popping out of the mug

Game inspired kitty latte art

Image: Instagram @nowtoo

Snowflake latte art by Kokako laboratory is a simple yet stunning idea for beginners. Make your design with caramel topping

Snowflake latte art by kokako laboratory

Image: Kokako Laboratory

This awesome latte pumpkin is created by Cupertino-based Daniel Vu

Pumpkin latte art halloween

Image: Instagram @barista_dan

Towering Mt.Fuji emerging out of a coffee mug

Moutain latte art design

Image: Instagram @latte_stagram

3D octopus latte art by Singapore-based Daphne Tan

3d octopus latte art

Image: Instagram @periperipeng

Grapes in the coffee looks delightful and tempting

Best latte art designs

Image: Pinterest

Yummy pizza! Wait, it’s a latte art by Michael Breach

Pizza latte art

Image: Instagram @baristart

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