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The 365 Days trilogy is coming to an end with the third and final installment entitled “365 Days: The Year After”, available on Netflix. So how does the Polish erotic franchise end? Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs reveal plot elements from “365 Days: The Year After”.

Cardboard on Netflix, the franchise 365 days ends with a third and final film, available on the platform since August 19. After a first problematic feature film which had created controversy and a second opus, 365 days to the next day, a little softer but still ridiculousthe trilogy comes to an end and puts an end to the “love story” between Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone).

The lies and mafia life of Massimo get the better of the relationship between the young woman, who had been abducted and kidnapped – we remember – and Laura loses her baby and nearly loses her life. The second part, still produced by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandesends with the death of Adriano, Massimo’s twin brother.

Too open an end

In the third part 365 days: the year after, the lovebirds never stop arguing. Laura takes refuge in work – a collection of clothes – to escape her marital problems with Massimo, who drinks and takes drugs to forget that Laura is thinking of someone else.

The young woman had indeed approached Nacho (Simone Susanna), a rival of Massimo who had posed as a gardener to reach and destroy him. She rediscovers her flirtation in Portugal during a professional trip with her best friend Olga, which will allow her to take stock of her life.

365 days on Netflix how does the controversial erotic trilogy

Laura succumbs to Nacho’s charm and cheats on Massimo with him. But the mobster is never far away and he finds his wife in Portugal. The latter does not let herself be intimidated by Massimo and even threatens him with divorce.

She then flees to her parents with whom she talks about her romantic future and even has a – surprisingly sensible – discussion with her mother. Laura is so lost that she has an erotic dream with Massimo… and Nacho!

Eventually Laura resolves to return to Sicily to have a serious talk with Massimo. But when she arrives at the airport, she finds Nacho, who pretends to be a taxi driver (decidedly!). The latter reveals his feelings to her and tells her that he is ready to wait for her.

Laura then joins Massimo on the beach near their property and the two talk quietly. The mobster then asks a crucial question to Laura, namely if she will stay by his side. And the film ends on this without Laura having pronounced her answer.

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This very open end has also provoked the anger of the few fans of the trilogy on social networks. The film 365 days: the year after is very different from the book – and that’s good – because there are very violent intrigues (like a dog killed or Laura once again kidnapped and attacked) which have been abandoned.

On the other hand, the book brings a real end to Laura’s story. The young woman divorces Massimo and ends up in the arms of Nacho with whom she has a child. Does this open ending in the Netflix film mean that the platform is not closing the doors to a possible sequel for 365 days?

This would mean that the plot would therefore go in a totally unknown direction. For the moment, no information has been revealed on this subject and 365 days: the year after is officially the end of the erotic franchise.

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