48 Unique Bee Tattoos with Meaning

Bees are small insects symbolizing family and loyalty. From small to big, black to color, find your next ink in these unique bee tattoos.

Bees are among the most popular small tattoo ideas around the world. These tiny insects are so cute that they make perfect tattoo motifs for those with bubbly personalities.

But bee tattoos have a greater significance. They symbolize loyalty, family, teamwork, and selflessness. Bees work and live in communities, each with specific responsibilities. They put their family before themselves and would do anything in their power to keep the system running. Thus bee tattoos are often seen as a token of loyalty and structure.

Bee tattoos may also signify hard work and consistency. They are always buzzing around, spreading pollen from one flower to another. And that’s where the phrase “as busy as a bee” comes from.

Either way, bee tattoos are an amazing representation of good qualities. If the symbolism resonates with you, bee tattoos may be a good idea. From small to big, intricate to simple, these bee tattoo designs will inspire your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of bee tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Beautiful bee tattoos with meaning

Bold and creative bee tattoo ideas

Just because bees are small doesn’t mean bee tattoos have to be tiny. With creativity, bee tattoo designs can be bold and gorgeous. Below is a list of bee tattoos if you want to go big.

Color bee and daisy tattoo

Color bee and daisy tattoo by @eden_tattoo_


Daisies represent youth and purity. This tattoo combines a daisy with a bee. By adding rainbow colors to the combination, tattooist Eden creates an aesthetically pleasing design for girls.

Fine line bee and flower shoulder blade tattoo

Fine line bee and flower shoulder blade tattoo by @carinsilver_physalistattoo_


Enlarging the bee is not your only option if you want a bigger bee tattoo. You can pair it with a flower or other elements that are cohesive, just like this shoulder blade tattoo.

Wristband bee floral tattoo

Wristband bee floral tattoo by @ch.tattoo.ahn


Bees and flowers are often seen together in a tattoo design. Though all bees look similar, you can change the position and shape of the flowers to add character. And this bracelet wrist tattoo is a good example.

Concept tattoo on the arm

Concept tattoo by @skylerespinoza


One good thing about conceptional tattoos is that they provide room for different interpretations. Take this arm tattoo as an example. It consists of a skull, a rose, a hand, a heart, and a bee.

In terms of meaning, it could be an illustration of complicated human emotions. Or it can be an art that reveals the wearer’s life priorities.

Sunflower and bee

Sunflower and bee tattoo by @ornot_tattoo


Just like birds, the flying posture of bees adds liveliness to a tattoo. For instance, the bee in this sleeve tattoo brings movement to the sunflower field. And the bright colors reveal the bubbly personality of the wearer.

Intricate bee ornament chest tattoo

Intricate bee ornament chest tattoo by @auua.tattoo


You don’t always need colors to make a bee tattoo stand out. For example, the tattooist wraps the bee around with metal-style decorations. It puts the bee in the center of the spotlight, and the decoration looks like spears pointing outward.

Intricate bee hand tattoo

Intricate bee hand tattoo by @jairballinastattoo


Hand tattoos are not for everyone because of their high visibility. But if you are deeply connected to the bee symbolism and are not afraid to show it, you will rock an intricate hand tattoo like this.

Stunning bee and flowers thigh tattoo

Stunning bee and flowers thigh tattoo by @picsola


Because the top thigh is not often visible, it’s a perfect canvas for bold designs. This thigh tattoo extends from the side of the waist to the thigh. With highly contrasting colors and stunning details, it will be a piece of art that sparks conversations.

Simple bee and flower outline tattoo

Simple bee and flower outline tattoo by @monochrom.ink


This tattoo is a good example of a design that can be big and still keep its simplicity. Both the flowers and the bee are painted in sleek, fine lines. Despite vertically stretched, it still feels light and girly.

Bee name tattoo

Bee name tattoo by @tattooartist_kim_manthey


One way to personalize a tattoo is by adding names or initials. And this bee and flower tattoo may give you some idea on how to elegantly incorporate your name into a design.

Whimsical flower and bee tattoo

Whimsical flower and bee tattoo by @non_lee_ink


Tattooist Nonlee is a profession in creating interesting color palettes. In this tattoo, she adds red, green, and orange to both the flower and the bee. The untraditional color combo sets the tattoo out from the crowd.

Bee in honey

Bee in honey tattoo by @mumi_ink


Sometimes a good tattoo requires a little bit of imagination. The tattooist pictures the bee in a translucent honey pot. This is quite a smart move because it creates space for vibrant colors. And it turns a bee tattoo that would have been too simple into a stunning piece of jewelry.

Dragon and bee sternum tattoo

Dragon and bee sternum tattoo by @waitakerewitch


Sternum refers to the space connecting the neck and the collarbone. It’s a private yet alluring tattoo placement. This dragon tattoo sets a great example of playing with the body silhouette and complementing it with a curvy design.

Elegant bee between the boobs

Elegant bee between the boobs tattoo by @modoink_vivi


This is another bee tattoo between the boobs. But unlike the previous one, it is made up of only flowers and bees. But the tattooist extends the tattoo with a flower on the bottom. So it fills the gap between the breast perfectly.

Concept portrait tattoo

Concept portrait tattoo by @tattoosbybethanylackey


The honeycomb consists of hexagons of the same size, giving structure to a tattoo. This portrait ink is a good example. And the quote “sweet like honey” also echoes the bee symbolism.

Black and grey beehive tattoo

Black and grey beehive tattoo by @serenaferraris


Beehives are more than hexagons. If you want an unboring beehive tattoo, you can color each slot in black or grey or leave them blank to create a contrasting visual effect.

Bee and beehive tattoo

Bee and beehive tattoo by @cezart_tattoo


A good thing about adding beehives to a bee tattoo is that it adds colors. The color of honey is yellowish, which highlights the entire design.

Flowers and bee frame tattoo

Flowers and bee frame tattoo by @lauvaan


This arm tattoo mimics a frame of art on the skin. Plus, the bee is partly out of the frame, which gives the tattoo a 3D effect.

Ornamental bee tattoo

Ornamental bee tattoo by @la_mome_indigo


Different from the previous one, this tattoo doesn’t have a frame. Instead, the four ornaments surrounding the bee put it in the center of the spotlight, magnifying the beauty of the tattoo.

Conceptional bee tattoo

Conceptional bee tattoo by @skylerespinoza


This concept tattoo combines a bee, the Apollo Belvedere sculpture, and stairs leading to the universe. The combination of real and unreal, modern and antique, create a huge room for imagination.

Small and simple bee tattoo ideas

Most bee tattoos are small, perfect for those who are looking for discreet ink. But with different tattooing styles and details, a small bee tattoo can be unique and beautiful. And here is a list of small bee tattoos to give you some idea.

Small flower and bee tattoo

Small flower and bee tattoo by @tattoo.pencil


The bee is quite a tiny insect. And it’s not easy to get the details right, especially when tattooed in small sizes. However, this tattoo not only captures the details and the reflection, but the flowers are also painted to perfection.

Simple abstract bee tattoo

Simple abstract bee tattoo by @looezzink


If you want a small bee tattoo, you don’t always need to include the details. Instead, consider an abstract version like this one. It’s less costly and works great for minimalists.

Realism honeybee tattoo

Realism honeybee tattoo by @tivas


The arm is the perfect placement for first tattoos, whether they are big or small. There is enough fat underneath the skin, meaning tattooing on this area will not cause as much pain.

It also has enough space for your imagination to go wild. Even if it’s a small, intricate tattoo like this one, you can add vertical lines to extend it for the placement.

Minimalist bee and flower tattoo

Minimalist bee and flower tattoo by @unotattoonyc


Bold tattoos with vibrant colors tend to catch eyeballs. But simple, outline tattoos stand the test of time.
Take this tattoo as an example. The tattooist leaves out most of the details, keeping only the silhouette of the flower and bee. Yet, even without thick lines and colors, the tattoo is elegant enough to shine.

Bee wrist tattoo

Bee wrist tattoo by @nus.tattoo


Wrist tattoos are great reminders because of the visibility. You can see the ink on your wrist when you lift your arm. That’s why you will want a design that represents you or relate to you on a deep level.

The bee symbolizes loyalty and hard work, the two qualities that are often overlooked in today’s society. So from this point of view, such a small tattoo carries a profound significance.

Bumblebee upper arm tattoo

Bumblebee upper arm tattoo by @beckydonnellytattoo


A bee tattoo can have multiple bees. Adding one or more bees to the tattoo, as shown above, elongates the tattoo’s shape and makes it fit the area better.

Bee rib tattoo

Bee rib tattoo by @na.nago_


Unlike the arm, rib tattoos can cause more pain because of the thin skin on this area. That’s why if you are keen on tattooing on the rib, it’s always better to start small. And a bee would be a lovely match for the placement.

Small and simple bee tattoo

Small and simple bee tattoo by @choiyun_tattoo


In our interview with tattooist Choiyun, she talked about using black in tattoos. To make a black tattoo believable and stunning, the tattooist must apply different shades of black. And she did so in this simple tattoo.

The light grey depicts the transparency of the wings, and the white highlights the reflection. The usage of colors demonstrates the thoughts and skills going into a small realism tattoo.

Simple lunar bee tattoo

Simple lunar bee tattoo by @cathiscosmos


One way to add meaning to a bee tattoo is with symbols. The moon stands for femininity. When it is painted on the body of a bee, the moon tattoo becomes a token of girl power.

Matching flower and bee tattoos

Matching flower and bee tattoos by @stienevsart


Alone, a bee can be seen as a symbol of loyalty and self-discipline. But when it is put together with a flower, it may take on different meanings.

For example, these matching tattoos can express love and affection because bees feed on the flower. On the other hand, the flower relies on the bee to spread its pollen. The interdependent relationship makes these tattoos a loving piece of art.

Queen bee tattoo

Queen bee tattoo by @boratattoo


Queen bee tattoos are a powerful statement. They belong to the women who believe in their strength and have a desire to conquer. For example, this queen bee tattoo uses the crown to indicate power. And the gem is a way to celebrate female strength.

Queen bee neck tattoo

Queen bee neck tattoo by @palette.tt_


Bee tattoos are small enough to work on different placements. But if you want medium visibility, consider the back of the neck or nape tattoos. You can hide it with your hair down or proudly show it with a hair bun.

Queen bee script tattoo

Queen bee script tattoo by @loyatattoo


Not all bee tattoos have to be about bees. This creative shoulder blade tattoo replaces the bee imagery with the word “bee.” With the wings and crown, it’s still a tattoo that represents inner strength and faith.

Just be you

Queen bee quote tattoo by @unaviudanegra


If a queen bee tattoo is not enough of a statement, add a line that inspires you and make it a quote tattoo. For instance, the quote “just be you” turns this tat into a permanent reminder of authenticity.

Cute queen bee wrist tattoo

Cute queen bee wrist tattoo by @katoskinner


Unlike the queen bee tattoos we’ve seen above, this one takes a different approach. By emphasizing the eye, the tattooist cartoonizes the bee and makes it a cute tattoo for girls.

ee and honeycomb neck tattoo

Bee and honeycomb neck tattoo by @goldencobratattooclub


The honeycomb itself is a geometric structure. So if you are looking for a geometric tattoo, consider adding honeycombs to the design.

Bee and plant ornament tattoo

Bee and plant ornament tattoo by @claire.everywhere


While a bee is a small tattoo motif, you can add flowers, leaves, or a wreath to cover more space. And because they are ornamental elements, the bee will remain the center of attention.

Super cute bee tattoos

Small objects or creatures have the potential to become cute tattoo motifs. And bees are one of them. But how can you make a small bee tattoo even more adorable? Check out the following tattoo ideas.

Small bee neck tattoo

Small bee neck tattoo by @veroni.ink_


Neck tattoos are highly visible. But why not show it off if your tat is as cute as this one? Plus, the details are painted so well that it looks like a real bee resting on the skin. The illusion will get people talking and guessing.

Cute bee and sunflower tattoo

Cute bee and sunflower tattoo by @melinda_fugu_tattoo


Sunflowers often represent a positive life attitude and energy. So for someone who always sees the bright side, a sunflower tattoo will be perfect. Plus, who can say no to a cute bumblebee with watery eyes like this one?

Small flowers and bee collarbone tattoo

Small flowers and bee collarbone tattoo by @donghwa_tattoo


Flower tattoos are so loved partly because of their versatility. You can always find a flower with the symbolism and look you like. And you can tattoo an entire flower with the stem or just keep the heads like this to fit different placements, like this collarbone tattoo.

Small black and grey bee tattoo

Small black and grey bee tattoo by @danusha.tattoo


You can have a bee tattoo as detailed as a real one. Or you can opt for something simpler like this by keeping only its basic form. The tattooist also adds a flying trail to the design, creating movements and fun.

Cowboy bee tattoo

Cowboy bee tattoo by @tattoosbycorinne


Cowboy tattoos are not limited to men. With a cute bee adaptation like this, a girl can rock the look.

Adorable bee tattoo

Adorable bee tattoo by @funky_boy_tattoo


How adorable is this tattoo! The bee holding a flower as a gift reflects the generosity of the wearer. With a smile on the face, this tattoo will belong to someone with a kind heart and a pure soul.

Bee fossil

Bee fossil by @klem.hoang


Bee fossils are gems created by nature. They formed when the bees were accidentally captured in amber and preserved through eras. As a tattoo, the bee fossil can be a symbol of one’s innocence and qualities that don’t change with time.

The killer bee

The killer bee tattoo by @teeny.savvy_


A good tattoo doesn’t need to show off high-level skills. But it has to have a personality that represents the wearer. And this killer bee tattoo sets a good example.

Cute bee tattoo

Cute bee tattoo by @monica.tattoos


Just like owl tattoos, if you want to make a bee tattoo cute, cartoonize it. Make the eyes bigger. Add vibrant colors. And you will have an adorable tattoo that makes you “aww.”

The balloon bee tattoo

The balloon bee tattoo by @tailoftherattattoo


As high as a bee can fly, it can fly higher with a balloon. This tattoo turns the assumption into ink.

Maybe it’s on a mission or running away to explore the world. We don’t know for sure. But a tattoo like this one shows how imaginative the wearer is.

Bee and the honey pot

Bee and the honey pot tattoo by @tinybaki


Bees connect honey from flowers and take it back to the hive. But will they ever snack on it when they are hungry? The tattooist translates this idea to ink on the skin. And the roughness of the lines makes the tattoo more interesting.

Which of these bee tattoos is your favorite?

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