5 films to watch on Prime Video to shiver with fear on Halloween night

To have a great Halloween, AlloCiné offers a selection of 5 films to watch or re-watch, all available on Prime Video.

5 films to watch on prime video to shiver with fear on halloween night
Prime Video

The most distressing

Heredity by Ari Aster (2018)

In just two films, Ari Aster made his mark in Hollywood thanks to his talent for cerebral horror and visually unique. Hérédité, his first feature film, did not go unnoticed. It tells the tragic story of a grieving family who, after a series of events, discovers the weight of their heritage. With his ingenious staging, his memorable symmetrical shots and the interpretation of his performers – notably Toni Collette, impressive – the director offers a horror drama that has become an instant reference.

A striking scene? That of an oppressive family meal and the anger of a mother who raises the terror a notch.

The most melancholy

Walrus by Tomas Alfredson (2008)

With Morse, the Swedish director Tomas Alfredson signs a great film. He is interested in meeting an introverted little boy, martyred by his classmates, with a girl his age. The only problem: behind her angelic face, the young teenager is actually a bloodthirsty vampire. Poetic, melancholy and inevitably bloody, Morse is a horror film which marks by its singularity and its delicacy. An effective American remake, titled Let Me In, directed by Matt Reeves is also available on Prime Video. The opportunity to compare the two works.

A striking scene? An unusual rescue in a swimming pool, all filmed off camera.

The most original

It Follows by David Robert Mitchell (2014)

A recent film, but already considered a classic of the genre. David Robert Mitchell’s first film, It Follows tells the story of a group of teenagers’ nightmare followed by strange strangers. To avoid becoming a new prey, only one rule: avoid all sexual relations. It Follows had particularly marked the spirits at its release and continues, even today, to speak. It must be said that his concept is as strong as the vision of the filmmaker who takes the spectators on an unexpected roller coaster, punctuated by an excellent soundtrack signed Disasterpeace.

A striking scene? Its opening sequence or a sudden appearance behind a character. Maybe one of the jump scares most successful of the last ten years.

The most explosive

Scanners by David Cronenberg (1981)

Before Fly, Videodrome Where False pretenses did not see the light of day, David Cronenberg was directing Scanners, a quirk halfway between science fiction and horror. The film recounts the mission of a company that hires a man with powers of telekinesis and telepathy, a “Scanner”, to find other individuals who share his gifts. This cult film, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021, has certainly aged a bit, but these are its small means and its charm vintage that make all the difference.

A striking scene? It is the iconic image of the film that is found on all the posters: that of an exploding head. Four decades later, the impact is still going strong.

The most teen movie

Session by Simon Barrett (2021)

In a school for young girls, the arrival of a young student strangely coincides with a series of worrying disappearances. To understand the events, the gang decides to enter into communication with a spirit. The story of Seance is not revolutionary, but the writing of the characters and its tone closer to the slasher that of the spiritual horror film should delight fans of Scream and of Black Christmas.

A striking scene? A failed spiritualism session in a library.

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