$35m sitcom star Brett Butler now asking fans for cash on GoFundMe

$35m sitcom star Brett Butler now asking fans for cash on GoFundMe

As one of the most successful sitcom queens in the 1990s, she earned $350k per episode. Twenty-five years later, Brett Butler, an actress, is appealing to fans for money.

Actress and comedian Brett Butler was a star in the 90s sitcom Grace Under Fire. A friend created a GoFundMe to pay her bills.

The Hollywood Reporter was told by Butler, who starred in the hit sitcom of the ’90s that she earned $350,000 per episode. According to Butler, 63, she earned $35m in total while on the sitcom. Her friend launched GoFundMe.

Sitcom star brett butler
Sitcom star brett butler

She said, “I’ve felt ashamed.” “Almost ashamed to the point of death.”

Grace Under Fire was inspired by Butler’s own experiences with alcoholism, abuse, and his life. From 1993 to 1998, the sitcom featured Butler as a single mother who raised her children alone after she divorced her abusive husband.

Butler explained to the publication that her Vicodin addiction was a result of the TV pressure. To treat her sciatica, she was given a painkiller. She said, “At the bloody painful end, it was really difficult.” Butler admitted that she can only recall 80 of the 112 episodes that she filmed in the decade.

“I was completely out of my mind. You can get that from drugs. The show should have been pulled earlier than it was,” said the actor who has recently played Reese Witherspoon’s mother on AppleTV’s The Morning Show. After the show was canceled, she said that she got sober. Her money problems were caused by poor financial decisions and theft from disingenuous people she believed she could trust. Her current financial situation was also influenced by the pandemic.

Butler stated, “I was a bit too trusting with certain people that worked for my, and I had many things stolen. It was stupid of me not to have insurance. It was also a bad idea to lend and give away a lot of money. It was so bad that I had it, I felt guilty and couldn’t get rid it fast enough.

In 2011, Butler returned to acting and reached out for help from Chuck Lorre, creator of Grace Under Fire. Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre helped Butler to get a part on Anger Management. Butler has also appeared on shows like How to Get Away With Murder, and The Walking Dead.

She said, “I’m not alone in this boat.” “Most people who are in it have never had the same opportunities as I did. Although it doesn’t lessen my self-loathing and fear, I do realize that.

GoFundMe has exceeded its original goal of $US20k and is now close to raising $US30k to help the star.

Her friend wrote on the fundraising page that she was in a similar situation to many others. These words are not exaggerated. It’s urgent. Brett has exhausted all her resources, and the stress of an impending eviction is straining both her mental and physical health. Help! It’s urgent!”

This story first appeared on Page Six.

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