40+ original 30th birthday message texts

Another blown candle, another year gone! Well, that’s it, your friend, your sister, your cousin or your primary school crush is celebrating their birthday again. But this year, it’s a little special because he or she is celebrating his or her thirtieth birthday, so you can’t do anything and send him or her a stupid message that might completely ruin his or her birthday party (at least). less). Luckily for you, in addition to ideas for birthday messages for 18th birthday people, we have also provided you with some perfect little texts to send to someone who is just turning thirty. And believe us, this person needs good moral support during this difficult time.

Short messages that always work

Happy 30th birthday! May this new decade bring you lots of happiness, joy and success!

30 is the age of wisdom, so happy birthday! Enjoy this exceptional day.

Congratulations on your 30th birthday! May this day be filled with love and joy. Happy birthday, enjoy!

30 years is the start of a new adventure! Happy birthday: the best is yet to come!

Happy 30th birthday! May this beautiful day make you smile: enjoy your new decade.

It sounds like a threatening message, but I promise, it’s not. Afterwards, you can always send it to that friend who owes you money to see how he reacts.

A very happy birthday to the new 30-year-old! May this day be as wonderful as you!

30 years old and still just as radiant! Have a great birthday and celebrate in good company.

3 decades already that you have filled our lives with happiness! Happy 30th birthday: today we’re celebrating in a big way!

30 years is 30 reasons to celebrate this new turning point! Happy birthday, celebrate and enjoy your day.

Funny messages to make the person celebrating their birthday laugh

Happy birthday ! 30 years is just one additional year of experience in the permanent contract of life that you started 29 years ago. Go to work !

The perfect message to send to your colleague who has to work on their birthday.

Happy birthday ! Celebrate it well, but above all don’t forget: 30 is still too young to be old, but too old to pretend to be young!

Welcome to the thirty-something club! Here, we trade our hair for wisdom (also called old people’s phrases). Happy birthday !

Congratulations on your 30th birthday! You are now part of the very select club of people who give old people’s advice to teenagers while pretending to be young enough to be able to go clubbing! Happy birthday !

And Bam !

Hello old branch! 30 is 30 years closer to death, so make the most of it before it’s too late! Happy birthday !

A message to send to your friend who has problems with second degree.

Happy birthday ! Know that 30 is the age where the word “retro” takes on its full meaning because you realize that young people are using your childhood memories as an evening theme. Enjoy!

A very happy 30th birthday! You’re now halfway between the age where you can officially brag about being an adult and the age where you can ask for senior discounts. Have a nice day !

Today you’re 30, the age where you can still party, but you need three days to get over it! Happy birthday ! Celebrate (but don’t forget to take some time off to rest afterwards).

Happy Birthday! Have a great birthday remembering that 30 is only half of 60, so there’s no need to panic!

30 is the end of “How old are you?” and the beginning of “You look young for your age”. Blow out your candles tonight with your loved ones. Happy birthday !

Happy 30th birthday! Even though you’re not 20 anymore, you’re still younger than the invention of the glue tube! Either way, you’ll never be too old to have fun. Have a nice day.

Happy 30 years! This is the perfect time to realize that you are no longer a young adult, but a young adult. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day in good company.

Always help to put things into perspective!

Messages that are too cute to send lots of love

Happy 30th birthday! You are a source of inspiration for us all, and your kindness brightens our lives. May this new adventure fill you with happiness, love and success worthy of the awesome person that you are.

Happy birthday to one of the most wonderful people I know! Your kindness and generosity are matched only by your charm and your smile. May your 30th birthday fill you with joy and happiness. Have a nice day !

Happy 30th birthday to you! You are an extraordinary person who always knows how to make us laugh. Your presence and support are a true gift and I feel lucky to have you by my side in life. Enjoy this day. I look forward to spending many more years with you!

Happy 30th birthday! You are an incredibly talented, generous and loving person, and it is as much a joy as an honor to know you. May this new decade bring you as much joy as you bring to others!

A very happy birthday to an incredible person! Thank you for your energy and contagious optimism, and I am happy to celebrate this special day with you. May this new decade be as bright as you and may your 30s bring you everything you’ve always wanted!

Congratulations on your 30th birthday! Your humor and your kindness make you a unique and precious person. I hope this year brings you everything you deserve and more. I raise my glass to the new adventure that this decade will be! Celebrate today.

A very happy 30th birthday to an exceptional person! Thank you for spreading your joy all around you. I hope this year will live up to your beauty (outside and inside). This decade has wonderful surprises in store for you. Enjoy !

Happy birthday to the most amazing person I know! At 30, you are an example of success and kindness. I am proud to know you but above all proud to share your life. Enjoy this special day and celebrate it well with the people who love you (and there are many!).

Slightly longer messages for those who have the soul of a writer

Very happy 30th birthday! It’s crazy how time flies: here you are now at the dawn of a new decade with lots of challenges and projects to accomplish. I am sure that this year has great surprises in store for you, lots of joy, and that it will allow you to flourish. Take advantage of this special day to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished so far and prepare yourself for exciting new adventures. Happy birthday again !

Today is a very special day: your 30th birthday! It’s also the perfect time to congratulate yourself for everything you’ve been through over the years, but also everything you’ve learned and shared. The next thirty years will be even better, I have no doubt. May this new decade be filled with laughter, happiness and love, and may all your dreams come true. I am happy to be able to share the years to come alongside you. Happy birthday !

Add to that a little special 30th birthday gift and believe me that the person will make you their direct heir.

Happy 30th birthday! You have entered the wonderful world of your thirties, and I am sure it will be an extraordinary time for you. This new decade will offer you lots of challenges and discoveries that will continue to make you grow. I hope you take full advantage of this exciting stage in your life and continue to flourish. I wish you a memorable day and a year filled with happiness and success. Happy birthday!

On this special day, I wanted to wish you a great 30th birthday! May this day be filled with joy, love and laughter shared with your loved ones and the people you love. You have accomplished so much over these 30 years, and I am so proud of the person you have become. I wish you a new decade full of happiness. You will have lots of new challenges to take on but I am sure that you will do it brilliantly. May all your wishes come true and may love and luck always accompany you.

Messages for those who want to play it more original

Today we celebrate your thirty springs,

A life filled with emotions, a dazzling journey.

Time passes, but your smile remains bright,

A sun that shines warmly.

The years have shaped the person you are,

A generous, loving soul with a cheerful nature.

Dear friend, may this day be a reflection,

Of the love and joy that you transmit every day.

Happy birthday, and may this new age,

Brings you happiness and love, without clouds.

Our bond of friendship is not a mirage,

And he will carry you across the shores.

30 years, this is a milestone that must be celebrated,

Dear friend, today we will honor you.

You are like wine, which with time,

Refines and becomes more succulent.

Time flies, it is elusive,

But with you, every moment is pleasant.

The years pass and the memories pile up,

Beautiful adventures and joys that pass by.

Happy birthday, may the years come,

May we be full of love, laughter and memories.

Don’t forget that I am here to support you,

Always for better and for worse.

Today you celebrate your thirtieth birthday,

A new decade, a new momentum.

Let’s celebrate this special day together,

With laughter, tears and a friendly toast.

Your life is a story filled with beauty,

Of success, love and complicity.

May this new stage, so promising,

Fill you with joy and make your life all the more wonderful.

Happy birthday, my dear friend,

May these thirty years be infinite,

And that our friendship that I cherish,

Lasts for life.

Joviality and laughter, today you deserve them,

Odream big on this special day,

Y always believe, look towards the light

Eflourish in this decade, without limits.

ulet’s get together to celebrate, friends, family,

X– extraordinary day for such a kind person.

Tjoy and happiness to mark this new adventure,

Rgathered around you, all those who love you,

ETogether we sing so that your happiness always lasts,

NOTfilling our hearts, memories that we sow.

Tannuity years, an age where everything still remains to be explored,

Et thus write your own story, enjoying life and its beauty.

HASyear after year, you never lose your beauty

NOTI have no doubt that we will continue to love you

Sespecially given the number of beautiful moments we have left to spend

Beautiful day to celebrate this great moment,

Olet’s forget time and share our enchantment.

NOT‘having not warned of their arrival so quickly, here are your thirty years.

HASToday, with you, we are reunited,

NOTe celebrate the completion of three decades.

NOThaving only confidence in the future, let us move forward hand in hand,

Intense emotions, united by friendship until the end.

Vers of new horizons, may this stage take you,

ETogether we will dance, so that until the end, we will remember.

Rsinging, remembering days gone by,

Sknow that we are here, forever by your side.

HASfriendship, love, may these bonds continue to strengthen,

Iunforgettable moments shared, and beautiful projects to carry out.

Rdream big, move forward, and enjoy every moment,

En this special day, happy birthday, sincerely.


Why even bother?

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Made with love and devotion by the house.


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