5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on Netflix

From the parody “Scary Movie” to the teen-movie “American Pie” via Michaël Youn’s “Fatal”, focus on 5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on Netflix.

5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on netflix
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5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on netflix
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One evening, Drew Becker receives an anonymous call from a maniac. Hunted in her house then in her garden, she ends up being killed. While her comrades must now face a serial killer, a journalist arrives in town. This is the pitch of Scary Movie, which must necessarily remind you of something … Delusional parody of Scream and horror films, the cinematic delirium of the Wayans brothers, released in theaters in 2000, marked the spirits and cheered up millions zygomatic.

How did director Keenen Ivory Wayans come up with the idea for Scary Movie? “It started when I realized that most of today’s horror movies and thrillers were actually just revivals of the classic ’70s horror movies I grew up with. : Halloween, Friday the 13th, The End of Freddy’s, The Ultimate Nightmare, etc … “says the American.

And to continue: “Even though the faces have changed, the movies are still full of those comedic passages we’d come to expect, passages begging to be parodied.” Note that Scary Movie 2 and Scary Movie 3 are also available on Netflix. Ready for a fun marathon?


5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on netflix
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“An untitled teenage sex comedy that can be made for under $ 10 million, which most people should hate, but you’ll love.”. This is how screenwriter Adam Herz introduced American Pie to his producers in order to convince them. He was right to go all out with his pitch: the film, released in theaters in 1999, was a huge public success and is considered, even today, as THE benchmark for trashy and crazy teen film.

Impossible not to succumb to this schoolboy comedy far from being a simple succession of gags. Because yes, behind this story of high school students obsessed with the idea of ​​losing their virginity and behind the cult gags of the apple pie or the flute, there is a heart, with damn endearing characters. Even today, American Pie, who revealed the young actors Alyson Hannigan, Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott or even Natasha Lyonne, smiles broadly and boosts morale. Will you take back a share?

Note that American Pie 2 is also available on Netflix.


5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on netflix

Sixth part of the Vacation franchise, which began in 1983, the comedy Long Live the Vacation tells the story of a father who surprises his wife and two sons by offering them to go back to Walley World, known as “the favorite amusement park of American families “. But to get there, they will have to cross the whole country.

From the credits, particularly funny, the tone is set: Vive les vacances gives pride of place to schoolboy humor. It is certainly not always very fine, but we must admit that we laugh heartily at the adventures of the Griswold family, the duo composed of Ed Helms and Christina Applegate working wonderfully.

If you are fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you will also be surprised to find in the cast a hilarious Chris Hemsworth, far from his role as Thor. Finally, let us note a string of cameos including those of Regina Hall, Michael Peña and Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead series.


5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on netflix
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Released in theaters in 2009, the feature film The Hangover tells the story of three friends who, upon waking up from a well-watered bachelor party, realize that the fiancé has disappeared 40 hours before the wedding ceremony. They will then have to ignore their hangover and collect their bits of memories to understand what happened.

The hangover, that very particular morning state that follows a drunken party, is at the heart of the comedy The Hangover. But it’s not a typical hangover, as director Todd Phillips explains: “Drinking until you lose consciousness and waking up in the morning in the middle of dozens of empty bottles is nothing extraordinary. But we wanted to push it to sheer delirium. This film is not the trivial story of ‘a hangover is the story of the mother of all hangovers! “

“Comedy is even better when it has a heart. The viewer of this Hangover must feel that our guys are really attached to each other so that the film does not boil down to a series of gags”, then adds Todd Phillips. “We sought to explore the spontaneous humor that arises from male friendship, the bonds of complicity that men form, and the embarrassment that sometimes results …”

Proof of the total delirium of this Very Bad Trip which won a very big public success? The film, worn by the trio Bradley Cooper / Ed helms / Zach Galifianakis, also sees pass in front of the camera a baby, a tiger, a hen and … Mike Tyson.

FATAL (2010)

5 trashy and schoolboy comedies to discover on netflix
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In 2010, Michaël Youn, for his first stint behind the camera, decided to land on the big screen the bling-bling rapper Fatal Bazooka, created a few years earlier in the TV show of the Morning Live. The result, in the form of a masterstroke for a first production, is the comedy Fatal, a biting and hilarious satire of the show biz scene.

The fictional character of Fatal Bazooka, in real stores, had sold more than 500,000 copies of the album Did you see, taken by the improbable tube Put your balaclava on. The film tells what would have become of this rapper unlike any other if he had sold … 15 million! Become a huge star, he is the undisputed N ° 1. Apparently, everything is fine, except that in reality Fatal, who makes believe that he grew up in the ghetto when he was born in a small village in Savoy, does not know where he is going …

For a first try behind the camera, Fatal is a hell of a success. Michaël Youn’s crazy and schoolboy feature film is frankly funny, happily walking in the footsteps of the Farrelly brothers and Ben Stiller, his assumed influences. Better, even if it runs out of steam a little in its last third, it presents the rare quality, for a comedy, to make people laugh … over time!

Very dense, this Fatal in fact hardly ever lowers the rhythm and puts the zygomatics to the test, destroying all-out the world of show biz and rap with a delightful ferocity … The public had then responded in theaters , with more than 1.2 million spectators attending. What if you (re) discover the film today?

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