This 4000 Year Old Tomb In Egypt Will Leave The History Buff In You Totally Baffled!


The first few things that Egypt brings to one’s mind are old world charm, majestic kings, ancient ruins, etc., right? After all, this country is famous for its great pyramids and the Sphinx. But, if you are really a history buff, then we have a news for you that will make you jump and rejoice. A 4000 year old tomb in Egypt It has just been opened to the public and it is no less than a mystery!

Mehu’s tomb is 4000 year old tomb in Egypt Which is located in the Saqqara cemetery near Giza. While the tomb dates back to the Sixth Dynasty and was discovered in 1940, the government has now opened it to the public.

The vault, which has been restored, consists of two rooms whose walls are decorated with dazzling paintings and drawings from the olden times. The paintings and drawings depict Egyptian life and depict dance rituals, hunting and especially the marriage of two crocodiles which makes it unique.

Paintings in the tomb of MehuPaintings in the tomb of Mehu


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The tomb has a narrow corridor that leads to six separate chambers that witness the burial of Mehu’s dynasty. According to archaeologists, Mehu was an important person in the Egyptian administration.

it 4000 year old tomb in Egypt This is being considered as an important part of Egypt tourism that will help in increasing it and make people believe that Egypt is a safe place to visit. This is another attraction added to the ancient world of Egypt that will attract travelers from all over the world.

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