5 Best Shoe Trees – Cedar and Wooden 2023

Best Shoe Trees – Today we have a Seinfeldian dilemma. Shoes trees. They are neither shoes nor trees.

We are here, blindly accepting their place within society, but extolling their virtues and being the saviors for your hard-earned loafers, derbys, oxfords. It’s true, but it’s not surprising. The best shoe trees can help preserve your shoes and keep them moist.

Your shoes should reflect the quality of your investment in a good shoe tree. While there are many cheap pairs you can throw in any pair, most people reading this will be preserving a pair of classic dress shoes. You know where to look if you want super-cheap shoes.


Men’s shoes trees are not the same as other products. They can vary in quality, price and materials. The best shoe trees will be made from cedar, which is known for its extraordinary ability to absorb water. They also have features that are close to your shoes’ contours. My favorite is the Premium Shoe Trees by Myrqvist. It has all these features and more. Oliver Cabell’s Wooden Tree Shoes are close behind.

American Red Cedar is the best material for shoe trees. Myrqvist Premium Shoe Trees are made from this. They look great and add a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe.

Best Shoe Trees
Best Shoe Trees

The three-dimensional design allows for you to adjust the shoe tree trees from left to right and front to back. This helps them to change their shape. These cedar shoe preservers are handsome and well-crafted.


Best for: Dress Shoes

Size: 6-12

Let me reiterate a point that I made before: “Budget” and “cheap”, are two very different things. Remember that budget products are not necessarily the best mens’ shoe trees. Oliver Cabell is the right person to contact if you are looking for high-quality products at an affordable price.

The forefoot is covered with the company’s playful logo and moisture-wicking cedar. These shoes are made for Olver Cabell footwear and use a spring coil metal to gently push them in place. They are an easy choice for dress shoes but will also preserve white sneakers such as Oliver Cabell’s Low 1s for many years.

Material – Cedar

Best for: Oliver Cabbell Footwear

Size – One Size

Since 2017, Morjas quietly has been making shoes since 2017. You may have heard of Morjas. Are you a Morjas shoe owner? It’s okay if you don’t. Shhh… it’s okay.

We’re changing all that. Every pair of Morjas shoes takes 2 months to make and goes through 60 stations. Their shoe trees are a culmination of the same effort, time and craftsmanship. These cedar beauties are made from one piece of wood. They have metal hinges and a sophisticated design.


Best for: Dress Shoes

Size: 5.5-13.5

American red cedar. Our shoes love the stuff. And it loves it back. Stratton Cedar Shoe Trees will not only make your shoes smell amazing, but they will also extend their lifespan.

The price is reasonable. That’s a nice thing. You ask, “But how are Amazon reviews?” With a little salt. To which I reply, “Just below 5,000 reviewers have sung praises of these shoes trees so far.” I would also appreciate more salt next time.

In conclusion: Stratton shoe trees are amazing in quality and value. I hope that we can recover from the fictional tree-related tiffs we’re having.


Best for: Dress Shoes

Size: S-XXL

Brunello Cucinelli is Italy’s King Cashmere. He also knows a lot about making some of the finest shoes in the world. You knew this.

The storied Italian brand has a number of niche products, including its shoe trees made of metal and beech wood. This is a testament to decades of careful craftsmanship. These shoes were designed with Cucinelli shoes in mind. It’s a worthwhile parallel investment. This is the most luxurious stop on our journey through the finest shoe trees. However, it’s a costly but well-worth the investment. You also knew this.

Material: Beech Wood

Best for: Dress Shoes

Size: S-L

What to Look for in the Best Shoe Trees


You can find shoe trees in any material you like, including plastic and wood. The best shoe trees, especially cedar, are made from wood. Cedar is a great choice for keeping your shoes’ shape and drawing out moisture. Cedar also smells amazing.

Shoe Type

Many shoe trees can be adjusted to fit your shoes. They also come in different sizes. Pay attention to the style and shape of your shoes. Boots, for instance, will require boot shoe trees. These tree have more material at the ankle. Look for shoes that accommodate pointed or almond-shaped feet.


Shoe trees can be expensive depending on the quality of their materials and design. Your shoes should be as valuable as the investment made in your shoe trees. You don’t need expensive cedar shoes trees if you are just trying to extend the life of casual sneakers.

Final Verdict

There are many high-quality, durable shoe trees available that can help prolong the life of your shoes if you stick to wood products (especially cedar) and ones specifically designed for your type of shoe. Myrqvst Premium Shoe Trees is my top choice, thanks to its three-dimensional adjustment and American Red Cedar use.

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