50 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2022

Ombre Hair


Ombre is a coloring technique that lets you combine two or more colors to create a graduated effect, from darker to lighter. It is based on the French word meaning “shaded” and is often more affordable and less time-consuming than other color techniques.  Ombre is incredibly versatile and can be added to the hair in various ways, including experimenting with bright and bold colors for a mermaid-inspired finish, or keeping it natural, gradually lightening the hair toward the ends and creating a subtle contrast. You could also opt for a reverse ombre, focusing the light color at the roots and adding a darker shade to the ends. There is so much to like about the ombre, and it is easily adapted to suit your preference. Keep reading to find out more and become inspired.


1. Blonde Ombre Hair

Ombre is a brilliant color technique blending two hues; one light and the other dark. On naturally light hair, this is a great way to add depth and dimension without worrying about root regrowth and the blonde hair ombre will look gorgeous on everyone.


Blonde Ombre Hair


2. Blue Ombre Hair

Blue hair is expressive and fun, letting you show off your playful side while experimenting with color. There is a shade of blue to suit every complexion, and the ombre coloring technique lets you combine your favorite. You could also add blue to the ends of your natural hair color for a low-maintenance approach to the blue hair trend.


Blue Ombre Hair (1)


3. Brown Ombre Hair

With brown hair, ombre can create a natural, sun-kissed effect, brightening the hair and lightening your appearance. It is incredibly flattering and versatile, letting you experiment with different shades to find the look that will best complement your preference and skin tone.


Brown Ombre Hair


4. Red Ombre Hair

Red ombre hair is a striking choice and a great way to get you noticed. There are several shades of red to choose from, making it easy to find a shade that complements your complexion. You can also try the ombre coloring approach, which will create a gorgeous, graduated effect that adds depth and dimension to the hair.


Red Ombre Hair


5. Pink Ombre Hair

Pink hair is associated with femininity and love. It is a great color to change your appearance and to experiment with your hair. There are various shades to choose from, from soft, light pastel hues to vibrant pinks that demand attention. Or you can combine several with the ombre color technique.


Pink Ombre Hair


6. Purple Ombre Hair

Ombre is a popular and versatile coloring technique that can be used with natural hair colors or artificial ones, like a bold shade of purple. Purple hair is fun and there are several shades to choose from, letting you find the perfect blend to suit your complexion and stand out from the crowd.


Purple Ombre Hair


7. Auburn Ombre Hair

Auburn hair is a blend of reddish and brown hues. To create a seamless blend of colors try the ombre approach to coloring, which will gradually lighten the ends of the hair. It is low-maintenance and versatile and excellent for brightening the hair.


Auburn Ombre Hair


8. Gray Ombre Hair

Whether you are choosing to embrace your natural gray hairs or coloring your hair a silvery gray hue, a fantastic technique is ombre. Ombre will focus the color toward the end of the hair, drawing the eye down and highlighting your length and cut.


Gray Ombre Hair


9. Silver Ombre Hair

Ombre hair is low-maintenance and effortlessly chic because it does not start at the root. This lets you experiment with different colors, including artificial ones like silver. Ombre will also create less damage to the hair than dyeing your entire head, making silver hair a wearable and modern approach to trying bold colors.


Silver Ombre Hair


10. Burgundy Ombre Hair

Ombre means shaded and is the term used for the coloring technique which combines two or more colors. It is done by keeping a darker base color at the roots and lightening it toward the ends, but these colors can be of your choosing, including burgundy. Burgundy hair is a rich deep red and purple hue that is versatile and flattering and will look gorgeous added to the ends of your hair.


Burgundy Ombre Hair


11. Black And Red Ombre Hair

Black and red hair is a bold and daring combination and an excellent way to get your hair noticed. There are several ways to combine these two colors, but the ombre effect will make a more blended appearance that is effortlessly chic.


Black And Red Ombre Hair


12. Brunette Hair Ombre

If you are looking for a natural way to add depth and dimension to the hair, try ombre. Ombre is excellent for creating a graduated effect, leaving the hair dark at the roots and lighter toward the ends. With brunette hair, you have versatility with how you wear it, including trying out a light brown or blonde starting from the mid-length of your hair.


Brunette Hair Ombre


13. Dark Brown Ombre Hair

Dark brown hair is attractive and will look great on most people. With the ombre coloring technique, you can blend two or more shades, leaving the darker hue at the roots; this is low-maintenance as you will not have to worry about the hair growing out. Lightening the ends of your hair will brighten your complexion.


Dark Brown Ombre Hair


14. Green Ombre Hair

If you are someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your hair, green is the way to do it. Green hair is playful and adventurous and the color is associated with growth and rebirth; this could be the perfect color for a new beginning or the end of a chapter. Ombre will give your color depth and dimension and can tone down the green or let you combine several shades.

Green Ombre Hair

15. Reverse Ombre Hair

Ombre is usually a combination of colors with the darker hue being at the roots and the lighter toward the ends. This is a fantastic option because it is low-maintenance and you do not have to worry about root regrowth. Reverse ombre is the reverse of this, with the lighter color on the top of the end and dark ends; it is a look that is excellent for creating contrast.


Reverse Ombre Hair


16. Balayage Ombre Hair

Balayage and ombre are two different coloring techniques. The balayage coloring is created by hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a sweeping effect that gives your hair a sun-kissed appearance. You can also choose to combine it with the ombre coloring technique for more coverage.


Balayage Ombre Hair


17. Light Brown Ombre Hair

Light brown hair is a pretty and versatile color that looks good on everyone. It is also easily combined with other colors, including light hues like blonde, to rich red shades; depending on your preference. You can experiment with your hair by trying the ombre coloring technique which will gradually lighten the ends to create a subtle contrast.


Light Brown Ombre Hair


18. Chocolate Ombre Hair

Chocolate is a beautiful rich shade of brown. It gets its name because of the resemblance in color to the confectionary and is a versatile color that is flattering on most people. To combine chocolate brown with other hues, try ombre, which will lighten the ends and create a subtle contrast.


Chocolate Ombre Hair


19. Caramel Brown Ombre Hair

Caramel hair is a warm hue that can be added to the hair in various ways. It is incredibly versatile and ranges in color from golden to darker brown, letting you find the perfect combination to flatter your skin tone. Ombre will help you achieve a natural finish, making the hair look sun-kissed.


Caramel Brown Ombre Hair


20. Maroon Ombre Hair

Maroon is a shade of red and brown that can look sophisticated and elegant but is also for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd and get their hair noticed. It can be added to hair of all lengths and textures, but opting for an ombre technique will also lighten the ends and brighten the appearance.


Maroon Ombre Hair


21. Mermaid Red Ombre Hair

Mermaid hair is created by combining several vibrant colors and styling it with soft waves; it is a beautiful look that demands attention. The pieces are added throughout the hair, but with the ombre approach, you can also create a more blended, graduated effect.


Mermaid Red Ombre Hair


22. Red And Purple Ombre Hair

For those who love experimenting with their hair and want a bright and bold appearance, why not combine purple and red? Purple and red are two distinct yet complementary colors that pair together nicely. A fun way to add them to the hair is with ombre, letting them blend.

Red And Purple Ombre Hair

23. Brown To Red Ombre Hair

Brown hair is versatile and easy to wear. There are many shades to choose from, letting you easily find the hue that will best suit your preference and complement your skin tone. You can also highlight the undertones of your chosen brown by pairing them with red. The ombre approach will focus the red toward the ends, giving the hair depth and dimension.


Brown To Red Ombre Hair


24. Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Rose gold hair is universally flattering and one of the prettiest and most feminine colors to choose for your hair. You can also add it to the hair naturally, like ombre, opting to blend the color into the hair from around mid-level and toward the ends. The result is a blended appearance that is also cheaper and less maintenance than opting for a full head of rose gold dye.


Rose Gold Ombre Hair


25. Brown Purple Ombre Hair

There are many shades of purple to add to your hair, depending on how visible and eye-catching you want it to be; from soft, romantic pastels to dark and vampy hues. Instead of coloring your entire head with your chosen purple color, you can focus it on the ends, leaving your roots a natural brown color. This is a low-maintenance approach to color and is also less damaging to the hair.


Brown Purple Ombre Hair


26. Copper Ombre Hair

Copper is a reddish brown color and is incredibly versatile and flattering. Adding copper to your naturally red hair is a great way to create contrast and make your hair feel fresh and modern. There are several ways to add copper to the hair, including opting for ombre and focusing it toward the ends.


Copper Ombre Hair


27. Red To Pink Ombre Hair

Pink and red are classic color pairings and look good with everything from clothing to hair. For a bold and statement look for your next hairstyle, try red to pink ombre. This look will focus the red on the top, at the roots, and lighten the ends with your chosen shade of pink. Playful and fun, what more could you want?


Red To Pink Ombre Hair


28. Dark Blue Ombre Hair

Dark blue hair is a great choice because the darkness of the color makes it less vibrant and easier to wear. The dark hue looks great when paired with all-natural hair colors, but will create a blended and subtle finish with black hair. Use the ombre coloring technique to achieve a graduated effect.


Dark Blue Ombre Hair


29. Teal Ombre Hair

Teal is a deep greenish-blue color and is one of the most gorgeous colors to add to your hair, giving you a makeover and letting you express yourself. A teal ombre will focus the color toward the end of the hair and looks great with light hues like platinum and blond, or can be added to black – it is more visible on lighter hair though.


Teal Ombre Hair


30. Fire Ombre Hair

Fire is associated with passion and seduction, and it has inspired everything from beauty to hair trends. If you want a look that will get your hair noticed and turn heads, opt for a brilliant blend of red, orange, and yellow hues to resemble flames. Ombre is an excellent technique for trying out multiple colors at once.


Fire Ombre Hair


31. Lavender Ombre Hair

One of the most versatile purple colors to try is lavender. It is a light shade of purple and looks gorgeous on women with light hair and light eyes; although it can be adapted to suit your preference. Lavender hair color is also a stunning addition to blonde, giving it a contrast that you can achieve with the ombre color technique.


Lavender Ombre Hair


32. Ombre Pastel Pink Hair

Pastels are universally flattering and always trendy. There are various shades to wear, including pastel pink which is pretty and feminine. If you want to create a beautiful mermaid effect, you can also combine it with other pastel hues.


Ombre Pastel Pink Hair


33. Magenta Ombre Hair

Magenta is a bright shade of purple and pink. It is bright, vibrant, and will demand attention. If you are someone who loves to experiment with your hair, then look no further than magenta ombre. To tone down the color, you can add blonde to the ends and balance the look. Or go big and bold!


Magenta Ombre Hair


34. Rainbow Ombre Hair

What could be more expressive than rainbow hair? Rainbow hair can make a powerful statement about your thoughts and feelings and is also symbolic of dreams, positivity, and diversity. Ombre lets you experiment with color in a low-maintenance way but will also give you a beautiful, blended appearance.


Rainbow Ombre Hair


35. Black To Blue Ombre Hair

Ombre is a brilliant technique for blending colors of your choosing, creating a graduated effect and giving your hair depth and dimension. It can be achieved with the colors of your choosing, including black and blue. A black to blue ombre style will keep the roots black and dye the ends your chosen shade of blue.


Black To Blue Ombre Hair


36. Red And Blue Ombre Hair

Red and blue are complementary colors and are often paired together. Adding them to your hair is a great way to highlight your haircut, texture, and length, and this is a combination that will demand attention. One of the best ways to combine bright, bold colors is with ombre.


Red And Blue Ombre Hair


37. Red To Black Ombre Hair

Red is a versatile color and there are many shades to choose from. This lets you easily find the best hue to complement your complexion. If you want to create a subtle contrast but focus the color toward the ends of your hair, try a red to black ombre look.


Red To Black Ombre Hair


38. Brown To Blue Ombre Hair

Brown hair is versatile and can be mixed with multiple other hues, from natural colors to artificial. For a fun and creative hairstyle that still looks blended, try adding a blue, like teal, to the end of the hair with an ombre effect. This is a great way to give your hair contrast and is also low-maintenance.


Brown To Blue Ombre Hair


39. Brown To Yellow Ombre Hair

Some ombre blends are subtle and natural looking, and then other options demand attention, like brown to yellow. Yellow is a color associated with positivity and joy and because it is so vibrant and bright it is unmissable. Adding it to the bottom of your hair is a wonderful way to achieve contrast.


Brown To Yellow Ombre Hair


40. Galaxy Sunset Ombre Hair

Show off the playful side of your personality with an ombre blend that looks like the sunset. The result is open to your interpretation and could be brilliant pinks and oranges, or could include pale blue and gray; the choice is yours. This is a guaranteed way to get your hair noticed!


Galaxy Sunset Ombre Hair


41. Ginger Ombre Hair

Ginger hair is an orangey-reddish color that is surprisingly versatile and can be paired with different colors, from light blondes to dark browns. The color is warm and often best suited to those with cool skin undertones, however, the ombre effect will add to its versatility.


Ginger Ombre Hair


42. Ombre Green And Purple Hair

For a fun and creative approach to color, there are a few combinations between green and purple hair. Dyeing your hair with both of these colors will make it clear you are not afraid to take risks and experiment with your hair. The colors will complement each other but also make for a noticeable finish. Ombre is an excellent technique for creating contrast with artificial colors.


Ombre Green And Purple Hair


43. White Ombre Hair

White is a crisp, clean color, and adding it to your hair is a great way to create contrast; how dramatic you want the finish to be will depend on the color of your roots, and with darker hair, it will be more noticeable. This is a look that will highlight your hair texture and cut.


White Ombre Hair


44. Black To Blonde Ombre Hair

A black to blonde ombre is a great way to give the hair depth and dimension. Adding blonde to dark hair can be harsh and time-consuming and expensive to get to the right base color. By focusing the color on only the ends, there is less hassle involved, resulting in a low-maintenance hairstyle that is effortlessly cool.


Black To Blonde Ombre Hair


45. Blue Flame Ombre Hair

Draw inspiration from the brilliant blue of flames for your next hair color; blue flames burn at higher temperatures and your hair color can also be symbolic, showing you are fiery and strong. Ombre will create subtle graduation, making the color look less harsh when combined with your base color. This makes it easier to wear and more versatile.


Blue Flame Ombre


46. Ombre Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde is a medium blonde with lighter and darker tones. It is a gorgeous and versatile color and can be worn by most women. To try this color more subtly, you can focus it on the bottom half of the hair for a graduated effect. Ombre is stunning and low-maintenance.


Ombre Dirty Blonde Hair


47. Platinum Blonde Ombre Hair

Platinum blonde is one of the most high-maintenance colors. It is also expensive and time-consuming to dye your whole head with this bright hue. A welcome alternative then is to try it with ombre, focusing the color away from the roots for a more versatile and softer finish.


Platinum Blonde Ombre Hair


48. Sunrise Ombre Hair

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful times of the day, and dyeing your hair the colors of sunrise will make for a statement look. It will also be a symbolic one, representing new beginnings and fresh starts. It can also remind you to look on the bright side.


Sunrise Ombre Hair


49. Black To White Ombre Hair

A Black to white ombre is an excellent choice for those who want to lighten their hair and brighten their appearance. The combination of these two contrasting hues makes for a bold and bright finish.


Black To White Ombre Hair


50. Brown Orange Ombre Hair

A brown to orange ombre is a great way to add depth and dimension to the hair. Brown is a versatile color and can be paired with multiple hues, including orange, for a blended yet bright and contrasting finish.


Brown Orange Ombre Hair


Ombre Hair Color FAQs

What Is Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair is a coloring technique that blends two or more colors in a seamless and graduated way. It can be a combination of natural colors or you can experiment with bold, bright hues, letting you have fun with your hair. Ombre can also be low-maintenance as you do not have to worry about root regrowth.

What Is The Difference Between Balayage Vs Ombre?

Balayage and ombre are both coloring techniques but with clear differences in the results. Balayage is created by hand painting the color onto the hair to create a sweeping effect, giving you a sun-kissed effect that is natural looking and a great alternative to traditional highlights. Ombre has a shaded effect, blending the colors gradually from dark to light.

Is Ombre Hair Still In Fashion?

Ombre hair is still in fashion because of its versatility. You can create the look with the color combination of your choosing, whether that is to give your hair a subtle update and lighten it, or to go bold and bright with artificial hues. Ombre is also low-maintenance and can give your hair depth and dimension.

What Ombre Color Is For Me?

When deciding what ombre color is for you, consider how much maintenance you want your hair to be and your natural hair color. Artificial colors will be harder to maintain and will fade faster, requiring more upkeep. Also, consider how much contrast you want to make; for example, black hair will be contrasted by white or grey ends, whereas blonde hair will blend better with these hues.

How To Dye Ombre Hair At Home?

If you want to dye your hair in the ombre technique then focus the color from around mid-level and to the ends; do not touch the roots. You can do this with a box dye but you may also need bleach if you need to lighten the base color first. It is helpful to watch YouTube tutorials beforehand to get a better understanding of what the process entails and to follow a step-by-step guide.


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