5 films to see at the cinema with the children during the heat wave

What better way to cool off in a heat wave than to take refuge in air-conditioned dark rooms? Here are 5 films to watch as a family.

This Tuesday, July 19 is the hottest day ever recorded in France with temperatures reaching 41°.

Activities are therefore limited with children. The perfect opportunity to take refuge in the dark rooms to enjoy the air conditioning and experience a great family adventure.

Here are 5 movies to watch with kids.

Buzz Lightyear – From 6 years old

5 films to see at the cinema with the children
The Walt Disney Company France

Embark on an incredible space adventure with Buzz Lightyear! The feature film derived from the Toy Story saga is centered on the character of the Space Ranger and allows us to discover the story of the hero who gave birth to Andy’s toy.

What they will love: Angus MacLane’s feature film is a real science fiction film carried by an iconic character appreciated by all.

This origin-story paints a portrait of the hero and highlights Buzz’s courage, self-sacrifice but also his flaws. A film which makes it possible to understand that even the greatest heroes have the right to make mistakes and that we are stronger together.

What may worry them: A true science fiction film, Buzz Lightyear takes place in space. So there are aliens, man-eating plants, robots, combat and time travel.

If all this is well explained, it is still necessary to be very attentive to understand everything, hence the fact that this Pixar is aimed more at children of at least 6 years old, unlike the Toy Story films, accessible earlier.

Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru – From 6 years old

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Universal Pictures France

Minions are back for a new adventure that takes place in the middle of the 70’s. In this second part, the little yellow beings already serve Gru whom they nickname “Mini-Boss”. When the latter finds himself pursued by the terrible band of villains The Vicious 6, the Minions do everything in their power to come to his aid.

What they will love: Full of references to 70s pop culture and zany gags, the feature film from Illumination studios will appeal to fans of the Despicable Me saga and will offer great laughs to young and old alike.

What may worry them: The bad guys do bad things… They try to get rid of their leader mid-flight, kidnap Gru in the middle of the night and destroy his house. So many scenes that can worry the youngest but these are quickly mitigated by gags.

Mia and Me – The heroine of Centopia – From 6 years old

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Constantin Film AG

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Mia and me – The heroine of Centopia for the first time in the cinema!

In this feature film adapted from the homonymous series, a teenager is sent to the magical world of Centopia to help the elves face the foul Toxor and his army.

What they will love: Like the series, the film mixes live action and animation (most of the time), which makes it easier for children to project themselves and imagine themselves entering the magical world of Centopia. Surrounded by fantastic creatures, the young Mia will quickly understand that we always need a friend. A mix between Arthur and the Minimoys and Clochette.

What may worry them: We learn from the start that the little girl lives alone with her grandfather following the disappearance of her parents. An evocation that could worry the youngest. However, the film does not really contain scary scenes and always remains benevolent.

Visible from July 20, but previews take place this evening.

Ducobu President! – Starting from 7 years old

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Marc Bossaerts

The dunce Ducobu is back for a fourth cinematic adventure again directed by Elie Semounwho also reprises his role as Latouche.

In Ducobu President!, the hero of the comic strip created in 1992 by Zidrou and Godi will cheat in order to become the student president! Amusement park in the courtyard, return from siesta, elimination of vegetables in the canteen… For Latouche, enough is enough!

What they will love: Because the film will inevitably make them think of their class and school, children will have a good time watching this schoolboy film. Ducobu’s new, ever more inventive pranks and tricks and Elie Semoun’s even crazier performance as Professor Latouche will amuse them.

What can worry them : The “bad guy” Mr. Flartf, played by Ary Abittana wellness coach who can scare the youngest.

The Little Band – From 10 years old

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Director Pierre Salvadori comes back with The Little Bandan adventure for children that will please the whole family from 10 years old.

In this feature film, Cat, Fouad, Sami and Antoine are twelve years old. Aimé has ten. Out of pride and provocation, they decide one day to set fire to the factory that is polluting their river. Both excited and distraught, they then embark on a funny and uncertain adventure during which they will learn to live and fight together.

What they will love: The energy and vitality of this small group of teenagers who will embark on a perilous ecological mission, all in an exotic Corsican atmosphere. An adventure film reminiscent of the classics The War of the Buttons Where The Children of Timpelbach.

What may worry them: The young Aimé is harassed and beaten at school before joining his “little band”. Then, the group of teenagers kidnaps and rapes the manager of the factory. Scenes that are not suitable for too young an audience.

Visible from July 20, but previews take place this evening.

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