50 Best Wolf Haircut Ideas Trending in 2023

Wolf haircuts continue to be popular amongst fashionable men across the world. The cut is short, making it an ideal style for those with an active lifestyle, and yet easy to maintain. This classic men’s hairstyle involves having the sides and back of your head closely clipped, usually around one inch in length, leaving the top longer and textured. You can vary the length of this top layer by personal preference or facial structure.
Not only do wolf haircuts help give a neat aesthetic, they are also incredibly versatile when styling as they allow you to easily switch up different looks while still keeping your overall look intact. To get the perfect Wolf Haircut tailored to suit you, seek out a qualified and experienced hairdresser who understands how to create the perfect Wolf Haircut for you.

Wolf Haircut Ideas Trending

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Best Wolf Haircuts

Get ready to make a statement—the wolf cut is taking over! This wildly popular TikTok sensation has been turning heads with its edgy and rebellious vibe. With heavy layers and volume at the crown, this hybrid of shag and mullet gives you an instant attitude boost. DIY-ers can tie their hair into a ponytail then snip off ends for that perfect edge but visiting your stylist ensures flawless results every time. All lengths and textures embrace it well, plus color amplifies things in either subtle or dramatic ways depending on what makes hearts race faster! Tap into all the details now so you too can #slaywiththiscut!

1. Long Textured Wolf Haircut

Looking for something edgy and cool? The long textured wolf haircut is perfect. With the right styling, you can make it look subtle yet give your hair an undone appearance that will have heads turning. Wavy or curly-haired folks are especially suited to this style, since all lengths of hair work well with the cut!

Long Textured Wolf Haircut

2. Blended Wolf Haircut with Curly Hair

The wolf haircut is a great choice for any hair type and length, but particularly those with curly locks. The natural volume of the curls creates an effortlessly blended look- perfect if you want something subtle! Complete your style by adding some bangs that frame your face in all the right ways; they’ll draw attention to its best features while also making it appear softer.

Blended Wolf Haircut With Curly Hair

3. Wolf Haircut with Messy Curtain Bangs

Step up your style game with the fashionable wolf haircut. Whether you opt for long or short hair, it offers plenty of volume and gives a cool, effortless look. Why not take things to another level by adding curtain bangs? These flattering framing pieces will make all the difference; either full and dramatic or light and airy – they’ll ensure that every head turn is in admiration!

Wolf Haircut With Messy Curtain Bangs

4. Bleached Blonde Wolf Haircut

Achieve a daring and modern look with an eye-catching bleached blonde wolf haircut. The choppy layers highlight the cut, while curtain bangs draw attention to your facial features for a flattering youthful style. Just be sure to work with a trained colorist as bleach can cause damage if not done properly!

Bleached Blonde Wolf Haircut

5. Choppy Layered Wolf Haircut

Revive your look and rock out with a wolf haircut. Combining the shag and mullet, this heavily textured cut is sure to turn heads wherever you go! The choppy layers give hair body while also framing your face for an exceptionally flattering finish. A wild take on classic 70s and 80s looks that breathes new life into any ensemble – it’s time to unleash the beast within!

Choppy Layered Wolf Haircut

6. Medium Length Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

Add a splash of blue to your hair and be the talk of town with this edgy, cool wolf cut. Show off your creativity and wild side by going for unconventional colors that give you volume and movement while keeping it chic with medium length layers. Take command attention everywhere you go!

Wolf Haircut With Blunt Bangs

7. Rainbow Wolf Haircut

Show your true colors by taking the plunge and going for a Rainbow Wolf Haircut! Combining all hues of the rainbow with this edgy cut, you’ll be sure to turn heads. This mix between short layers on top, volume in front and choppy length at back can create an experimental look that’s been popular since punk surged onto 70s fashion scene – but updated for modern times. Dare to make a bold statement with hairstyle that speaks volumes? Then try out this unique combo today!

Rainbow Wolf Haircut

8. Daring Two Tone Wolf Haircut

Are you ready to turn heads and stand out from the crowd? The daring two-tone wolf haircut is just what you need! Choose your combination of natural or bold colors, switch it up by placing them in different areas on top and bottom. This edgy cut consists of shorter choppy layers at the crown with longer layers around the sides for an effortless cool look that will make everyone take notice.

Daring Two Tone Wolf Haircut

9. Fiery Red Hair with Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Rock a head-turning look with fiery red hair and its accompanying voluminous wolf haircut. Choppy layers will bring out the bold hue, while bangs – be it curtain or wispy – give off a softness that no other style can replicate. Whether you prefer short locks or long waves, your eye-catching shade of red won’t go unnoticed!

Fiery Red Wolf Haircut

10. Thick Fringe and Wolf Cut

Get wild with the wolf cut! Perfect for emphasizing your unique hair texture, this gender-neutral look can be adapted to quality everyone’s preference. If you have thick tresses, go bold and rock a strong fringe – it’ll create an appealing contrast between its thin layers on the bottom half of your head. This messy yet effortless style will give off that effortlessly cool vibe while removing excess bulk and weight in one swoop

Thick Fringe And Wolf Cut

11. Wolf Haircut on Wavy Hair

Strut with style and let your waves wild as you opt for the daring wolf haircut. This look is perfect on wavy hair due to its choppy, voluminous layers that keep length on top of your head while adding texture throughout. Easier styling awaits when taming those natural waves into a contrasting yet blended masterpiece – one which may be harder to achieve without their help!

Wolf Haircut On Wavy Hair

12. Wolf Haircut with Bold Pink Streaks

Step into the spotlight and embrace your inner wolf with a heavily layered, choppy haircut that demands attention. Whether you choose to let it fly wild or add bold pink streaks for an extra dash of attitude, this cut is all about celebrating self-expression through hair artistry! Pink stands not only for femininity but also love; show off yours in powerful shades of eye-catching color!

Wolf Haircut With Bold Pink Streaks

13. Short Hair Wolf Haircut with Layers

Unleash your inner wild child with the ever-stylish wolf haircut! Perfect for short hair, this cut emphasizes layers to create a dramatically full look that’s sure to turn heads. With it’s choppy texture and unblended appearance, you’ll be rocking an edgy modern style people won’t soon forget.

Short Hair Wolf Haircut with Layers

14. Wolf Haircut with Textured Orange Hair

Get your wild side on show with the daring wolf cut! If you want to stand out in a sea of tamed looks, opt for adding texture and an orange hue – think pink-orange ombre. It’s a bold combination that will turn heads everywhere you go. The look combines classic mullet vibes with shag hairstyles creating statement voluminous layers – perfect both short or long hair types alike! Take the plunge today; unleash your inner rockstar by trying something new!

Wolf Haircut With Orange Hair

15. Wolf Cut on Natural Hair with Bangs 

Tired of your usual hairstyle? Dare to be different and try the wolf cut on naturally curly hair! Whether you prefer short or long locks, this look adds volume at the top for a stylish finish that won’t go unnoticed. Make sure to add bangs for extra scandalize as they will draw attention to your features while giving off an undeniably youthful vibe.

Wolf Cut On Natural Hair

16. Textured Wolf Haircut for Older Women

Are you looking for a way to add vibrancy and life back into your hair? A Textured Wolf Haircut is the perfect style! It might not look like it requires much effort or styling, but don’t be fooled; this cut works best when working with natural textured locks. You can even customize it however you prefer depending on what length of hair and thickness that suits your needs – making older women appear younger than they are. So go ahead and give yourself an updated new do with the timeless trend of The Wolf Cut!

Textured Wolf Haircut For Older Women

17. Wolf Haircut on Straight Thin Hair

Transform your thin, straight hair into a show-stopping mane with the wolf haircut! This style creates length and volume on top while gradually tapering off to choppy layers. With this look you can add texture, frame your face, and most importantly — boost body for an extra bounce that is sure to turn heads.

Wolf Haircut On Thin Hair

18. Wolf Haircut with Shaved Sides

The wolf cut is a bold statement for those looking to make an impact. Drawing from the classic shag and mullet styles, it’s versatile enough to work on any length or texture of hair. To really stand out in the crowd, try adding shaved sides that emphasize volume at the top while giving your style an extra edge! With this rebellious look you won’t just turn heads – you’ll cause jaws to drop wherever you go!

Wolf Haircut With Shaved Sides

19. Cute Choppy Wolf Haircut with Blonde Hair

Dazzle with a blond hue and make your hairstyle the main attraction by opting for an edgy wolf cut. Not only will it frame your face, but its choppy layers also showcase texture and add vibrancy to blonde hair. With this look you’re sure to draw attention wherever you go!

Cute Choppy Wolf Haircut With Blonde Hair

20. Spiky Wolf Haircut

Spell wild and edgy with your next look. The Spiky Wolf Haircut is the perfect way to add a rebellious, punk-inspired twist on timeless style. Create smooth volume along hair’s crown while personalizing it to match your desired length and texture – all finished off with subtly short yet full spikes that won’t take you back in time too far!

Spiky Wolf Haircut

21. Wolf Haircut with Thick Hair and Long Fringe

Get that wild, unkempt look with a wolf haircut and let your long fringe be the star of this show. With thick hair to support it, keep your fringe just below the browline for an effortlessly stylish hairdo – drawing attention to those beautiful eyes! Plus, you can always change up how you wear it if playing around with different looks is what gets your blood going.

Wolf Haircut With Thick Hair And Long Fringe

22. Wolf Haircut with Blunt Bangs

A Wolf Cut with blunt bangs can be your key to a youthful and stylish look. Tailor the cut for different lengths and textures, then pair it with sharp yet soft-focused bangs that draw attention to your features while disguising any forehead wrinkles. This hairstyle looks best on straight hair where precision makes all the difference but also works well if you have curly or wavy locks!

Wolf Haircut With Blunt Bangs

23. E-Girl Inspired Wolf Haircut

Show off your personality and style with the trendy eGirl-inspired Wolf Haircut! It’s an easy way to express yourself, featuring choppy layers that can be framed by strategically placed statement highlights for a look full of edge. Whether you opt for one side or balance out a side parting – this social media inspired hair trend is sure to add some fun flair.

Egirl Inspired Wolf Haircut

24. Subtle Wolf Haircut on Medium Length Hair

For those looking for a low maintenance yet stylish haircut, opt for the subtle wolf cut. This look keeps your locks full at the crown but with blended layers that add texture and movement to even medium length hair. The effortless tousled finish is perfect if you have thick or long(er) hair as it gives an updated take on conventional hairstyles without all of the chopping!

Subtle Wolf Haircut On Medium Length Hair

25. Short Wolf Haircut with Pink Wash

Show off your style and spice up the classic wolf haircut with a daring pink wash! Whether you have light or dark hair, this universally flattering hue will give an instantly modern look. Achieve choppy layers of undone edginess while still keeping it subtle by only dyeing the tips – enough to hint at something different without being too eye-catching. Dare yourself to experiment with color and make sure everyone notices (but in all the right ways).

Short Wolf Haircut With Pink Wash

26. Wolf Cut with Long Layered Hair

Upgrade your style and make a statement with the contemporary Wolf Cut. This versatile ‘do is perfect for long hair, allowing you to keep length while removing bulkiness. Layer it up and add bangs like curtain fringes – they will frame your face in an instant! With this elegant look, you can express yourself at any age without going over the top. Get ready to rock beautiful locks with every occasion!

Wolf Cut With Long Layered Hair

27. Wolf Haircut with Dreamy Curtain Bangs

Refresh your look with the popular Wolf Haircut and make it truly unique by adding dreamy curtain bangs! From thick and defined to thin, wispy ones, this cut will flatter your face shape while giving you a youthful appeal. Experiment with different shades of color combos or try blow-drying for extra volume – let yourself express yourself in style through this versatile hair do.

Wolf Haircut With Curtain Bangs

28. Wolf Haircut on Straight Hair

Transform your tresses with the stylish and edgy wolf haircut; perfect for straight locks that need an extra boost. Achieve maximum impact by cutting choppy, layered pieces to create volume while leaving wispy strands around the face that provide a hint of softness. From medium length manes to dramatic coifs this daring do is sure to turn heads!

Wolf Haircut On Straight Hair

29. Short Bob-Inspired Wolf Haircut 

Embrace your inner wild side with the sizzling bob-inspired wolf haircut. This modern cut creates volume and texture, offering a versatile look that works for all face shapes and ages. Add an extra touch of flair by brightening up your style with bold shades such as orange or red! The possibilities are endless – unleash your creativity today with this unique update to classic hairstyles!

Short Bob-Inspired Wolf Haircut 

30. Feminine Wolf Cut on Natural Hair

Go for a daring look with the wolf cut – mix it up to give your hair movement and texture. Blending shag and mullet styles, this bold style can be softened on natural hair, giving you an androgynous yet feminine look according to how long or short you choose. Show off your unique flair by coloring as desired!

Feminine Wolf Cut On Natural Hair

31. Pastel Pink Wolf Cut on Thin Hair

Show off your wild side with a pastel pink wolf cut that is sure to add texture and movement to thin hair. Try out this shade of color in an understated way, like dip-dyeing the ends or framing it around the face for added dimension. With delicate hues designed for any skin tone, let loose and get ready to level up your look!

Pastel Pink Wolf Cut On Thin Hair

32. Fluffy Blow Dry Wolf Cut

Level up your look and try the popular wolf cut. Get creative with heat styling to achieve volume, curls or waves that will frame your face and draw attention to layers around it. Upgrade from an ordinary hairstyle by adding more body for a healthy, bold style that is full of life!

Fluffy Blow Dry Wolf Cut

33. Pixie Wolf Cut

Transform your look with the trendy Wolf Cut! Reworked to fit any length, this signature style is an exciting combination of a mullet and shag. Get choppy layers that add fullness at the crown while thinning out near the ends – it’s a modern update on everyone’s favorite classic: The Pixie cut! Show off gorgeous volume without sacrificing femininity.

Pixie Wolf Cut

34. Curly Hair Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs

Ready to wow the world with a fierce look? Curly hair makes for an easy and effortless wolf cut that’s voluminous but less edgy. Soften up your style by adding wispy bangs – thin, light, and feminine yet able to draw attention away from all the right places! Step out of your comfort zone today with this glamorous transformation.

Curly Hair Wolf Cut With Wispy Bangs

35. Mullet Wolf Haircut

Dare to be bold with the Mullet Wolf Haircut – an edgy and cool style that will make you stand out! This daring variation of the mullet focuses more on its appearance, keeping your hair long in back while remaining short at top and sides. With voluminous crown coverage, heavily layered strands thinning toward ends for maximum movement, it’s surprisingly flattering no matter how bright or bold a color you choose. Let Miley Cyrus show off this look as she has been doing so confidently for years!

Mullet Wolf Haircut

36. Trendy Wolf Cut with Thin Bangs

Get ready to be the talk of town – a Trendy Wolf Cut with Thin Bangs can help you create an effortlessly cool look! Whether it’s heavy layers or light, this stunning style complements all types and thicknesses of hair. Plus, choose thin bangs as your way to make a statement without having full-on commitment; they’ll frame your face in just the right places while adding some softness if needed. Get creative by personalizing this cut for yourself — no matter what suits you best!

Statement Wolf Cut With Thin Bangs

37. Short Straight Bob Wolf Cut

A short, straight bob can be the perfect way to show off your inner wolf. Whether you have thick voluminous locks or naturally textured tresses, this cut will accentuate all face shapes and bring out a youthful glow. A hassle-free style that’s easy to manage yet demands attention – let yourself shine with the power of a subtle but confident haircut!

Short Straight Bob Wolf Cut

38. Wolf Cut with Statement Highlights

Create a look that will have heads turning with Wolf Cuts and statement highlights! From natural shades to vibrant pops of color, these strategically placed hues perfectly frame the face. Whether you choose subtle blonde streaks or daring flashes of pink or blue, this 80s-inspired style is sure to make an impact. Get ready for your youthful transformation – it’s time for bolder hair!

Wolf Cut With Statement Highlights

39. Very Long Wolf Cut with Textured Hair

Revamp your long locks and try the modern wolf cut! With heavy, textured layers throughout you’ll get an edgy look reminiscent of rockers or punks — but that’s not all. This style adds volume while still allowing you to keep length and is perfect for anyone looking for a cool new way to express themselves. Plus it works well on any hair type – though naturally textured strands are easiest – so why wait? Cut loose and go wild with this daring do today!

Very Long Wolf Cut With Textured Hair

40. Natural-Looking Wolf Haircut on Brown Hair

Ready to take your hair game up a notch? Then the natural-looking Wolf Haircut is for you! Ask your hairstylist about edgy and choppy or subtle options to meet whatever look you desire. Try short layers throughout with curtain bangs, blunt bangs, or any variation that suits your face shape best. This sophisticated cut will leave heads turning in admiration and give every ensemble an added boost of confidence.

Natural Looking Wolf Haircut On Brown Hair

41. Wolf Haircut with Textured Fringe

Get the wild look you desire with a wolf haircut! With choppy layers and effortless coolness, it’ll give your hairstyle an effortlessly fashionable edge. Up the ante by adding texture to your fringe – sweep it long or style it straight for extra impact. Make every glance count as this popular cut gives problem skin areas some TLC while also drawing attention to all of your best features!

Wolf Haircut with Textured Fringe

42. Wolf Haircut with Thick Hair and Bold Color

Transform your thick hair with the daring wolf cut! Layers of varying lengths will add weightless body and texture. You can go wild with a variety of options, from long locks to short pixie cuts – it’s up to you. Punch things up by playing around with full bangs or some fun fringe styles; blondes should consider adding highlighter elements like crazy-bright colors alongside their side partings or curtain fringes for an eye-catching look.

Wolf Haircut with Thick Hair and Bold Color

43. Wolf Haircut with Neon Yellow Stripes

Ready to make a bold statement? Try the unique combination of a wolf haircut and neon yellow stripes for an eye-catching look! This daring hairstyle is sure to turn heads, but it may require more frequent touchups as neons tend to fade quickly. However, this edgy hairdo will give you plenty of opportunities to express your fun side while also framing your face with strategically placed highlights on the sides.

Wolf Haircut With Neon Yellow Strips

44. Platinum Wolf Haircut

Show off your bold personality and lighten up your look with the Platinum Wolf Haircut! A heavily textured style, this fashionable choice will instantly highlight you. Of course, be mindful of its high-maintenance needs – bleaching and toning can be damaging to hair strands (especially if they’re darker) – so proceed only when done by a professional in an attempt to protect those luxurious locks.

Platinum Wolf Cut

45. Very Curly Wolf Haircut with Volume

For those blessed with very curly tresses, the wolf cut is an ideal way to look stylish without sacrificing manageability. It helps remove some of that bulk while still celebrating your hair’s natural volume and texture. Low-maintenance styling means you can spend less time in front of a mirror so you’ll have more energy left over for life’s adventures! Get ready to show off healthy, full locks brimming with beautiful curls like never before; this haircut gives new meaning to ‘wolfing down style’…

Very Curly Wolf Haircut With Volume

46. Long Wolf Cut with Subtle Blunt Ends

Get your fur ready to howl! The classic wolf cut has arrived with a new twist: subtle blunt ends. This versatile style will look fabulous no matter what length you have and can be customized with bangs of any type. Whether it’s long locks or short strands, this unique haircut is sure to turn heads when the moon rises above the horizon. Unleash your wild side tonight – get yourself a daringly edgy Wolf Cut trimmed off in sleek sharp edges that make all other cuts seem tame by comparison!

Long Wolf Cut With Subtle Layers And Blunt Ends

47. Shag Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut is an effortless style that effortlessly blends the shag and mullet, creating a versatile look perfect for varying lengths and textures. With its texturized layers offering maximum volume, this multi-faceted hairstyle can be customized with your choice of bangs to create just the right amount of movement–all while maintaining its laidback vibe!

Shag Wolf Cut

48. Split Dye Wolf Cut with Black and Yellow

Elevate your look with the daring and bold split-dye wolf cut. This unstructured hairstyle is made even more eye-catching by utilizing two contrasting, complementary or natural colors — a trend that will surely turn heads! With its effortless finish, you can step out in style while confidently embracing this edgy yet stylish haircut.

Split Dye Wolf Cut With Black And Yellow

49. Curly Wolf Cut with Highlights

Looking for a fresh and fashionable cut? The wolf style is the way to go! It’s an edgy, yet versatile look that will give you breathtaking volume – even if your hair is naturally curly. Get creative with unique highlights framed around the face or sprinkled throughout your locks; whatever color complements you best. Take advantage of this on-trend hairstyle by visiting a professional stylist today, who’ll help craft it into something special just for you!

Curly Wolf Cut With Highlights

50. 90s Wolf Haircut

Channeling the 90s trend, a sleek and textured wolf haircut is here to stay. Flicked out layers give volume that frames your face in an effortless but dramatic way. TikTok made it into a viral sensation – see why everyone’s embracing this timeless look!

90s Wolf Cut


What is a wolf cut haircut?

A ‘wolf cut’ is a type of hairstyle which can be seen quite often on men with long, thick hair. It gets its name from the face that it closely resembles the natural look of a wolf’s fur. The style usually involves having all sides and the back trimmed in layers to almost or exactly a uniform length, while the top remains longer and shaggier – giving off an untamed, wild vibe. By adding subtle highlights, bleaching or even coloring the hair, this haircut can become more stylish and unique in terms of aesthetic appeal. So if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, this could be the ideal choice for you!

How do I style a wolf cut?

Styling a wolf cut can be accomplished through various techniques. To get an edgy look, you should use clippers to trim the sides of your hair extremely close and then leave a little more length in the back. To finish off this style, use some wax or clay to increase texture and hold. If it’s important to maintain neatness, opt for a comb-over instead. Begin with using clippers on the sides and back, as well as slightly thinning out any excess length at the top by running scissors through it. However, in this instance less is more – only add small amounts of product at a time so you don’t end up with an overly greasy appearance. With patience and practice, you’ll soon be able to achieve a stylish wolf cut that looks cool and put together!

Is a wolf cut easy to maintain?

While a wolf cut may seem intimidating at first glance due to its distinctive look and wide range of required maintenance, it is surprisingly simple to keep up with. The key is frequent brushing, regular baths and brushing while the hair is still wet. Besides weekly grooming sessions, the only other upkeep needed is occasional trimming around the ears and eyes to keep everything neat and even. With regular care, this striking look can be easily maintained with minimal fuss!

Can you get a wolf cut with thin hair?

With thin hair, achieving the traditional wolf cut look can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several modern variations of the cut that are designed for people with thin hair and still offer a striking, bold look. These styles involve placing more focus on texture than the original wolf cut did, creating the appearance of volume even with thinner hair. Short layers are also used to create an interesting effect and can even work to make thin locks appear fuller – a great bonus for those who want to keep their hair shorter! All in all, there is no reason why those with thinner locks cannot rock a wolf-inspired style.

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