43 Stunning Phoenix Tattoos For Women

Phoenix tattoos for women are a popular choice for people looking to express their struggles and resilience. Phoenix is a mythical creature that symbolizes rebirth and strength, making it the perfect totem of faith for those going through tough times or at a critical point in their transformation journey.

Phoenix designs typically feature vibrant colors and daring expressions, but with a little creativity, you can come up with an elegant and classy tattoo design that perfectly expresses your goals and life philosophies. Phoenix tattoos are sure to provide you with inspiration for your next ink!

The meaning of phoenix tattoos

Phoenix Tattoos are amazingly symbolic and powerful designs. Representing rebirth and living through hard times, Phoenix Tattoos embody strength and the ability to overcome whatever life throws at you. They typically feature a Phoenix bird in flames with vivid colors, showing a sign of hope for a brighter future. Phoenix tattoos can come in many shapes and sizes which allows for someone’s own personal style interpretation to be showcased.

Furthermore, Phoenix tattoo designs are said to symbolize progress, growth, courage and freedom from adversity when selecting one design over another. Whether it’s because of the complex symbolism associated with them or simply because they look great on any part of the body, Phoenix tattoos make a bold statement with meaning.

Phoenix tattoos for women

Small phoenix tattoos for women

This mythological bird has long been associated with hope and resilience, so a small phoenix tattoo for a woman is an excellent way to promote positive vibes. Designs can range from subtle line work to intricate images of firey wings and soaring tails.

No matter the form of your tattoo, it will be sure to stand out. It’s also worth mentioning that since its size is small, if you have the opportunity to access different artists, the amount of detail they can bring to your design will be even more impressive. Thus, although these tattoos are small in size, their meaning runs deep.

Small phoenix behind the ear

Small phoenix behind the ear tattoo by @oztattoom


One of the more unique and eye-catching body modifications a person can get is a small phoenix tattoo behind their ear. This type of tattoo is becoming increasingly popular with younger generations as it gives a subtle hint of aesthetics without being too overbearing.

It’s small size makes it so that only people who are really close to the person can see it, giving it a certain level of exclusivity and privacy. As the phoenix symbolizes rebirth and immortality, a small phoenix behind someone’s ear has special significance in relation to its wearer’s journey through life; representing not just an outward statement, but an individual story of personal growth as well.

Cute phoenix chest tattoo

Cute phoenix chest tattoo by @ink.canart


A cute phoenix chest tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to someone’s body art. Not only is the phoenix an iconic symbol in many cultures and religions, it serves as a reminder of renewal, resilience and strength. With this in mind, getting a phoenix chest tattoo can be a great way to commemorate something or pay tribute to a lost loved one.

Additionally, this particular placement ensures the artwork stands out, making for the perfect canvas for intricate details or color for truly stunning results. For anyone who is thinking about getting a phoenix chest tattoo, researching various designs and styles beforehand can help narrow down the options and find something that suits their individual needs.

Phoenix feather tattoo

Phoenix feather tattoo by @disegnarti


Getting a tattoo is an important decision and it’s natural to think carefully about the design you choose. If you’re considering a phoenix feather tattoo, you may be looking for something special – a design that celebrates your transformation or inner strength. While there are some stunning pieces out there, make sure you’re informed about the symbolism and cultural significance of this particular design before having one done.

Phoenix feathers represent rebirth, renewal, freedom from fear, and often signify being strong even in the face of challenges and obstacles. With this in mind, a phoenix feather tattoo could be a way to honor the empowerment life has given you – and remind you of the strength that lives within.

Black phoenix feather collarbone tattoo

Black phoenix feather collarbone tattoo by @anamadysun


A beautiful black phoenix feather collarbone tattoo is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to make a unique statement. From intricate lines and the iconic shape of the phoenix bird itself, these tattoos are a work of art and perfectly accentuate this particular area. Not only will these tattoos look fantastic, but they can also represent many different things depending on the individual – from strength and courage to a powerful rebirth or just being unique and expressive with your style. Whatever your reasons for getting this type of tattoo, it’s sure to be something that you’ll be proud of wearing!

Small watercolor phoenix on the shoulder blade

Small watercolor phoenix on the shoulder blade by @joytattoo_


There’s something special about a small watercolor phoenix tattoo on the shoulder blade. Tattooing this image on your shoulder blade is an elegant choice, as it sits perfectly between the shoulder and neck muscles. Very eye-catching and meaningful, this design is perfect for those looking to express themselves in a subtle but powerful way.

It can be interpreted as rebirth, transformation, or even protection, making it the perfect companion to carry with you throughout life. When paired with vibrant colors that bring out the beauty of thisbird, you have a work of art that will be admired and respected wherever you go.

Black phoenix wrist tattoo

Black phoenix wrist tattoo by @mmarcadini


Black phoenix tattoos are a popular choice for many looking to commemorate significant life events or express their inner strength. With its bold and intricate design, the black phoenix wrist tattoo is an eye-catching piece of body art that is sure to make a statement. While the design can vary from artist to artist, most feature a combination of fire and smoke, feathers or wings, and sometimes other details like talons, a crown or halo.

When choosing the right black phoenix tattoo for you, consider not only the placement but also your personal style – whether you opt for something traditional or more abstract, a symmetrical piece or one with negative space. If you’re considering getting one of these stunning tattoos, be sure to consult with a reputable artist who knows how to bring your vision to life while properly caring for your skin.

Geometric phoenix tattoo

Geometric phoenix tattoo by @phoenix tattoos by @yai_tatts


A geometric phoenix tattoo is a great choice for those looking to get inked with a unique and meaningful design. Through its intricate shapes and lines, the phoenix symbolizes resilience, renewal and strength. As such, it makes a fitting tribute to anyone who has faced adversity.

When deciding on the size and placement of the design, it’s important to keep in mind that larger tattoos can look more intricate – however they are also more time-consuming and expensive. No matter what you go with, make sure to do your research and find an experienced artist who will take the time to hear your ideas and bring forth the most accurate representation of your vision.

Simple phoenix outline symbol

Simple phoenix symbol by @botanink_ko


The phoenix is a mythological bird that rises from its own ashes, symbolizing rebirth and strong resilience. The simple, yet powerful symbol of the phoenix has been used to represent many different things throughout history. From civilizations that believed it was a sign of luck and strength, to modern times where it can be seen frequently worn as a fashion statement. In the tattoo community, the phoenix is often chosen for its symbolic meaning of overcoming tragedy or hardships in life, encouraging us with hope towards our greatest transformation.

Small ornamental phoenix on the ankle

Small ornamental phoenix on the ankle by @kimkoss.ink_


Adorning yourself with small, ornamental phoenixes on your ankles might just be the trendiest way to make a fashion statement. This tattoo idea is suitable for people of all ages and provides a unique touch to an already attractive look. With so many colors and sizes available, you can get creative and choose the Phoenix design that perfectly suits your preferences. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but getting this type of tattoo is also painless and will take only a few minutes of your time in the presence of an experienced artist.​

Abstract symbolic phoenix

Abstract symbolic phoenix by @yellowltattoos


The abstract symbolic phoenix has long been a source of inspiration and representation in multiple cultures. This mythical being is often associated with rebirth, transformation, and strength. It is usually represented by its signature burning fire or a colorful bird-like figure, both of which represent the power, beauty, and symbolism of life.

In literature either as metaphors for beginning anew or as symbols for courage in personal growth and development, the abstract symbolic phoenix serves as a beacon of hope to those who realistically need it in their lives. Regardless of how this bird is interpreted within popular culture, it will continue to remain an icon for many generations to come.

Stunning and bold rising phoenix tattoos

A stunning and bold rising phoenix tattoo is the perfect way to express your inner strength and resilience. This symbolic representation of renewal and rebirth showcases one’s courage and determination in the face of adversity. Designed with intricate detail, these tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and serve as a reminder that no matter how dark a situation may be, it is always possible to rise up from the ashes.

Popular designs often portray vivid colors or feature intricate feather patterns that exhibit both fine artistry and a bold statement. Each rising phoenix tattoo is unique, just like its wearer, allowing individuals to showcase their creativity in an empowering way while celebrating their own spirit.

Full sleeve ink wash style phoenix tattoo

Super cool phoenix arm tattoo by @hanu.classic


A full sleeve tattoo done in ink wash style is a large and intricate piece of body art. This particular design, featuring a phoenix, is composed of waves and clouds that create the impression of being submerged in water. By skipping the use of vibrant colors normally seen on regular tattoos, this technique merges the subject with its background in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If you’re looking for something bold yet subtle at the same time, this might be the tattoo for you. Careful thought should be put into placement to ensure that your artwork is visible when wearing sleeves or other clothing. With proper after care, your ink wash phoenix will look stunning for many years to come!

Full side phoenix tattoo

Full side phoenix tattoo by @aestet.ink_


If you’re looking to make a statement with your body art, consider a full side phoenix tattoo. A classic symbol of rebirth, strength and resilience, this bold ink design can be meaningful in a multitude of ways. From realistic to abstract ink portrayals, the range of choices allows for a wide array of colors and styles. And because you have so much space to work with, you can really get creative in your artistic landscape.

If that type of commitment sounds like too much for you, there are always temporary tattoos and henna designs that can give you some insight as to what it might look like without the permanence and long term care needed for any major tattoo!

Black phoenix tattoo

Black phoenix tattoo by @tattooist_jaymee


The black phoenix tattoo is a popular design for many body art enthusiasts. It often symbolizes rebirth and transformation, therefore makes an ideal choice for any person looking to mark a significant life milestone or simply express their personality through a meaningful tattoo. While the original style of this tattoo is often a single-colored design – usually black – it also looks great as a multi-colored piece with each feather represented in its own hue.

As such, getting creative with color can help bring even more energy and life to the black phoenix tattoo. Additionally, this type of tattoo is versatile in terms of placement, making it an excellent option for people who would like to rock an attention-grabbing arm sleeve or subtly adorn their rib cage. All in all, you really can’t go wrong with a black phoenix tattoo!

Phoenix quote tattoo

Phoenix tattoo by @aksinya.tattoo


The phoenix quote tattoo is becoming increasingly popular due to its symbolism and meaning. It’s a beautiful reminder of life’s cycle: death, rebirth, and resurrection, which can often be quite inspiring. Depending on the quote you choose, a Phoenix tattoo can also reflect personal growth, strength and inner power – qualities many of us strive for throughout our lives. When picking out your design, it’s important to find an artist who is experienced in creating tattoos that will hold up for years to come. Whether you go with bold colors or something more subtle, it’s sure to become a meaningful addition to your body art collection.

Intricate phoenix shoulder tattoo

Intricate phoenix shoulder tattoo by @solovyovatattooer


An intricate phoenix shoulder tattoo makes an amazing statement and symbolizes many qualities including strength, resilience, and freedom. It is an ideal choice for someone wanting to show how they have survived a difficult event and come out the other side stronger.

Phoenix tattoos tend to be more detailed and complex than other designs due to the beautiful tail feathers which gracefully sweep up from the shoulder to the back of the neck. When deciding on a tattoo design it is important to always use sterilized equipment at an experienced artist’s studio, even more so with such an intricate piece like a phoenix tattoo as execution is key in getting the desired effect.

Detailed phoenix forearm tattoo

Detailed phoenix forearm tattoo by @stockholminktattoo


Getting a detailed phoenix forearm tattoo is a great way to express your individuality and show off your style. If you’re looking for something meaningful to adorn your arm, you can’t go wrong with a phoenix design. Depending on the size of the tattoo and complexity of the artwork, the process of getting this inked onto your skin could take anywhere from hours to multiple days, so it’s important to be prepared before going in.

Talk to your artist about their vision for the design and make sure you feel comfortable with their plan. Finally, aftercare is essential – follow all instructions given by your artist so that your tattoo looks its best for many years to come.

A girly phoenix on the side

A girly phoenix on the side by @barbara_corbucci_tattooer


Adding a girly phoenix to an outfit can really give it that extra pop of personality. This motif is perfect for anyone looking to make their look more unique and stand out from the crowd. For those who prefer a subtler approach, why not add small touches such as jewelry or a neat embroidery to a shirt? Alternatively, go bold with bright colors and big vibrant graphics. However you choose to express yourself, adding a phoenix to your wardrobe will definitely be a powerful statement!

Fire phoenix

Fire phoenix by @keirareneetattoos


A fire phoenix tattoo is an incredibly popular design – and for good reason. A dynamic representation of power and transformation, this tattoo often has connection to a person’s spiritual journey as it symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Fire phoenix tattoos are also unique due to their flexibility; you can choose any style or size to make your own custom design. Although large-scale pieces are sometimes intimidating for some people, the fire phoenix can actually be scaled down to look great on any size body! Whether you’re looking for a sleeve or just a wrist piece, there would be plenty of options to choose from this powerful tattoo.

Rising phoenix back tattoo

Rising phoenix back tattoo by @yktaipei


A rising phoenix back tattoo is an incredibly eye-catching and unique design for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their body art. The perfect combination of beauty and mystery, these intricate designs embody the strength and determination of the mythical phoenix, the creature that can rise from ashes. Whether you’re looking to reclaim your own inner power or just add some beautiful artwork to your body canvas, a rising phoenix makes an amazing statement.

As with any tattoo, it’s important to do plenty of research before getting one – checking out design references, researching reputable artists in your area, and even testing out a temporary version first are all great ways to select the right design for you. A rising phoenix is something special; make sure yours is perfect for you!

Black phoenix on the back

Black phoenix on the back by @alice_b_jb


Black phoenix on the back is a unique, modern form of body art. It has gained popularity due to the striking design and its ability to make a bold statement. This type of tattoo typically features a black phoenix perched on someone’s back, with wings outstretched either facing up or down depending on the wearer’s preference. Black phoenix tattoos are often associated with transformation, renewal and overcoming hard times. They symbolize strength and resilience in the wake of adversity and make an ideal design for anyone looking to boldly express their identity. Whether you choose something large or small, this symbol of beauty can help you show yourself off in all your glory.

Adorable floral phoenix

Phoenix shoulder blade tattoo by @deni_teckuje


Tattooing a mythical creature is an exciting endeavor given that one can get creative with it. For instance, if a phoenix is chosen, you can reduce or enlarge certain features or add elements that weren’t originally in the original design. For example, you can add floral details to make it look cuter or completely transform the body shape and color for a more majestic look. This vast amount of options gives ample scope to make the tattooed design your own, thereby making it more meaningful and treasured. Furthermore, any changes made by the tattooist will create an even more unforgettable and significant piece of artwork as you have complete control over every aspect of it.

Red phoenix sleeve tattoo

Red phoenix sleeve tattoo by @astrolabium_tattoo


Red Phoenix sleeve tattoos can make an exquisite statement to stand out from the crowd. Evoking the magnificence of fire and light, red phoenix tattoos are a sign of strength and rebirth. The details found in these large scale designs often require multiple sessions for completion, so it is important to find an experienced artist that specializes in professional sleeve tattoo designs. After all, your artwork will be with you for life! If you are looking for ways to become truly unique, consider incorporating a red Phoenix into your next sleeve tattoo design.

Realism phoenix thigh tattoo

Realism phoenix thigh tattoo by @ciel_tattoos


Realism phoenix thigh tattoos can be a great way to showcase your creativity and express yourself. While the subject matter may vary, the overall goal is to create a realistic image that speaks to you. Depending on your preference, you can opt for some color or go monotone in black ink by choosing between different tattoo styles such as watercolor effect, fine line detail, or even photorealism.

When designing a realism phoenix thigh tattoo consider placement, size, and shading that can make the design look lifelike and evoke meaningful emotion. Finding an experienced artist with a portfolio of work that includes realism tattoos will help ensure you get the desired result from your unique design.

Phoenix red ink on the back

Phoenix red ink on the back by @rahon_tt


If you’re looking to make a statement with your tattoos, adding Phoenix red ink to your design can do the trick. It’s an eye-catching hue that’s sure to grab attention, and it complements a range of styles perfectly. Whether you opt for traditional designs or something more abstract, this deep crimson color will bring out the beauty in your body art. When it comes to placement for Phoenix Red ink tattoos, the most popular locations are typically found on the back, but you can still get creative by having the design trail off onto other parts of your body for added depth and drama.

Phoenix rising from fire

Phoenix rising from fire by @phoenix tattoos by @justin.llllll


This tattoo captures a phoenix rising from the flames with its beautiful tail feathers on full display. The bright red of the flames surrounding it adds a dramatic glint and brings out the mesmerizing beauty of the design. It perfectly encapsulates the mythology of a phoenix rising from its ashes and will certainly catch anyone’s eye. By adding this powerful piece to your body, you’ll be able to walk around with this inspiring symbol situated on your skin in all its glory.

Blue phoenix sleeve tattoo

Blue phoenix sleeve tattoo by @elly_tattooist


A blue phoenix sleeve tattoo is a great way to express your personality and show off your individual style. This customizable body art has been popular for centuries, with various cultures in different parts of the world incorporating it into their own traditional artwork. When getting a blue phoenix sleeve tattoo, it’s important to find an experienced artist who can help you create the perfect design.

You should also consider things like size and placement, as these can drastically affect how the finished product looks. If you’re looking for ideas, there are plenty of images online that will give you a good starting point. With enough research, creativity, and dedication, you can get a beautiful blue phoenix sleeve tattoo that will make you proud every time you look in the mirror!

Realism fire phoenix tattoo

Realism fire phoenix tattoo by @adrienn.kern_


Realism fire phoenix tattoos are a bold, beautiful way to express yourself. These detailed pieces of body art range from small and symbolic to bright and eye-catching. Whether you choose to create an intricate colorful creation or a more simplified black design, the end result is sure to be amazing. If you’re considering this type of tattoo, it’s best to reach out to an experienced tattoo artist who specializes in realism designs. They can help you bring your ideas to life and create something truly unique and special.

Oriental phoenix

Oriental phoenix tattoo by @maya_gat


An oriental phoenix tattoo can be an incredibly powerful and meaningful design. This type of tattoo features a mythical bird with vibrant feathers in a stylized form and often inked in colorful hues. It typically represents strength, resilience, rebirth, and transformation. Choosing this type of design can be a great way to commemorate a special event or signify the personal growth and determination one has achieved throughout their life.

When creating your phoenix tattoo design, there are several different options available that will allow you to truly make it your own. Whether simple or intricate, this imagery is sure to add some extra meaning to any body art collection.

Sophisticated phoenix on the back

Sophisticated phoenix on the back by @vladimir.kutuev


A great way to make a tattoo even more meaningful is to layer different elements into one piece of art. This gorgeous and sophisticated phoenix design on the back does just that. It’s coloured with shades of grey and golden yellow, which perfectly accentuate each other. Aside from the majestic phoenix, this tattoo also showcases a golden ratio symbol.

Also known as the Fibonacci spiral, it’s an ancient symbol typically used to signify structure and balance in artwork. Lastly, a moon phase detailing on the left wing adds a touch of feminine power. Altogether, these elements pair together to create an incredibly powerful tattoo that any wearer would be proud of.

Sleek fine line phoenix arm tattoo

Sleek fine line phoenix arm tattoo by @nothingwildtattoo


This sleek fine line phoenix arm tattoo takes a minimalist approach and offers something more delicate. Instead of being loud with thick lines, the artist uses thin ones to emphasize the rise and fall of the pattern, something particularly attractive when done on the arms. The fine linework makes it even more subtle, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect that speaks silently yet powerfully. Furthermore, femme-fatale fans will be pleased with this choice because its lightness suits them better.

Watercolor phoenix back tattoo for women

Watercolor phoenix back tattoo for women by @judas_tattoo_


This stunning watercolor phoenix back tattoo for women is a sight for sore eyes, transitioning from warm oranges and yellows to soothing purples and blues. The fusion of these complementary colors, which makes up the majestic phoenix soaring in the sky, easily captures attention.

Accompanying this vibrant piece is shading that further emphasizes the body posture of the legendary beast. Whether as a representation of hope and new beginnings or admiration for everlasting beauty, this design is sure to spark confidence in any wearer.

Radiating phoenix on the spine

Radiating phoenix on the spine by @yesimkurtw


Back tattoos are a great way to showcase your unique sense of style. There is something special and eye-catching about this picture, featuring a majestic phoenix surrounded by radiating lines. These help to draw the attention of everyone who looks at it and make the image look even more captivating than had it not been present. It is an interesting concept that makes for a stunning result when completed and is sure to be admired by all those who witness it.

Shiny phoenix collarbone tattoo

Shiny phoenix collarbone tattoo by @juliasaccardo


If you are looking for a phoenix chest tattoo with a little extra spark, consider the shiny collarbone design. This style speaks to the flight of the fantastic creature, as the curving lines create a sense of movement reminiscent of flapping wings. To create an even more eye-catching design, add some shining touches along the edges and body to capture light. With its subtle details and vibrant energy, this phoenix chest tattoo will make an elegant statement.

Creative phoenix tattoos for women

Fed up of the same boring phoenix tattoo? Then a creative phoenix tattoo is just what you need to stand out. These inspired designs often comprise of a combination of styles and colors, making them unique and eye-catching. Whether it be colored feathers or hints of flames in fiery oranges and reds, there are plenty of creative choices available to give your phoenix tattoo that little extra flair. Let your imagination run wild and create something that is totally individualized for you – after all, no one else needs to look like you!

Japanese phoenix tattoo for women

Japanese phoenix tattoo for women by @tattooist_eq


Japanese culture over the past few years has become a popular source of tattoo designs, with phoenix tattoos being amongst the most favored. Japanese phoenix tattoos are renowned for their brightness, size and outlined figures, however this design is rather small in comparison.

It is nonetheless a beautiful symbol due to its incorporation of traditional Ukiyo-e paintings as the backdrop. This elegant combination speaks volumes when it comes to representation of Japanese artistry, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to create an artistic representation on their body.

The phoenix dagger

The phoenix dagger by @auua.tattoo


Worn as a symbol of pride and honor, the phoenix dagger tattoo is one to behold. With its fierce lines and sharp beak, it serves as both a reminder of strength and as decoration. For those looking for something that’s more than just a showpiece, this tattoo speaks to their souls in a way no other design can.

With its powerful depiction of fire and defiance, the phoenix dagger is something that will stay with you long after your skin has healed. If you’re in search of tattoos that bring out your sweet and strong sides all at once, then seek out this mythology-inspired piece – you won’t regret it!

Tribal phoenix tattoo

Tribal phoenix tattoo by @anothertattoo.hn_


Tribal tattoos have a rich cultural history, stemming from the traditional body art of many ancient cultures. Tribal phoenix tattoos are especially popular symbols of power and protection. In the tribal design of a phoenix, there is an emphasis on the creature’s ascension – which symbolizes rebirth and everlasting hope.

What makes these tattoos truly magnificent is that they contain elements to remind wearers of their strength, resilience and courage in times of challenge or difficulty. Despite its dark past, this tribal tattoo represents the beauty in transformation after rising up from the ashes.

Wrap-around-the-ankle phoenix tattoo

Wrap-around-the-ankle phoenix tattoo by @shvetstattooing


For those looking for something different, a wrap-around-the-ankle phoenix tattoo might just be it. This unique design can create an edgy, sophisticated look that is guaranteed to turn heads. Not only is it visually impressive, but it symbolizes rebirth and renewal— an appealing trait for many people. To get the perfect effect, make sure you pick a well-trained tattoo artist who understands the complexity of the work involved in creating this beautiful piece of art.

Simple abstract phoenix

Simple abstract phoenix by @ahmetgulsentattoo


An abstract phoenix motif can provide a subtle, elegant look that has just enough complexity to make it visually appealing. The design uses the essential form of the bird, while simplifying the details and enhancing the movement. This version emphasizes the majestic flight of this mythical creature, creating an image that is modern and sophisticated. For those seeking to get a within a small area of skin, this simple abstract phoenix offers a minimalist aesthetic that makes a statement.

Phoenix and flower tattoo

Phoenix and flower tattoo by @bium_tattoo


Black tattoos have a classic look, but a splash of color can make them infinitely more interesting. Take this back tattoo for instance – the phoenix symbol is pure black to highlight its regal and powerful features, while the flower placed just below uses a deep red hue to add some striking visual contrast. Red also has its own unique symbolic significance, so opt for this color if you want to really emphasize the meaning of your tattoo.

Elegant oriental phoenix

Elegant oriental phoenix by @olgacaca


The tattoo of the elegant oriental phoenix is more than a symbol of eternity and resurrecting anew. It also stands for loyalty and divine protection, looking after an individual as they journey through life. These meanings give it strong potential to be a personal representation that’s unique to the wearer, one that they can draw strength from.

Symbols like this one can have unspoken depths, allowing them to have a certain appeasement and understanding all their own. If a talismanic vibe is what you’re going for, consider having an oriental phoenix inked into your skin. The beautiful stylings of traditional designs might also make it feel powerful when you take another look at it every day.

Phoenix and butterfly

Phoenix and butterfly tattoo by @boboxqueen


The Phoenix and butterfly tattoo is an engaging combination of classic and contemporary design. The use of vibrant colors in the style of a traditional phoenix, coupled with modern thin line work, creates a truly captivating piece of art. This trendy take on the mythical creature is sure to be both eye-catching and memorable.

Additionally, the intricate detailing of intersecting gold lines in the wings gives an almost three dimensional feel. No doubt it’s perfect for anyone looking to inject a bit of nostalgia into their style while also creating a unique statement piece that stands out from the crowd.

Phoenix on the cloud

Phoenix on the cloud tattoo by @tattooist_jason


For those looking for a unique design to add to their tattoos, the ‘phoenix on the clouds’ is an interesting option. It consists of a phoenix taking a peaceful rest atop several looming clouds with stars also part of the picture. Though its symbolism may differ from person-to-person, it’s certainly a design that stands out and looks aesthetically pleasing from a distance. All in all, it’s an ideal choice for those wishing to incorporate elements of fantasy into their own tattoo art.

Phoenix collarbone tattoo

Phoenix collarbone tattoo by @nikoambros


This Phoenix collarbone tattoo is designed by combining the classic majestic symbol of Phoenix with a modern take on an increasingly popular tattoo style. It’s carefully crafted so as to capture the most powerful and graceful form of the mythical creature – as it rises from its ashes and takes off into an unknown future. While not too large or overwhelming, this tattoo is sure to attract attention with its vibrant use of color and detail drawn throughout.

The bright oranges and reds that blend perfectly together evoking feelings of hopefulness, energy, and strength- perfect for those looking for inspiring design ideas in the tattoo world.

Disclaimer: This collection of phoenix tattoos for women is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

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