37 Most Volumizing Pixie Cuts for Thin Hair

Pixie cuts for thin hair can truly work wonders in providing a stylish, sassy look while giving the illusion of thickness and volume. As someone with fine hair, you might think it’s impossible to pull off such a bold change, but with the right technique and a skilled hairdresser, your worries can be set aside.

Say goodbye to long, limp tresses, and embrace a sophisticated and chic hairdo that not only elevates your style quotient, but is also incredibly easy to maintain. With a myriad of variations like textured pixie cuts, shaggy layers, or the addition of subtle highlights, you can personalize the cut to accentuate your facial features and express your individuality.

Reignite your confidence and parade your new look; a pixie cut can be your perfect ally in transforming your thin and lifeless locks into a sensational statement.

Light Purple Wispy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

#1: Light Purple Wispy Pixie Cut

A light purple color is best suited for a wispy pixie cut. If you want to change your look drastically, add a fun color. When you have thin hair I suggest wearing your hair short. This will give you maximum fullness.

Voluminous Short Pixie with Sweeping Bangs for Thin Hair

#2: Voluminous Short Pixie with Sweeping Bangs

This pixie cut will help you speed up your morning routine of getting ready for the day. It will give you effortless volume and texture. Ask your stylist at your next appointment if this is a good cut for you!

Silver Tapered Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

#3: Silver Tapered Pixie Cut

I love this short pixie cut, especially for fine thin hair. Be aware with this cut that you’ll need to be in the salon more often for trims to keep its beautiful shape. This is also a great look for your aging hair to keep it youthful.

Silver Messy Pixie with Wispy Ends for Thin Hair

#4: Silver Messy Pixie with Wispy Ends

One of the most volumizing cuts for thin hair is this messy pixie with wispy ends. If you have aging hair, be aware that a shorter cut can help give your locks more lift and volume. This style features textured layers to create movement and body. While the wispy ends add softness around the face. To maintain this look, use a light-hold hairspray to keep flyaways in check. Apply Cult & King Jelly for texture and volume hold.

#5: Low-Maintenance Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

A low-maintenance undercut pixie hairstyle is super edgy and can easily be customized. A pixie cut for thin hair can give the illusion of thicker hair and can offer more styling options to women with thin hair.

Dark Brunette Pixie with Choppy Fringe for Thin Hair

#6: Dark Brunette Pixie with Choppy Fringe

Try this dark brunette pixie with a choppy fringe for a bold yet soft haircut. If your hair is dragging you down and you’re ready for a change, go for this feminine style. A pixie requires a little more maintenance. So give your hair a 4-6 week period between cuts.

#7: Natural Silver Textured Pixie

Cutting off old colors is helpful for transitioning. But only once your gray has grown out to a length that you can work with. A natural silver textured pixie is a sassy combination. Your hair will look intentional and level up your personal style.

Closely Cropped Pixie with Fringe for Thin Hair

#8: Closely Cropped Pixie with Fringe

Try a closely cropped pixie with fringe if you want a really short cut that has a little bit of edginess to it. If having hair touching your neck or ears bothers you, tell your stylist you want a very short fade on the sides. Pay attention to the way your stylist styles your hair at the end so you can recreate this style at home. Pomade, wax, and clay are going to be essential to you getting ready every day.

Silver Pixie with Bangs and Sideburns for Thin Hair

#9: Silver Pixie with Bangs and Sideburns

You’ll shine in a silver pixie with bangs and sideburns. Nothing makes you younger-looking better than a trendy short hairstyle. Aging hair can become thinner, so it’s a great choice to style it closer to your head to avoid seeing your scalp. You’ll love the tendrils surrounding your face that will hide weak hairlines. Embrace your silver pixie and enjoy the easy manageability of short hair.

#10: Longer Pixie with Caramel Balayage

A longer pixie with caramel balayage is ideal for women with thin hair because it gives the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do with its varying lengths of layers and shorter style. Pay attention to the way you prefer your hair to lay and part and be sure to blow dry this haircut to maximize its potential on giving you the amount of volume and texture you want. From my experience, it’s best to keep longer lengths around your face, especially in front of the ears and in the fringe area. The shorter the layers, the higher your hair will be.

#11: Long Pixie with Choppy Bangs

A long pixie with choppy bangs is so trendy right now. If you’re looking for a stylish cut that’s easy to fix, look no further. This haircut is so versatile. When styling, you can create lots of volume and texture by using a texture spray, or you can go for a more sleek and choppy look by using a pomade. Either way, you’ll look great.

#12: Flattering Pixie Cut for Thin-Haired Women

If you’re looking for a flattering pixie cut for thin-haired women, look no further! With a mixture of blunt lines and soft textured layers, it will offer you all the feels you’re looking for in your next pixie haircut. Don’t forget to add a little root boost spray for a little extra lift when blow-drying.

#13: Voluminous Pixie Bob Cut

A voluminous pixie bob cut with a “v” hair detail on the nape of the head is a beautiful precision haircut. Adding texturizing cream when the hair is wet and blow-drying thereafter helps create the illusion of added volume. Ask your stylist if a pixie bob cut suits you.

Short Pixie for Women with Glasses

#14: Short Pixie for Women with Glasses

A short pixie for women with glasses helps soften your facial features when the bangs are trimmed at the area right above the level of the eyewear. Use dry shampoo instead of washing daily to achieve the ultimate second-day hairstyle.

Salt-and-Pepper Short Pixie Cut for Thinner Hair

#15: Salt-and-Pepper Short Pixie Cut for Thinner Hair

A salt-and-pepper short pixie cut for thinner hair has a wide array of styling options. A pixie cut for really thin hair can be left wet and crunchy with a wave or by adding a texturizing cream and blow-dry thereafter for a fuller look.

Classic Pixie for Thin, Fine Hair

#16: Classic Pixie for Thin, Fine Hair

A classic pixie for thin, fine hair is perfect for giving the illusion of thicker tresses. When styling pixie hairstyles for thin hair, use a small amount of texturizing cream to create volume without weighing the hair down.

#19: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women with Thin Hair

An asymmetrical pixie for women with thin hair is a sassy haircut that creates the illusion of fuller-looking tresses. In styling an asymmetrical cut, use a flat iron on your pixie styles for thin hair to frame the longer side of the face while tucking the shorter side behind the ear.

Short, Wavy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

#20: Short, Wavy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

A short, wavy pixie cut for thin hair is a perfect wash-and-go haircut. Adding volume to a pixie cut for very thin hair is done by applying texturizing cream or a curl mousse on wet hair, molding the waves into place.

#21: Curly Pixie for Thin, Short Hair

A curly pixie for thin, short hair is a timeless piece. A pixie style for thin hair with a wavy, curly texture elaborates the intricacy of each curl, creating the illusion of fuller tresses.

#22: Pixie Bob for Women Over 30 with Thin Hair

A pixie bob for women over 30 with thin, straight hair creates an avenue in making the hair look more fuller. Pixies for thinning hair suit any face shape. Whether straight or curled, a pixie cut remains a classic look for women over 30.

#23: Youthful Spiky Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

A youthful spiky pixie cut for women over 60 can help thinner tresses appear fuller. When styling a pixie for thinning hair, apply a texturizing cream and blow-dry the hair upwards. It offers added volume and the medium-hold it needs to keep the style.

#24: Feminine Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Feminine pixie cuts for thin hair are perfect for women with round-shaped faces. A pixie haircut for thin hair can be made thicker by styling the cut with high-quality hair products like volumizing mousse.

#25: Blonde Pixie for Women Over 40 with Thin Hair

A blonde pixie for women over 40 with thin hair creates added volume, texture, and dimension. Adding volume to pixies for thinner hair is achievable by using a volumizing mousse before blow-drying the hair.

Edgy Short Pixie for Women with Glasses

#26: Edgy Short Pixie for Women with Glasses

An edgy short pixie for women with glasses is a great choice to keep the hair out of the way when wearing eyeglasses. When cutting a pixie with glasses, it’s vital to cut the hair both with and without the glasses. This is to make sure none of the hair is getting caught on any part of the eyewear.

#27: Edgy Short Pixie for Round Face Shapes

An edgy short pixie for round face shapes helps build lift toward the crown area, elongating the face. Pixie cuts for fine hair are a great option to try for the hair texture it brings, as well as the styling options it offers, creating the illusion of added volume and density. A longer side fringe also helps slim a rounder face shape.

Shaggy Pixie for Short, Thin Hair

#28: Shaggy Pixie for Short, Thin Hair

A shaggy pixie for short thin hair is a timeless pixie hairstyle for thin hair. With a mixture of wispy concave and convex layering, a shaggy pixie gives the hair body with soft edges. Ask for a razor cut for added softness to your messy style. Use a soft sea salt beach spray or texturizing spray to create that fun tousled texture.

#29: Younger-Looking Pixie for Women Over 70 with Thin Hair

Try a younger-looking pixie for women over 70 with thin hair. Look 10 years younger with a straight line edge up and opting for a solid hair color like blonde instead of grey to your pixie haircut for a more youthful appearance. Avoid adding too much product to your hairstyle if your hair is fine and thin. Skip the conditioner in the shower so your hair will have a natural lift with nothing weighing it down.

#30: Choppy Pixie Cut with Layers

Rock out with a choppy pixie cut with layers! By creating different lengths in your choppy layers, your hairstylist can add a crazy amount of volume while giving you a ton of texture to play. Thinning hairstyles never have to be boring with an edgy choppy pixie.

Short Pixie Cut with Bangs

#31: Short Pixie Cut with Bangs

Stand out in a short pixie cut with bangs. It’s blended out for a seamless grow-out, making a pixie haircut a perfect option for thinning haircuts. Ask your stylist to do some slide-cutting techniques in the style to create fun ribboning effects in your layers. Piece out with your favorite pomade.

#32: Very Short Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Consider a very short pixie with wispy bangs to soften or enhance your facial features. A fun, disconnected, heavy, but wispy fringe with a mod pixie is the perfect option for hiding a large forehead, showing off cheekbones, or simply modernizing your pixie haircut. It lays perfectly with the shape of the head and has effortless styling, making it a popular choice of pixies for thin hair.

#33: Trendy Pixie Hairstyle with Side-Swept Bangs

Try a trendy pixie hairstyle with side-swept bangs if you’re looking for a more youthful pixie style. Avoid this cut if you don’t have a lot of time to get ready. An asymmetrical pixie requires a little more time to style in the mornings. It may require the use of a flat iron or curling iron. Plan your day with an extra 10 minutes to get your new trendy style on point.

#34: Thin, Short Pixie Haircut

Rock a thin, short pixie haircut if you’re looking for a pixie cut for super thin hair. Pixies suit an oval face shape or for that woman looking for a style that will make her eyes stand out. It’s also great for women on the go with its fast wash-and-go styling.

Layered Pixie Hairstyle for Thinner Hair

#35: Layered Pixie Hairstyle for Thinner Hair

Ask your stylist for a layered pixie hairstyle for thinner hair. Want to create the illusion your hair is thicker than it is? Heavy blonding and a disconnected cut creates volume and tricks the eye that there is more depth in thinner hairstyles.

#36: Short Pixie Hairstyle for Older Women with Thinning Hair

Consider a short pixie hairstyle for older women with thinning hair. Going with a textured pixie for thin hair is a great option when adding volume and depth to your hair. Try Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Spray for an extra lift and volume that’s super lightweight and won’t weigh the hair down or turn greasy.

blonde thin pixie with bangs for older ladies

#37: Blonde Thin Pixie with Bangs for Older Ladies

A blonde pixie with bangs is an excellent choice for older ladies with thin hair. Layers and texture help to add fullness to the hair, and bangs make a shorter cut a more feminine feel. Style with a dry texture spray for more movement and volume.

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