42 Unique Landscape Tattoos with Meaning

Having a place dear to the heart is a blessing. From big to small, black to colored, these landscape tattoos are gorgeous and meaningful.

Have you ever been to a beautiful place where you want to engrave what you see into your brain? Or have you lived somewhere where its scenery, culture, and people all fascinate you?

If so, and if you are looking for a meaningful ink, landscape tattoos can be a good fit. In this post, you will find a collection of landscape tattoos from big to small, from black to colored, and from real to unreal. Scroll on, and they will inspire you to come up with a personal and creative tattoo idea for yourself.

What is a landscape tattoo?

Landscapes refer to an area that can be nature with mountains, rivers, and so on. Or it can be a land with artificial elements like buildings, ponds, etc.

A landscape tattoo is a tattoo that demonstrates the features of an area. For some people, landscape tattoos equal mountain tattoos. But they are more than that. Seascapes and cityscapes can all be included in this category.

Why do people get landscape tattoos?

Landscape tattoos have been popular for a long time. And they will continue to be for several reasons.

Tattoos are about self-expression. And while the mountains and the sea may seem far away from many people, they can recall one’s childhood or tell a story that happened somewhere.

For adventurers, landscape tattoos symbolize their love for nature and their eagerness to explore. And therefore, they become meaningful and personal.

While it’s good to have a meaningful tattoo, a visually appealing design can be timeless, too.

Landscape tattoos often have a lot of elements: the horizon, the sun, the sea, the mountains, rivers, etc. And the abundance provides endless possibilities. One can even create a place from their imagination. As long as a tattoo reflects one’s style and aesthetics, it is a good one.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Unique landscape tattoos with meaning

Crane and red mountain oriental landscape tattoo

Crane and red mountain oriental tattoo by @newtattoo_franky


Cranes have various meanings across cultures. For example, they represent peace, calmness, and good luck. And in oriental countries, cranes are a symbol of wisdom and longevity. That’s why you will see cranes in traditional Chinese and Japanese paintings.

This small collarbone landscape tattoo uses a decorative folding fan as its canvas. The colors of the crane’s wings are in perfect harmony with the red mountain landscape. All the oriental elements make it ideal for those who adore the Asian culture.

Small landscape collarbone tattoo

Small landscape collarbone tattoo by @hanitattooing


Landscapes are often massive. But it doesn’t mean a landscape tattoo has to be the same. This small collarbone landscape tattoo proves otherwise.

With minimal lines, the tattooist draws the mountains’ silhouette and shadows to perfection. If you feel inspired by nature, such a simple tattoo will be a subtle way to answer its calling.

Berlin landscape armband tattoo

Berlin landscape armband tattoo by @besign. Ttt


Many cities have the best human-engineered landscapes. And everyone has a city that holds a special place in their heart.

This small black and grey tattoo depicts the cityscape of Berlin. It wraps around the arm without a frame. And it shows how much the wearer loves the city and cherishes the memories there.

Paint stroke country landscape

Paint stroke country landscape tattoo by @mooji_tt


Paint stroke tattoos are popular among art lovers. When a tattoo is inked in the shape of a paint stroke, it instantly gets more artistic.

This tiny tattoo takes it to the next level by turning the actual landscape into an oil painting. It’s small, but the details and the choice of colors make it eye-catching.

Stunning Chinese ink and wash painting tattoo

Stunning chinese ink and wash painting tattoo by @chenjie. Newtattoo


The mountains in Chinese paintings and art, just the ones here, might not have sophisticated details. But the structures, the colors, and the overall composition remind us of the power of nature. Observe closer, and you will be in awe of the splendidness.

Small sunrise horizon tattoo

Small sunrise horizon tattoo by @tavi_tattoo


This small mountain landscape tattoo might be simple. But the stars and the circle on top highlight the entire design. From afar, it looks like the logo of Paramount Pictures and should belong to someone with a sparkle in the heart.

Aurora and tree landscape sleeve tattoo

Aurora and tree sleeve tattoo by @evgenymel


If you want to have framed tattoos on the sleeve, a diamond will be ideal, just like this one here.

It stretches lengthwise on the outer arm, filling up spaces. The tree in the center and the colors of the night sky are in beautiful contrast, making the tattoo pop out on the skin.

Floral landscape tattoo

Floral landscape tattoo by @anyma. Tattoo


The moon, the stars, the lake, and mountains, this black and grey landscape tattoo is like a photo taken during a family trip. The tattooist decorates it with a floral half circle and makes the tattoo more lively and feminine.

Conceptional autumn scenery sleeve tattooAn

Conceptional autumn scenery sleeve tattoo by @mooongnyum_tattoo


Golden waves of grass and orange sunset scattering on the field, this artistic tattoo perfectly captures the beauty of the season. The tattooist adds a creative twist by drawing the stream flowing out of the frame, turning it into a small waterfall. It adds motion and turns the tattoo alive.

Chinese crane and moon landscape tattoo

Chinese crane and moon tattoo by @rizn__tattoo


At first sight, this tattoo looks like a Chinese ink wash painting stuck to the skin. The large brushstrokes in the background are not common in tattoos. While the crane and moon are illustrated in detail, the strokes add ambiguity to the tattoo.

Landscape and scenery tattoos for dog lovers

Landscape and scenery tattoos for dog lovers by @hansantattoo


Who doesn’t love dogs? If you love traveling, the silhouette of your fluffy pals can be the best canvas for breathtaking sceneries.

Chinese ink wash painting landscape armband tattoo

Chinese ink wash painting armband tattoo by @chenjie. Newtattoo


Another Chinese ink wash painting tattoo on the arm. The landscapes in the tattoo are black and grey. The tattooist uses different shades of black to demonstrate layers of mountains, shadows, and reflection on the water.

The imagery might look calm and minimalist. But it’s the techniques and thoughts in it that makes the tattoo so natural.

Chinese landscape nape tattoo

Chinese nape tattoo by @newtattoo_franky


When tattooist Franky divides the landscape into two parts and embeds them into two circles, she turns the regular into creative. The small red ornaments draw attention to the landscape. And the two circles facing each other are similar to Yin and Yang, creating a sophisticated balance in composition.

Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp by @june_alison


Landscape tattoos might be all about lands and natural sceneries. But in the end, it’s about people.

They either carry a memory or tell a story. This tattoo, for example, depicts the landscape of Everest base camp. And we can easily connect it to the wearer’s adventure there or the desire to conquer Mount Everest.

Colored mountain landscape

Colored mountain landscape by @veroni. Ink


Mountain landscapes are not difficult to draw. But it’s not easy to color them creatively. This waist tattoo combines different shades of blue and purple – two uncommon colors for mountains. But the result is gorgeous and dreamy.

Abstract forest landscape at night

Abstract forest landscape at night by @tattooist_zela


What’s special about this landscape tattoo is the use of strokes. Instead of drawing every detail, the tattooist approaches it like an Impressionist like Vincent Van Gogh. Of course, it’s not realism, but you can feel the strength of every brushstroke, which requires skills when you draw with needles and ink.

Japanese landscape tattoo

Japanese landscape tattoo by @brittnaami


With skyscrapers, temples, Harajuku style, and kimono, Japan is a country where tradition meets modernity. This black and grey cityscape tattoo captures the traditional side of Japan. It pays tribute to the history and shows the wearer’s respect for his root.

Crane and landscape wrist tattoo

Crane and landscape wrist tattoo by @newtattoo_franky


The waves, sand, and the crane – everything in this tattoo flow smoothly. It wraps around the wrist, making it feel like a painting that keeps unfolding.

Mont Ventoux

Mont ventoux forearm tattoo by @acra. Tattoos


People are drawn to a place for various reasons – the unforgettable memories, the scenery, or the people. But either way, having a place close to the heart is a blessing. And landscape tattoos like this one honor the special connection.

The horizon colored landscape tattoo

The horizon colored landscape tattoo by @echo. Tattoos


Landscape tattoos don’t need to be illustrations of a specific place or town. Instead, this colored tattoo captures the beauty of nature. It proves that the attraction of nature resonates with everyone.

Duo-color Chinese landscape sleeve tattoo

Duo-color chinese landscape sleeve tattoo by @echo. Tattoos


Chinese landscape paintings are not always hyperrealism. The classic Chinese painters often paint the scene with minimal lines, like in this tattoo. From afar, the lines might seem bold and reckless. But observe closer; you will find them on point.

The thick black lines in the background illustrate the texture of a rocky mountain. It also resembles a waterfall, adding liveliness to a static piece of art.

Matching mountain landscape tattoos

Matching mountain landscape tattoos by @zoi. Tattoo


At first sight, these two minimalist matching tattoos might seem the same. But they are actually different. The two similar but not exactly the same tattoos are perfect for twins, siblings, or best friends.

Iceland landscape tattoo

Iceland landscape tattoo by @leehumphs_tattooer


Do you have a place that you call home? It doesn’t have to be your actual hometown. It can be where you have traveled to and loved ever since.

This Iceland tattoo not only captures the beauty of the countryside. The vibrant contrasting colors also show the wearer’s love for the town.

Triangle mountains landscape tattoo

Triangle mountains landscape tattoo by @mooody. Ink


Geometric shapes are perfect for mountain landscapes, like this triangle tattoo here. It not only sets a boundary for the imagery. But it also offers something to play with, like the birds flying out of the triangle. The composition and the elements together show the wearer’s adventurous spirit and the pursuit of freedom.

Gorgeous small landscape mirror tattoo

Gorgeous small landscape mirror tattoo by @mooongnyum_tattoo


One thing that makes a landscape tattoo special is the detail. From the shadows on the clouds to the light reflecting on the water, this tattoo delivers every detail perfectly. And the gems embedded in the mirror frame give the tattoo a sense of luxe as if it’s the magic mirror that reveals the destination of the next adventure.

Japanese Torii tattoo

Japanese torii tattoo by @peter_sparkler_tattoo


A Torii is a gate usually found at the entrance of Japanese Shinto shrines, meaning the sacred temples. It often symbolizes the transition from normal to sacred and from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whimsical forest landscape tattoo

Whimsical forest landscape tattoo by @mooongnyum_tattoo


Landscape ink is mostly horizontal. This one, however, makes an exception. As slender as it is, it covers a variety of natural elements: the sky, the clouds, and the trees. Moreover, the golden rays in the background scatter all over the objects, turning the scenery into a dreamy heaven.

Sunrise landscape collage tattoo

Sunrise landscape collage tattoo by @tattooist_sigak


The beauty of landscapes is that they may look different at different seasons and times of the day. This collage tattoo captures two seascapes at sunset and sunrise. The warmth from the red color on the left balances perfectly with the blue on the right. The two together are just too gorgeous to be ignored.

Matching waves and mountains landscape tattoos

Matching waves and mountains landscape tattoos by @vaaadaaa. Tattoo


Sometimes matching couple tattoos represent the similarity of two individuals, like a half-half butterfly. Sometimes they outline the differences between them, like these here. Waves and mountains are both creations of nature. But one is soft, and the other is stiff. But it’s the difference that makes them compatible with each other.

Sci-fi Shanghai landscape tattoo

Shanghai landscape tattoo by @besign. Ttt


Landscape tattoos aren’t always realistic. A few creative touches can turn a real place into one in Sci-Fis.

This Shanghai cityscape tattoo is one of them. With Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Tower, one can easily identify the city. But the giant planet in the background takes the viewers to a different world.

Wall-E and Eve

Wall-e and eve by @newtattoo_franky


Who doesn’t love Wall-E and Eve? In the original movie, Wall-E is a robot left on Earth to clean up garbage. However, in this tattoo, he is happily wandering around with Eve in a beautiful place. They are accompanied by blooming flowers and birds. It shows the tattooist’s creativity and writes the happy ending for the movie.

Simple black and white landscape tattoo

Simple black and white landscape tattoo by @chinatown_stropky


Landscape tattoos often have a lot of details. The lines, the shadows, and the light all have to be on point for creating something realistic. But this small mountain tattoo is different.

It illustrates the shape of the mountains with simple lines and colors the shadows with solid black. The contrast of black and white gives the tattoo a minimalist feeling. But it also makes it stand out.

Peek in the core – conceptional landscape tattoo

Peek in the core conceptional landscape tattoo by @katia. Zuela


Have you ever wondered what it’s like below the ground? This shoulder blade tattoo portrays the layers miles beneath us. Even better, the red lava on the bottom corresponds with the sun on the very top, achieving an abstract symmetry.

The infernal city landscape sleeve tattoo

The infernal city landscape sleeve tattoo by @leroygiesbers


Not all landscapes have to exist in real life. Some of the best come from imagination. This landscape sleeve tattoo is inspired by the cover of Greg Keyes’s novel The Infernal City.

The tattooist painted every detail to perfection, making this imaginary world real. If you love sci-fi books or movies, a tattoo like this shows both your passion and unique aesthetics.

Geometric landscape nape tattoo

Geometric landscape nape tattoo by @magutat2


Realism landscape tattoos are amazing. But if you want something less obvious and more abstract, a geometric tattoo like this may be a good idea.

Small sunrise and mountain landscape tattoo

Sunrise and mountain small landscape tattoo by @ellen. Tattoo


Mountains often symbolize the love for adventure. And the sunrise represents a new beginning and hope. This landscape tattoo may be small. But combining these two elements shows the wearer’s non-stopping passion for exploring the world.

Abstract colored landscape

Abstract colored landscape by @katia. Zuela


This abstract tattoo looks like a work of the Surrealists like Salvador Dali. The curves of the mountains may remind you of The Persistence of Memory. But with the vibrant colors, this tattoo is more uplifting and positive.

Japanese strip tattoo

Cranes and sunrise by @bcskinworks


Another classic oriental landscape tattoo. Mountains, trees, and waterfalls pay tribute to traditional arts. However, the two cranes flying out of the frame show the urge to break the rules. For this sake, this tattoo is elegantly rebellious.

Landscape cover-up tattoos

Letter tattoos into landscape by @studiobysol


Landscape tattoos are perfect cover-ups. The mountains, trees, and the night sky are usually in darker colors. They provide excellent coverage for old tattoos that no longer represent you.

Bear and landscape tattoo about strength

Bear and landscape tattoo about strength by @spikaprofile


Bears are a symbol of strength and motherhood. This creative tattoo shows how to incorporate your spirit animal with your love for nature.

You are my sunshine

I love you mom tattoo by @mkltattoos


This landscape tattoo is not as simple as it seems. The sun and the mountains are in the shape of “M-O-M.” As a mother tattoo, it celebrates the undying motherly love and the bond between mother and children.

Whimsical unicorn silhouette tattoo

Whimsical unicorn silhouette tattoo by @wowwow019


Unicorns represent miracles, and landscape tattoos often symbolize the love for adventure. If you believe that the best things happen on the road, this mesmerizing unicorn tattoo may be perfect for you.

Which of these landscape tattoos is your favorite?

Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!

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