42 migrants dead after boat from Yemen capsizes off Djibouti coast

The IOM Director’s Africa and the East and the West, Roman ABDIK, Mars is also tweeted, “grim pictures” and “land the bodies of children,” now emerged. A Tweet ABDIK It is said that even before the 16 (8 boys and girls 8) between was dead.

A press release mourning from Tuesday 60 IOM said that “the men who were smugglers and migrants” from Yemen to Djibouti, and this is bad for this second nature “in just over a month.”

Last month’s bad debt to the sea smugglers throw people saw 80 overcrowding, where at least 20 people force and said press release impact.

“Every year, tens of thousands of African migrants out of the country at risk of a child to make way for the Djiboutian from countries like South Africa and Africa and Yemen in the Gulf of work in the search for” according to the press release impact.

It is uncertain, by many different routes, it remains for us the cause of the currently TURN OUT “of vessels on unseaworthy vessels of almost every day, too much of the host countries to return. ‘

All the perils, “the number of migrants arriving in Djibouti continues to increase,” the IOM said.

“In March, about 2,343 migrants who came from Yemen, compared to 1,900 February. Most of the home trying to Ethiopia, one hundred twenty-seven and Africa.”

43 people drown after migrant boat capsize in the sea

The conflicts and incessant left “tens of thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa arrested in Yemen with the” risk for many conditions, often without access to food, shelter, security and medical care, “the IOM said.

Smugglers and migrants are forced to return home solutions, “easily big money” dangerous way home added.

This is because only 6,000 people will be registered in Yemen Humanitarian Return (VHR) when they get home to help OM $ 99 million appeal by launching in March to help meet the needs of migrants in the Horn of Africa and Yemen.

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