5 of Our Favorite Places to Watch the EM in Berlin

photo: Tjard Asseng

I’m not usually the sporty type, but there is something really magical about Berlin when Germany is playing. The excitement and tension that pervades the city is not only palpable but also contagious. Every waiter and waitress interrupts what they’re doing to check the score, every whimper from the crowd feels wholeheartedly like collective pain, but when Germany (or any team you support) scores, a glorious surge of serotonin sweeps over the city. Whether you’re on your favorite squad, admiring the sexy players (and commenting on how homoerotic the whole event is), or just for the atmosphere and the big beers, we’ve compiled this list of five of our favorite places to go. look at the euros.

Revier Sudost

Grießemühle has found a new home in Schöneweide in the massive old brewery Bärenquell. And while we can’t wait to rediscover the club’s magic on the dance floor, Revier Südost has also opened up an entire space dedicated to watching the games called Flanke Bar which are played every game on a giant screen. Just reserve a seat in advance for 4 euros, but that includes your first drink. This is the perfect place to go if you are with a crowd as there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the game. They even have the legendary Nina Queer who moderates when Germany is playing. However, at the time of writing you need a negative corona test to enter and must first register with the Revier system. Definitely worth the trip to see the giant who will soon be hosting some of the best parties in town.

photo: Tjard Asseng

Jäger und Lustig

Tucked away behind Karl Marx Allee, Jäger und Lustig is a great place to truly feel like you are in Germany. The Biergarten has the theme of a hunting lodge and serves all typical German dishes: Schnitzel, Käse Spätzle, soft pretzels and, of course, one liter beer mugs for around 7 euros. They have two large screens but unfortunately don’t turn on the sound unless Germany is playing because of angry neighbors, but then again, is there something more German? It fills up quickly for popular games (and when Germany is playing), so be sure to book online or call ahead.

Cafe am Neuen See

Known for the pond and boat rentals, Café am Neuen See is a charming little Biergarten in Tiergarten with a big screen for watching football. Hidden in the trees, Café am Neuen See is a great option to escape the busy streets of Berlin and get your daily fix of greenery. They also serve German food, great beers, and as previously mentioned you can hire a boat and enjoy the Neuer See from the water, but we cannot guarantee that you will still be able to see the screen. At the moment, they don’t take reservations for the viewings, so make sure you get there early when Germany is playing!

photo: Café am Neuen See


If you are open to a bougier option, BRLO BRWHOUSE is for you. Located in the lovely park of Gleisdreieck, BRLO currently has a special offer to watch EM. For 100 € you will get a table to watch the game, 10 liters of beer, popcorn and pickles for up to 10 people. They have 20 tables available with this offer so it is sure that there will be plenty of people for the bigger games. They only take reservations on Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays after 4pm so be sure to call ahead if you want to go on the weekends as tables will leave quickly.


Your local Späti

The point is, wherever you are in Berlin, there will be great local places to watch games, eat delicious food, drink beers, and do the routing for your team. So just explore your kiez and find some spots. I’m sure you’ll find yourself sitting in front of a Späti with a sternum in front of you before the tournament is over.

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June 25, 2021
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