Play on VOD: 5 Good reasons to catch up with this film

Play on VOD: 5 Good reasons to catch up with this film

Play on VOD: 5 Good reasons to catch up with this film

Available on VOD, the film Play by Anthony Marciano traces the filmed life of his hero Max, embodied by Max Boublil. We tell you why it is absolutely necessary to catch up with this comedy that will appeal to all generations.

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Released in French theaters on January 1, 2020, Anthony Marciano’s Play is one of the films selected by the CNC for early releases on VOD. This maneuver helps the film industry disrupted by the closure of cinemas following the coronavirus epidemic. Already available on VOD, Play is a must-see intergenerational comedy that traces 25 years of life of its hero Max from the 90s to the 2010s. We give you 5 good reasons to catch this film that smells of nostalgia.

The successful found footage style

It was a risky bet and yet Anthony Marciano managed the feat to update the style of the found footage while keeping a certain fluidity in the construction of the scenes supposed to be filmed by camcorder and by mobile phone. The film crew carried out more than six months of camera testing and found the perfect combination of cameras and tape to achieve a result similar to that of the 1990s and 2000 camcorders. was provided by the technical teams in order to make realistic the scenes of life that Max watches, played by Max Boublil. In Play, the latter finds all the cassettes of the 25 years of his life that he spent filming with his camcorder received for his 13th birthday. This nostalgic backtrack allows him to take stock of his present and understand what he really wants in the future.

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Max Boublil, involved and sincere

After a successful first collaboration on the film Les Gamins, Max Boublil and Anthony Marciano meet for Play and the duo sparkles. Accustomed to comedies, Max Boublil reveals here a more intimate part of his personality and brings a lot of sincerity and sensitivity to his character Max. We feel the actor very involved in the embodiment of this character who bears his name and with whom we can really identify. Max Boublil also told us in an interview that he had injected a little of his personal history into his character as “the accident on the first day of driving” and Anthony Marciano claims the autobiographical side of Play with a universal scope: “It’s a very autobiographical film and, at the same time, I have the impression that we are talking about the lives of everyone “.

A nostalgia that feels good

The plot of Play is simple but very effective: it talks about our lives, a love story and a review of the past through Max’s story but also thanks to strong events and crucial stages in a person’s life. Adolescence, from 13 to 18 years old, is treated with kindness through the first emotions, the first evenings, the permit, the bac or the first holidays. The years of young adults make it possible to explore career choices, choices of the heart and to test the solidity of friendships. With the approach of 40 years, it is time to take stock for Max who remembers his life and the events that marked an entire generation such as the 1998 World Cup and the victory of the Blues or the transition to the year 2000. It is impossible not to identify with these memorable moments of life which nourish a benevolent and warm nostalgia.

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A moving and well-chosen cast

Again, the choice of casting was risky since it was necessary to find young actors resembling the main protagonists of 40 years of Play. After a long process of nine months to find the rare pearls, the chosen actors stick perfectly to the characters: involved, touching and endearing, the young actors, over the periods 13-15 years and 16-20 years, shine in the film. On the adult side, Malik Zidi (Mathias) and Arthur Périer (Arnaud) bring a lot of freshness. Special mention to the ray of sunshine from the film Alice Isaaz, who brilliantly embodies Emma, ​​the soul mate of Max, from his 16 years to adulthood. The icing on the cake: Play also bet on comic and benevolent sure values ​​of choice such as Alain Chabat and Noémie Lvovsky to embody Max’s parents.

The perfect soundtrack

As the film crosses several decades, the soundtrack is forced to follow and it was very well chosen. Impossible not to sing or dance in front of certain scenes of the film in the evening, in a club or with the family as the selected songs are cult. Among the music that punctuates the film, we find Jaimiroquai, Charles Aznavour, Spin Doctors, NTM, Blink 182, M83, Pixies, Alanis Morissette, Kanye West or Weezer. Even the group Oasis and its “Wonderwall”, music that marked its time and that continues to thrill many of us, is in the playlist. Also note the sound “You Are My High”, famous electronic music by Demon in the early 2000s best known for his suggestive clip, which rocks the effective trailer of this unmissable film.

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