5 incredible Disney theories – cinema news

5 incredible Disney theories - cinema news

A Lion King who intervenes from the sky, a Merchant Genius, an enchanted Prince at the age of 11 … A look back at 5 fan theories about the Disney classics.

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“Whenever you feel alone, remember that all of these kings will be there to guide you, and that I will be among them.” Every ’90s Child Who Grew Up With The Lion King (Available at Disney +) undoubtedly remembers perfectly the magnificent promise made to Simba by his father Mufasa, under the stars of the Land of Lions. Our first theory simply assumes that after his death, which tragically occurs a few scenes later, the sovereign kept this promise.

Despite his physical disappearance, the Lion King would thus have continued to intervene spiritually on the events of the film, causing a terrible drought from heaven on his former kingdom as if to delegitimize the reign of his regicidal brother.

Subsequently, Mufasa continues to act. He sets off a gentle breeze to warn his old friend Rafiki that Simba is still alive, takes shape in the clouds to talk to his son, unleashes a thunderstorm over Lions Rock to participate in the final battle against Scar, and finally comes to wash. the earth by watering it with a torrential rain. The radiant sun that then shines can be seen as Mufasa’s very last intervention, symbolically handing over power to his son, literally crowning him with light.


“10 years of real hardship, shriveled by dust, without ever being able to show our know-how …”

True Beauty and the Beast fans (who now have the dreaded melody of the song It’s party in the head) know: according to the words of the candlestick Lumière, the Prince’s castle and its occupants have been cursed for an entire decade. If we believe the film’s prophecy, according to which the character’s fate would be sealed (via the enchanted rose) on his 21st birthday, we can therefore deduce that he was transformed at the age of 11. about. 21 – 10 = 11!

The only small downside: a painting, in fact, stored in the west wing of the castle, and on which the Prince seems to have arrived at the end of his adolescence. History to reconcile all its arguments, contradictory in appearance, the theory starts from a very simple principle: because of the charm which fell on the castle, time passes less quickly there, the inhabitants (and the roses) age in slow motion. In such a scenario, the Prince could very well have been transformed as a young adult, and remained in this same state for 10 years without getting old.


In the aftermath of the triumphant success of Frozen, many Disney fans wanted to connect the universe of Anna and Elsa – and in particular the tragic disappearance of their parents, at the beginning of the film – to other classics. from the enchanted studio.

Some had thus imagined that the wreck explored by Ariel at the beginning of The Little Mermaid corresponded to the boat of the king and the queen of Arendelle, which had sunk in a storm. But others, more optimistic, had supported a second hypothesis and claimed that the parents of Anna and Elsa had survived, giving birth to a baby boy during the crossing and taking up residence on an exotic beach. Their last child, taken in by a gorilla colony after their death, would thus have become … Tarzan.

Unfortunately, this sympathetic theory collapses as soon as we compare the supposed eras of the two feature films, which are almost 100 years apart. And without going into details to avoid spoilers, we will also specify that the plot of Frozen 2, released 6 years after the first opus, completes invalidating the theory.


Validated by the two directors of Aladdin, this famous theory is not really one any more: the merchant who tries to sell the magic lamp to the spectator at the beginning of the film (imposing himself at the same time as the narrator of the story ) and the Genie, are in reality one and the same character.

The Merchant and the Genie are indeed the only two protagonists of the feature film to have four fingers on each hand, and to be voiced by Robin Williams in the original version. Should we therefore deduce that the rest of the story is pure invention, and that the adventures of Aladdin are only ramblings intended to sell a lamp without any magical power? Or that the Genie, once rid of its old shell, has turned into a merchant to try to hand it over to the first traveler?

You be the judge.


In this Disney studio masterpiece released in 1964, we find very little information about the past of Bert, this sympathetic collector of odd jobs of all kinds embodied by Dick Van Dyke. Since Mary Poppins is not getting old and Bert seems to have known her for quite a while, some fans just imagined that before coming back to look after the Banks children, the famous nanny had offered her services to the family. by Bert.

Indeed, the latter knows perfectly well how to recognize the signs which precede the arrival of Mary Poppins, as if he had already witnessed such an event, and does not seem at any time to be surprised by his magical powers. The theory goes so far as to imagine that the owner of the bank, Mr. Dawes (also played by Dick Van Dyke), is none other than Bert’s father.

Educated by the precepts of Mary Poppins, the latter would have deliberately chosen to take another path than that of his father banker, to embrace a simpler and more cheerful life.

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