5 movie songs that will stay in your head for days

From “City of Stars” to “Freed, Delivered”, we take a look back at 5 movie songs that continue to resonate in our heads once the film is over.

5 movie songs that will stay in your head for days


A few dry guitar chords, a first verse interpreted by Bradley Cooper, and a chorus sung by Lady Gaga to the cheers of a delirious crowd …

Coated with suave folk tones and endowed with irresistible country surges, the title song of the film A Star is Born echoed on all airwaves when the feature film was released in 2018, until it hit the stage of the movie. Oscars, where she also won a statuette.

Only problem: like Poker face, of Telephone and almost all of Lady Gaga’s songs, Shallow will keep spinning in your head long after its last note, for very long hours. And that’s just when her melody begins to fade in your brain … that it will be played on the radio again.


Certainly, the same could be said of all the songs that appear in the soundtrack of this film. But if each of the tracks composed by Benj Pasek, Justin Paul and Justin Hurwitz has the power to stay etched in your memories, City of Star is without a doubt the most formidable piece of La La Land.

First whistled by Ryan Gosling, then played on the piano, before gradually transforming into an irresistible ritornello, this melody with an extremely simple structure is perfectly calibrated to never let you go. Especially since it captivates Damien Chazelle’s feature film from start to finish.

She also received the Oscar for Best Song in 2017, City of stars shares the legendary score of La La Land with other equally effective hits, such as Another day of sun or Someone in the Crowd.


On the radio, on television sets, in the loudspeakers of shopping centers, and of course in our heads … After having resounded in the cinema in 2004, Bruno Coulais’ song nicely interpreted by the Petits Chanteurs de Saint- Marc in Christophe Barratier’s film never stopped.

The flagship title of this successful dramatic comedy worn by Gérard Jugnot, See on your way immediately inspired all the singing and music teachers, all the teachers who were looking for a quality melody to make their students sing, and in general, all the teachers who were still racking their brains for the end-of-year show .

The parents, who had therefore already heard the song a thousand times, had to listen to it again as summer approached, this time performed by their own toddlers.


At Disney, let’s face it, a good song is a song that stays in your head. Hakuna Matata, It takes little to be happy, This blue dream or Heigh-Ho… We can no longer count the melodies of the enchanted studio which have remained engraved in our memories, and which the slightest image is enough to reactivate automatically.

However, in 2013, the flagship title of the avalanche caused by The Snow Queen on the global box office seems to have broken all listening records. Composed by the couple of musicians Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Let It Go Perhaps not so aptly named, given that it is literally impossible to get rid of it.

That being said, not content with having totally turned the production of the film upside down (check out our dedicated video to learn more), Elsa’s famous song also won an Oscar in 2014.


Just by reading this title, you must already have it in your head.

Written by Dolly Parton in 1974, I Will Always Love You was taken over almost 20 years later by the great Whitney Houston for the Bodyguard soundtrack, becoming one of the most famous songs in cinema, and one of the essential titles in romantic music.

Cradled by the muffled, suave and powerful voice of the legendary singer, this mythical piece is a long and beautiful rise in power whose quality is matched only by the effectiveness to remain blocked in our head.

Few weddings, student parties or birthday parties do not broadcast it when the lights are dim and the guests embrace a little more closely. What offer an unforgettable context to a song that is just as much.


According to a study from Durham University cited by the magazine Time, songs that get stuck in our heads or have no trouble coming back to them are often fast tempo, upbeat tunes that use predictable melodic patterns, while sometimes involving slight structural changes that allow the brain to memorize them easily.

Still according to the article of Time, it seems that people who are more neurotic or more obsessive are more affected by this phenomenon. According to the Finnish researcher Lassi Liikkanen, the most effective way to get rid of this little music is to occupy your brain with a sufficiently demanding task, to occupy your mouth (for example by talking to someone or by chewing gum) or else quite simply by listening to the song that is causing the problem once.

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