5 Brilliant Avengers Endgame Theories That Might Come True

5 Brilliant Avengers Endgame Theories That Might Come True

Avengers Endgame: The MCU has a rich history of shocking fans with crazy and unpredictable twists and surprises. A universe full of wonderful superheroes, complex villains, and the incredibly fascinating stories are mesmerizing audience worldwide from the past 10 years. Last year, Marvel successfully managed to break our hearts by killing most of our favorite superheroes in ‘Infinity War’. We know that the “snapping” will be revoked and the deceased (many, if not all) are going to return but HOW is the question everyone is excited to get an answer of.

Avengers endgame
Avengers endgame

It is the end of a legendary saga!

Here are some of the completely insane fan theories about the next highly anticipated instalment of Avengers series. We are not going to talk about the popular theories that are already floating around on the internet (Cap’s or Iron Man’s death, Time Travel, Quantum Realm, Skrulls’ involvement, Ant-Man diving into Thanos’ a**, etc). These are the craziest yet believable theories about what could possibly happen in Avengers: Endgame.

Hulk is going to be in the Spotlight this time

According to the theories, Hulk is going to play a pivotal role in Endgame. We have seen in Infinity War that after losing the first fight against Thanos, Hulk is determined to not fight for Banner anymore. But the hardcore fans believe that the Russo Brothers are hiding something in the plain sight. There are lots of clues in Infinity War which indicate that they have something up their sleeves.

As per the author of the theory, Hulk will appear in crucial moments and help his friends in taking care of Thanos. Some theories even suggest that he will wield the Infinity Gauntlet to save the world. This theory seems to come from the comics where Hulk wielded the infinity stones and controlled its powers. As there is no news of an individual hulk movie or involvement of Mark Ruffalo in any future Marvel movie, we can assume that the Hulk/Bruce Banner might sacrifice himself for the team.

It’s not only about beating The Mad Titan

The theorizer suggests that after defeating Thanos, Avengers have to fight another battle to bring back the “fallen”. Thanos turned the half of the universe to dust in ‘Infinity War’ and the Avengers are committed to go after him one last time. But that’s not the upcoming sequel all about. It was hinted by some of the Marvel’s stars in interviews that after taking down Thanos, they will try to reverse time by using the damaged Gauntlet with the help of Captain Marvel and Ant-Man. To bring the order back to the universe and undo the snap, they have to make some heart-rending sacrifices.

Nebula is the key to victory

As we have seen in the trailers, Nebula has reached earth with Tony and joined the team of Avengers. Other than Rocket, she is the only Guardian of the Galaxy member who survived the decimation. Full of guilt after the devastation caused by her father, she might try to redeem herself by standing up to Thanos again. She guides Avengers to Thanos’ lair and also helps them find a method to defeat him. It is also possible that she will sacrifice herself to kill Thanos and save others.

Loki will be back

Although this theory seems quite far-fetched, everybody wants to see the god of mischief back in the business. As we all know, Thanos killed Loki when he tried to stab him at the beginning of the last movie. But in some behind-the-scenes images of Endgame, we can notice him wearing a muzzle and holding the Tesseract, similar to the climax scene of the first Avengers movie.

It might be just a mere brief cameo, but considering Loki’s past record of faking death, there is a great possibility of him returning to continue backstabbing his brother. Also trying to kill Thanos with a knife is an out-of-character move for Loki, which we can assume was just a projection which got ‘killed’ by Thanos. It will make the story much complicated though!

Hawkeye is not a good guy anymore

Something has happened with Hawkeye. You can read it in his eyes. In the trailer, Clint Burton is teaching archery to someone – who seems to be his daughter, Lila. It seems like all his family is dead and the devastation turned him into an assassin ‘Ronin’. Black Widow will help him cope with the tragedy and motivate him to join the Avengers team again. Hawkeye has a huge fan base all over the world. Although he appeared just as a part of the team, the audience admires him so much that  Russo Brothers even received death threats when people found out that Hawkeye is absent in Infinity War movie.

If you have any theories that you think we should cover, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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