50 Sexy Hip Tattoos for Women (2023)

If you have decided on the perfect design but are unsure where on the body to get it inked, look no further. A hip tattoo is an excellent location for meaningful tattoos and is an area associated with femininity. Getting inked here can be a way to celebrate female power and draw attention to one of the most attractive areas of the body. You can proudly show off your design, or keep it hidden.

It is one of the most painful locations to get tattooed because of the area’s thin skin, proximity to bone, and general sensitivity. For this reason, many women opt for a small and simple design, but you can also opt for something larger, covering the upper thigh or focusing on the side of the hip. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Flower Hip Tattoos

Flower tattoos are an excellent choice for the hip. You have much versatility with the design, opting for something delicate and feminine or detailed and realistic. There are also many different flowers to choose from, each with its symbolism, color, and form. For example, a sunflower tattoo is an excellent choice for someone who wants body art that represents positivity, devotion, and optimism and can be used to celebrate your faith or a special relationship.

In contrast, a lotus tattoo symbolizes spiritual awakening, enlightenment, beauty, and growth. The hips are one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body and are often associated with femininity. Getting inked here can be a way to celebrate female power.

Flower Hip Tattoo

Flower Hip Tattoos

2. Rose Hip Tattoo

The rose is one of the most commonly inked designs, and for a good reason. This is one of the most beautiful blooms but also rich in symbolism, representing love and passion. The meaning you associate with your rose tattoo can be deep and personal, including making an important statement on finding a balance and being wary of those you trust; this is because the flower is beautiful but also has thorns that can harm you.

The color of your tattoo can also alter the meaning; for example, yellow is linked with friendship and positivity, whereas red represents passion and desire. Getting inked on the hip is painful, but it is also an excellent option for those who want to keep their body art hidden.

Rose Hip Tattoo

Rose Hip Tattoo1

3. Butterfly Hip Tattoo

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures with different forms and colors. It is also rich in symbolism, associated with transformation, beauty, and freedom. Butterfly tattoos are among the most commonly inked designs because of their rich symbolism and versatility.

They can be tattooed big or small and look great anywhere on the body, including on the hip. Hip tattoos are incredibly painful and should be reserved for truly meaningful designs. But it is also a placement that can represent female energy and strength and be a way to keep your design private.

Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Butterfly Hip Tattoo1

4. Girly Small Hip Tattoos

When deciding on the perfect placement for your next tattoo, consider the hip because designs here can be feminine and beautiful. They can be inked big or small, but smaller pieces often complement the area and are also a practical choice because hip tattoos are considered high on the pain scale chart.

It is a versatile location, lending itself well to various designs, including something delicate and girly. This can be a fantastic way to celebrate the beauty of the female form and the power of what it means to be a woman. What you choose is entirely up to you, including flowers or a meaningful word or phrase.

Girly Small Hip Tattoos

Girly Small Hip Tattoos 1

5. Dragon Hip Tattoo

Dragon tattoos make for a beautiful and symbolic design, often associated with wisdom, fearlessness, and protection. The mythological creature represents different things in the East and West; dragons are often associated with greed and evil in the West, while in the East, they bring protection and good luck.

The meaning you wish to convey with your body art can be determined by the style you choose and where you draw inspiration from. The shape of the dragon works well for a hip tattoo, and it can be inked large and detailed across the hip and thigh or kept small and simple.

Hip To Thigh Tattoo1

Dragon Hip Tattoo

6. Hip to Thigh Tattoo

For those not deterred by the pain associated with hip tattoos, a hip-to-thigh tattoo design is for you. The hip is one of the most beautiful and feminine locations to get inked, but it is also excruciating. This is because of the proximity to bone, thin skin, and the general sensitivity of the area.

A hip-to-thigh design is large and detailed, giving you creative freedom with your design. You can combine several images and opt for different styles depending on your preference. Choose something deeply meaningful or decorative; the choice is yours!

Hip To Thigh Tattoo

Hip To Thigh Tattoo

7. Snake Hip Tattoo

Snake tattoos look fantastic on the hip because of the shape. It can be inked horizontally on the body, covering the side of the thigh and the upper thigh, or it could be tattooed on a smaller scale and sit directly on the hip bone. Snakes are symbolic and associated with transformation and change, making this a powerful choice for someone who has been through a hard time and emerged stronger and more resilient.

Snakes represent sin and temptation to some people and bring good luck and protection to others. The meaning you want to be associated with your design will also depend on how you create it; for example, snakes showing their fangs can be tattooed to symbolize danger, while pieces with flowers can have a softer, more feminine approach.

Snake Jip Tattoo

Snake Hip Tattoo

8. Unique Hip Tattoos

Body art is expressive, and the design you choose can reflect your thoughts and feelings, or it could be inked to be decorative. There are commonly tattooed images, like flowers, hearts, and serpents. Then there are unique approaches with unusual quotes, words of special significance to the wearer, or designs that combine several images to create something beautiful and individual. For your next tattoo, find something that moves you, or combine several of your favorite images to make your piece unique to you.

Unique Hip Tattoos

Unique Hip Tattoo

9. Floral Hip Tattoo

Flowers are symbolic of growth and beauty. There are multiple options depending on your design preference and the symbolism you want to be associated with. A hip floral tattoo is meaningful but also decorative, combining several of your favorite blooms to form a beautiful tattoo that will cover the hip. You can opt for a realistic finish or simplify the design by focusing on the outline with limited shading and contrast.

Floral Hip Tattoo

Floral Hip Tattoo

10. Heart Tattoo on Hip

The heart is a universally recognizable symbol of love. Heart tattoos look great when inked on the hip and are a way to keep a special design private and hidden. There are several options, depending on the meaning you want to be associated with it; you can combine the heart with other images like an arrow or dagger, or you can keep it small and simple. You can also get creative with the heart shape, such as a cherry and heart design representing innocence and sexuality, but also love. If you have experienced heartbreak or loss, then get inked with a broken heart.

Heart Tattoo On Hip1

Heart Tattoo On Hip

11. Small Hip Tattoo

Small tattoos are ideal for a hip design because the location is so painful. Keeping things simple and on a smaller scale is an excellent idea because it will highlight your hip instead of completely covering it. The hip is a placement associated with femininity and can be a way to celebrate your female power. Several options for your design include unique ideas or something simple like hearts, stars, and cherry blossoms. Small does not mean your piece cannot be tailored to suit your preference, but the style that works best is often an outline design that limits shading and contrast.

Small Hip Tattoo

Floral Hip Tattoo

12. Mandala Hip Tattoo

Mandala comes from the ancient language Sanskrit and translates to “circle.” It has great cultural importance, but in recent years has also inspired artwork and tattoos, although whether you should get inked with a mandala is a subject that is hotly debated. The beauty of the shapes, which form an intricate pattern, makes them mesmerizing to look at, and these designs are often associated with harmony and balance. A mandala tattoo can remind you to take a break and focus on what is important in your life. It can also encourage you to find your inner calm. The hip is an excellent location for body art you want to keep hidden and personal.

Mandala Hip Tattoo

Mandala Hip Tattoo 2

13. Hidden Small Hip Tattoos

The hip is an excellent placement for a special and intimate design, but it is also an incredibly painful location to get inked. This is because of the proximity to bone and the thin skin covering it. Taking the severity of the pain into account before getting tattooed is important, and you may decide to opt for a smaller design so that your tattoo session is shorter. Small tattoos are appealing because they are often simple and beautiful. They can also be inked anywhere on the body and are easier to cover up. This makes a small hip tattoo the ideal choice for a woman who wants to keep her ink private and for herself.

Hidden Small Hip Tattoos 1

Hidden Small Hip Tattoos

14. Sunflower Hip Tattoo

The sunflower is one of the most beautiful flowers, and the bright color makes for a bold tattoo. It is also symbolic; sunflower tattoos symbolize hope, optimism, devotion, and everlasting love. The meaning behind these flowers makes for meaningful body art, which can be created in several styles depending on your preference. You can opt for a realistic portrayal with vibrant colors, or you could opt for something simple like an outline design. The hip is one of the best options for body art because of its versatility. It is easy to hide, which adds a degree of intimacy to the tattoo.

Sunflower Hip Tattoo

Sunflower Hip Tattoos

15. Simple Hip Tattoo

Simple tattoos focus on the basic elements of the design. They are stripped down, focusing on the outline, and have limited shading or contrast. The beauty is in the basics, which is an ideal choice for those who prefer a minimalistic aesthetic. Simple designs can also be inked on a smaller scale, which is an excellent choice for the hip because this is one of the most painful areas to get inked. Your piece will also be completed faster and is often more affordable.

Simple Thingh Tattoo

Simple Hip Tattoo

16. Lion Hip Tattoo

Lion tattoos can be designed in various ways, from realistic artwork to geometric designs. It is also a beautiful animal symbolic of courage, bravery, royalty, and wisdom. The lion is a powerful predator and is considered the king of the jungle, making for a fantastic option for your hip tattoo. You can also add to the design, using floral details to create a soft and romantic appearance. Or you can get inked with a lioness to celebrate femininity and motherhood. The hip is an excellent location, giving you enough space to create a more detailed design because it can also go across the upper thigh or back.

Lion Hip Tattoo

Lion Hip Tattoo

17. Cherry Blossom Hip Tattoo

The cherry blossom is one of the most beautiful options for a hip tattoo. The flowers only bloom for a short period and symbolize impermanence, love, and beauty. A cherry blossom tattoo can celebrate life and be a reminder that time is precious. There are many ways to design your piece, but the best option is in color to show the brilliant pink of the flower. This makes for an eye-catching and statement tattoo. On the hip, you can determine who will see your ink and when because it is an area that is easily covered. This makes it an incredibly versatile option for your body art.

Cherry Blossom Hip Tattoo1

Cherry Blossom Hip Tattoo

18. Phoenix Hip Tattoo

A phoenix tattoo makes a statement about life, death, and rebirth. The legend of the phoenix states that the bird cyclically regenerates, bursting into flames and emerging from the ashes of its predecessor. A phoenix design can be the perfect choice for someone who has been through a period of transition or has faced struggles and emerged stronger and more resilient. There are also many styles to choose from, but the most striking designs use colors like yellow, red, and orange to replicate the flames. The hip is a stunning place for your phoenix tattoo, letting you keep it hidden and showing it off when you want.

Phoenix Hip Tattoo

Phoenix Hip Tattoo1

19. Side Hip Tattoo

Hip tattoos measure high on the tattoo pain chart and should not be inked without serious consideration of the pros and cons. It is one of the most painful locations for body art but also one of the most versatile. It is ideal for those who want to easily cover their tattoo and show it off on their own terms. The side hip can also be a special placement because you decide who sees it and when making the design more intimate. Depending on your preference, you can also experiment with where you choose to get your design; this could include the lower hip or the side. The side is an excellent placement for long and vertical designs, complementing the shape. This includes snakes, arrows, or flowers.

Side Hip Tattoo

Side Hip Tattoo1

20. Quote Hip Tattoo

Quote tattoos are meaningful and deeply personal. You can draw inspiration for the quote from anywhere; it could be taken from your favorite film, a poem that inspires you, or song lyrics that move you. It could also be the words someone you love, or respect has said to you, and you can honor them by getting it inked in their handwriting. This can make you feel empowered and strong. There are many fonts to choose from; you can opt for a small tattoo or have the quote running along the side of the hip for a larger option.

Quote Hip Tattoo1

Quote Hip Tattoo

21. Elephant Hip Tattoo

Elephant tattoos can make a powerful statement and are associated with prosperity, good luck, and power. It can also be a way to celebrate femininity because each elephant herd has a matriarch. There are various ways to design an elephant tattoo, including a realistic portrayal. You can add other details like florals or create a half geometric elephant; the choice is yours, depending on the size and detail you want. Hip tattoos are an excellent location, albeit very painful. Consider the pain factor before choosing your design, as you will have to sit for extended sessions for larger designs, which will prolong the pain.

Elephant Hip Tattoo

Elephant Hip Tattoo

22. Star Hip Tattoo

The simplicity of the star shape makes it one of the most popular tattoos to get inked. Star tattoos can be inked big or small and lend themselves well to different locations on the body, including the hip. The hip is a versatile placement and great for ink, you want to keep hidden. You can also experiment where you tattoo the star directly above the hip bone, to the side, or on the pelvic area; this gives you much creative freedom. In addition to looking cute, stars are also symbolic. They represent destiny, hope, honor, and guidance. You can get inked with this design to remind you to stay positive during a dark or challenging time. Or let the star guide you and keep you safe.

Star Hip Tattoo

Star Hip Tattoos

23. Dream Catcher Hip Tattoo

Dream catcher tattoos are beautiful and meaningful. The hand-woven object has roots in Native American culture and is often hung above small children’s beds to filter out bad dreams. They have become popular worldwide because of their beauty and symbolism and have inspired body art. Getting inked with this design could be a way to stay focused and positive. It could also be used to protect the wearer against those who want to harm them and prevent evil thoughts. The designs are often detailed and work better when inked on a larger scale. The hip is versatile because you can focus your tattoo on the side and cover the upper thigh if you need more space. This makes it the ideal choice for your next tattoo!

Dream Catcher Hip Tattoo1

Dream Catcher Hip Tattoo

24. Rihanna Hip Tattoo

Rihanna is one of the world’s most powerful and influential women. She also has an undeniable it-factor and has inspired women worldwide with her effortlessly cool style, including her body art. Rihanna is known to have over 20 tattoos, including one on her hip. Her hip design is Sanskrit prayer. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India, and Rihanna’s ink makes a powerful statement because it reportedly translates to “forgiveness, honesty, suppression, and control.”

Rihanna Hip Tattoo

25. Gun Hip Tattoo

A gun tattoo on the hip is an especially symbolic placement because this is where many people would keep their gun on a gun holder. It can make a powerful statement and can be associated with strength, protection, and power. Getting inked with a gun could remind you that you are strong and capable of overcoming anything. It could be empowering, especially for women who have been through a challenging time. Gun tattoos can instill fear or be tattooed as a warning that you are not someone to be messed with. The type of gun you choose can also add to the overall meaning of your design.

Gun Hip Tattoo

Gun Hip Tattoo1

Hip Tattoos FAQs

Do hip tattoos hurt?

Hip tattoos are incredibly painful. It is one of the most painful locations for body art because of the thin skin, proximity to bone, and the general sensitivity of the area. You also have less fat around the hip area and less cushioning, which increases the pain.

Are hip tattoos a good idea?

Hip tattoos are an excellent idea. They can symbolize female strength and power and draw attention to one of the most attractive areas of a woman’s body. Getting inked here will be painful, but it is also a versatile location because you can get inked with a small design or opt for something larger, covering part of the upper thigh or focusing on the side of the hip. Your design is also easy to cover and keep hidden, letting you determine when you want to show off your tattoo and to who.

Q: What are some popular design ideas for hip tattoos?

A: Popular designs for hip tattoos include floral motifs, mandalas, abstract geometric shapes, stars and celestial symbols, animals, words and phrases, and tribal designs. Some people also choose to get a custom design created specifically for them by an experienced tattoo artist.

Q: Are there any risks associated with getting a hip tattoo?

A: As with any type of body modification, there are certain risks associated with getting a hip tattoo. These include infection, allergic reactions, bleeding and scarring. It is important to follow all aftercare instructions provided by your artist to reduce the risk of complications.

Q: How should I prepare for getting my hip tattoo?

A: You should make sure to get plenty of rest before your appointment so that you are well-rested and relaxed when you arrive. Additionally, it is also important to stay hydrated as this will help keep your skin healthy. You should also avoid consuming alcohol or drugs beforehand as these can interfere with the healing process.