5 Ways to Use Live Edge Slab in Your Home

Even the casual design aficionado would have noticed the winds of home design and decorating are blowing pretty clearly one way. It shows that homeowners once again are desperate to connect with nature and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. Maybe a global pandemic has heightened this longing for a fresher, healthier lifestyle. Even otherwise, it is safe to say that the new decade has seen us all wanting to move away from constant urban rush and concrete landscapes. And this is where live-edge wood furniture and décor comes in mighty handy.

Fabulous live-edge coffee table
Image: angela wells interior design

Natural edge furniture has taken over the design world in the last few years with this edgy and unique trend shaping décor in almost every room of the house. There is a certain unabated charm and rugged elegance about live-edge furniture that your more polished, normal wooden pieces just cannot deliver. Apart from the sense of creating a more natural and vibrant interior, live-edge wood also brings a bespoke element with curves and contours that transform the mundane, modern home. So step in and discover the best ways in which you can add natural wood to every room of your home –

Live-Edge Coffee Tables and Consoles for Living Room Decor

Adding live-edge beauty to the living space can be done in more ways than one. Start off with a simple natural edge coffee table or side table that ends up stealing the spotlight in most rooms. If you are happy with the look, then you can always couple it with a beautiful and slim console table with a live-edge top. This is a space where the slim, live-edge media unit and smart live-edge accents spread across the room can easily usher in the polished, woodsy look.

Live-edge wooden slab in the backdrop for the entertainment wall complements the coffee table
Image: pu’uwai design & construction
Modern living room with colorful accents and a live-edge table
Image: jennifer grey color specialist & interior design

A Gorgeous Dining Table Alongside Kitchen

In the dining room, it is almost impossible to go wrong with a smart and stylish live-edge dining table that feels both exceptional and also a touch eclectic! This large slab of natural wood can set you back a bit and this is a look that you should only invest in if you are prepared to live with the table for years to come. On the upside, the many natural knots, curves and imperfections of the natural edge table ensure that switching between styles like eclectic, industrial, modern and farmhouse is seamless and easy.

Live-edge dining table are worth every penny you spend on them
Image: brian o’tuama architects
Stylish live-edge dining tables also fit in with a contemporary look
Image: amy friedberg design

Live-Edge Kitchen Counters

If adding live-edge surfaces to the living room feels easy and fun, bringing it to the kitchen requires a lot more restraint and planning. For starters, you need the right sealant and care for your live-edge kitchen countertops and island tops. They can also serve as fabulous breakfast bars that stand in contrast to more contemporary finishes around them. Sleek, floating live-edge wooden shelves in the backdrop put the ideal finishes touches on this cozy kitchen.

Dashing live-edge breakfast bar for the modern kitchen island
Image: berg design architecture
Add a gorgeous piece of live-edge wood to your kitchen island
Image: live edge design

Bedroom with Live-Edge Charm

Unlike in the case of the living room or the kitchen, a bit of live-edge beauty in the bedroom is best served with a captivating headboard that eclipses all else. The bed is naturally the central piece of the narrative here and you would want to make it even more special with a natural edge headboard that leaves very little necessity for any other striking decorative pieces.

Give the bedroom something unique with a live-edge headboard
Image: m. S. Vicas interiors
Barn-style door in live-edge
Image: courtesy of décor ottawa

Live Edge Decor in Bathroom

In the bathroom, it is one again the counters that give you an opportunity to experiment with live-edge wood. Natural edge vanities that are modest and yet dashing are a must-try in the contemporary powder room as well.

Modest live-edge vanity looks great in the contemporary bathroom
Image: amy friedberg design

There are plenty of ways in which you can add a dash of live-edge energy to your home this summer. Just find a slab to fall in love with and get started!

Live-edge vanity for the white bathroom
Image: anthony w design

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