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5 roles to rediscover Jean Dujardin on Prime Video

With the upcoming release of the November thriller by Cédric Jimenez in cinemas, and the arrival of the feature film The Return of the Hero on Prime Video, focus on 5 unexpected roles of Jean Dujardin to rediscover on the platform.

The Hero’s Return

1812. Captain Neuville, promised to a young girl from a good family, is mobilized on the front lines of the Napoleonic wars. While everyone believes him to be dead, he pretends to be a war hero with the complicity of Elisabeth, his fiancée’s sister, played by Melanie Laurent.

Between an ultra-effective situation comedy and an excellent mise en abyme of the character, Jean Dujardin perfectly embodies this pathetic and mythomaniac impostor, who will sooner or later be caught up in his lies. For the second time under the leadership of Laurent Tirardthe actor instills a certain mischief in his acting, which is reminiscent of his unbeatable Hubert in OSS 117.

find The Hero’s Return on Prime Video.

A boy a girl

Between 1999 and 2003, the daily life of the French was accompanied by the appearances on the small screen of Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy in a series that has become cult today: A boy a girl. Between tenderness and raw love, the succession of sketches depicting the life of a couple meets with immediate success with the public.

And for all nostalgic for the hilarious and touching escapades of Chouchou and Loulou, the complete 438 episodes can be rediscovered on Prime Video. A nice dose of nostalgia!

Watch One Guy, One Girl on Prime Video.


From the mid-2000s, Jean Dujardin began to broaden his acting palette, and distinguished himself in more serious and dark roles than before. Frank Mancusoa former police officer already acclaimed for the feature film 36 Quai des Goldsmithsentrusted him in 2007 with the main role of the effective and well-crafted thriller Counter-investigation.

In this film, we discover the actor as a police captain, confronted with the man whom everything points to as the murderer of his daughter. Convinced that his colleagues concluded their investigation too quickly, the captain embarks on a parallel investigation… from which he will not emerge unscathed.

Watch Counter-Investigation on Prime Video.

The French

Jean Dujardin shoots for the first time under the direction of Cedric Jimenez in The French8 years before finding him for November, to be discovered in theaters on October 5. In this thriller, it’s Gilles Lellouche, Celine Sallette and Benoit Magimel let him give the reply, slipping into the skin of an examining magistrate with an iron fist.

The film presents the Marseilles of the 70s, with the true story of the dismantling of the French Connection and its heroin trafficking. The high point was the face-to-face between judge Michel and godfather Gaëtan Zampa, in a permanent escalation of tension.

Find La French on Prime Video.

A Man at the Height

Finally, Jean Dujardin embodies a great (or small?) romantic in 2016, in duet with Virginie Efira. In A Man at the Height, he is a charmer who has everything to please, whose only fault is to measure 1m36. For this role, he undergoes a real shrinking on the screen, with a bluffing, even destabilizing rendering for the spectators.

Beyond the technical prowess of having reduced the actor by nearly 50 centimeters, Laurent Tirard (The little Nicolas, Asterix and Obelix: In Her Majesty’s Service) directs Jean Dujardin for the first time, in a sweet romance to discover on Prime Video.

Find A Man Up to the Height on Prime Video.

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