35 Cute Cow Print Nail Designs to Try in 2022

Cow Print Nails


Animal prints have long been a favorite in the fashion world, but cow print has been featured less than classics like leopard and snake print; until now! This spotty design is taking the nail world by storm, and for a good reason. The simple print is defined by irregular black or brown spots, rounded in appearance, and features over a white base. The print is incredibly versatile and fun and can be adapted to suit your preference and added to your nails in various ways. Try out black and white spots if you love the classic monochromatic approach. Or opt for something more colorful and modern, including pastel cow print or contrasting hues like black and pink. There is a cow print nail design to suit every nail length and shape, from simple and minimalist looks that are ideal for everyday to nail designs that demand attention.


1. Cute Cow Print Nails

Cow print is more wearable than many other animal prints, and the neutral colors make them incredibly versatile. This gives you freedom with how you choose to create your nail art, which could be edgy and cool or girly. For cute nails, you can opt for soft, muted colors, and experiment with the placement of the cow print. Or mix and match it with other prints or patterns. Depending on your preference, you could also add a sticker of a cartoon cow or milk bottle. Any nail art that requires a lot of detail to complete looks best on longer nails, giving you the space to get creative with your design.


Cute Cow Print Nails


2. Pink Cow Print Nails

Pink is one of the most popular colors for nail art, but choosing to create in a cow print is a unique and fun approach to pink nails. There are various shades of pink to choose from, from soft, muted colors like pastels to bright and vibrant hues that demand attention. Or you could mix and match a lighter and darker shade of pink to give your nails contrast and let the spots stand out. Pink is also universally flattering and will suit all skin tones and look great on nails of all lengths and shapes.


Pink Cow Print Nails


3. White Nails with Pink Cow Print

White nails are simple but stylish. The crisp hue demands attention but is also easy to wear. Instead of opting for a black and white color combination for your cow print, you can try a girly approach by using pink. How much pink you wish to add is your choice, and it could be focused on a feature nail or the tips of the nail for a modern approach to the classic French manicure. Alternatively, you could paint the nails with a white base coat, adding pink spots over it. Pink is associated with femininity and love, and you can channel this with your manicure, celebrating female power.


White Nails With Pink Cow Print


4. White Nails with One Cow Print

Cow print is one of the most versatile and stylish animal prints, but it can still take some confidence to pull off because of how noticeable it is. If you love the idea of cow print but are hesitant to try it out, adding it to a feature nail is a wonderful way to ease into this nail trend. You can paint the rest of your nails white and then choose a fingernail to add the cow spots. This can be any fingernail, but many women pick the ring finger as this is a great way to draw attention to unique or special jewelry.


White Nails With One Cow Print


5. Brown Cow Print Nails

In fashion, cow print is typically created in black and white, but the hide of cows comes in a variation of colors, including brown. This lets you get creative with your nail art while still creating a realistic-looking print. Brown is also an incredibly versatile color and will produce less contrast than black, making it easier to wear. There are several shades of brown to choose from, including rich chocolate colors or deep, dark browns. The appeal of brown nails is they are flattering on everyone.


Brown Cow Print Nails


6. Light Brown Cow Print Nails

If you love the idea of brown nail art but want a color that is subtle and will create less contrast when paired with a white or nude base coat, then light brown is ideal. Light brown is incredibly flattering and is gorgeous on everyone. It also works well with nails of all shapes and lengths, letting you get creative with your design. You can experiment with the size and placement of the spots and how you wish to incorporate them into your nail art. The simpler approach is best for some, focusing on a feature nail, or ditching the white base coat in favor of your natural nails or a nude polish; this will create less contrast and is more wearable, lending itself well to a variety of occasions.


Light Brown Cow Print Nails


7. Blue Cow Print Nails

Blue nails are pretty and symbolic, but pairing them with a classic cow print pattern makes the color look better. The color is associated with calmness and tranquility, and adding it to your nail art is stylish and meaningful. It is a great way to remind yourself to stop and take a deep breath when life gets too busy or challenging. Depending on your preference, there are various shades of blue to choose from, from dark and rich hues to light and muted shades like light blue or baby blue. But all shades of blue look striking when paired with cow print; it creates a welcome pop of color against this monochromatic color combination. You can get creative with your placement of the blue, including adding it at different angles or keeping it on the tips.


Blue Cow Print Nails


8. Purple Cow Print Nails

Purple nails are becoming increasingly popular, and the color is associated with royalty, wealth, and luxury. What better way to make yourself feel like a princess than by adding this hue to your next manicure?! There are several shades of purple to choose from, including soft, pastel colors that are feminine and ultra-flattering. There are many ways to try out purple cow print, letting you get creative and create your manicure to reflect your preference. A few fun ways to try it out include mixing and matching different shades of purple or painting the purple over a white or nude base coat.


Purple Cow Print Nails


9. Light Blue Cow Print Nails

Light blue is a lovely color that is flattering on most people and is easy to mix and match. When it comes to nail art, adding light blue to your cow spots lets you get creative with color without being too bold and daring. The result is a manicure that is trendy and romantic. There are many ways to add light blue cow spots, including over a white base coat, creating a slight contrast and making the print pop.


Light Blue Cow Print Nails (1)


10. Neon Cow Print Nails

Neon colors are vibrant and luminescent, which makes them unmissable. There are several colors to choose from, letting you mix and match to create a unique finish that the cow spots have inspired, or you can add a neon hue to a classic version of cow print; the choice is yours. This nail art is made to stand out, and although it is fun and cool, it is not always suitable for more conservative settings. It also takes some serious confidence to pull off, and you may wish to ease into the neon colors by focusing them on the tips of your nails or adding them to only one nail for a feature nail effect.


Neon Cow Print Nails


11. Orange Cow Print Nails

Orange is a bright and bold color associated with warmth, joy, and happiness. It is a wonderful hue for nail art, giving you a cheerful and bright manicure. The classic black and white color combination of cow print is incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched with everything. It also lends itself well to a pop of color and will contrast with the vibrancy of orange. You can choose to create nail designs that are orange with a cow print tip, focus the orange on a feature nail, or make your print in two shades of orange and forgo the black and white entirely.


Orange Cow Print Nails


12. Rainbow Cow Print Nails

Rainbow cow print nails are not for the faint of heart because this design is made to be noticed. It is playful and expressive and a wonderful choice for summer vacations or if you want to bring a little color into your life. You can combine the classic cow print with rainbow designs. Or you can opt for a multicolored look choosing a different shade of the rainbow for each nail. Rainbow nails are also symbolic and are associated with positivity, good fortune, and dreams.


Rainbow Cow Print Nails


13. Multicolour Cow Print Nails

There are no rules for what you can and cannot do when trying out the cow print nail art trend. You can stick to the classic color combination, or you can be inspired by the shape of the spots but opt for something more colorful and unique. Multi-Colored cow print is for those who want nail art that is fun and expressive. There are many ways to introduce color to your manicure, including opting for a different shade on every nail; this is an excellent look if you cannot decide on one shade. Any very detailed nail art looks best on longer nails as there is more space for your designs. Before deciding how you will incorporate cow print into your next manicure, keep this in mind.


Multicolour Cow Print Nails


14. Reverse Cow Print Nails

Cow print is typically created with black spots on a white background, but for a more modern approach, you can also create your spots in reverse colors; a black base coat with white spots. The beauty of cow print is how versatile it is, and it can be adapted to suit your preference. Black and white is a fantastic combination that can be mixed and matched with everything and is bound to get your nails noticed.


Reverse Cow Print Nails


15. Black and White Cow Print Nails

Cow print is a fabulous option for your next manicure because it is versatile and can be adapted to suit your preference. The classic monochromatic color scheme mixes and matches with everything and looks great on nails of all lengths and shapes. Black and white are colors that look great together, creating a contrast. How you choose to add the cow print to your manicure is up to you; you can opt for a subtle approach like a feature nail or paint every nail with an eye-catching print.


Black And White Cow Print Nails (1)


16. Black White and Pink Cow Print Nails

If you want a cow print manicure that will turn heads, consider a pink, black and white nail combination. Black is a hue associated with style and sophistication, and it can be mixed and matched with any other color. Pink represents femininity and love, and when paired with black, it will create a gorgeous contrast. There are various shades of pink to choose from, depending on your desired finish, including neon pink or soft, muted hues like pastels. This manicure complements nails of all lengths and shapes but can have the most dramatic effect on long nails with interesting angles, like coffin or almond.


Black And Pink Cow Print Nails


17. Pastel Cow Print Nails

Pastel nail art is timeless and classic. It is perfect for every season and incredibly easy to wear because the colors are muted, giving them a soft and romantic finish. There are also several pastel shades to choose from, including baby blue, light pink, mint green, and yellow, letting you mix and match them to create a stylish and unique finish. If you love the idea of colorful cow print, then this is a great way to try it out without it being too in-your-face. There is a reason pastels are a favorite for nail art.


Pastel Cow Print Nails


18. White Cow Print Nails

White nails look modern and clean. The color is also symbolic, associated with new beginnings and hope, and could reflect your thoughts and feelings, letting your nails make a subtle statement. They are the ideal option for someone who wants a simple manicure, and the color mixes and matches with everything. White nails are also perfect for various occasions and can be flattering on all skin tones. While there are definite pros to an all-white manicure, adding cow print to your design can make it even more eye-catching and fun.


White Cow Print Nails


19. Clear Cow Print Nails

Clear nails are ideal for someone who wants nail art that feels effortless yet modern. When adding cow print over clear nails, you want it to be as simple as possible to keep the clear finish the focus of your manicure. Simple does not mean boring, though; there are multiple colors to choose from, and you can experiment with different angles of your spots and textures; the matte polish is excellent if you want a smooth, flat finish. You can also add just one clear nail to your hand to create a subtle contrast with the rest of your nails.


Clear Cow Print Nails


20. Matte Cow Print Nails

It is not just the colors of your nail art that can make it stand out but also the textures. Most nail polishes have a glossy finish, but you need matte nails if you want something different and ultra-stylish. Matte polish is defined by its smooth appearance, and it appears flat; this makes it the perfect option for someone who wants to create texturally interesting nails. You can keep your nail art simple by opting for one color or combining several for a striking finish.


Matte Cow Print Nails


21. Glitter Cow Print Nails

If you love a little bit of sparkle in your life, then look no further than glitter nail polish. Glitter polish can be added to any manicure and comes in a wide range of colors. For the best results, you want to keep the sparkles to a minimum; too much glitter can feel tacky. Glitter and cow print is a combination that is fun and daring, and combining them can be done in several ways; this includes painting only a feature nail or two with glitter and focusing the cow spots on the other fingernails. Or, you could add glitter polish to the base of the fingernail or the tip only for a more subtle finish.


Glitter Cow Print Nails


22. Short Cow Print Nails

Short nails do not make a statement in the same way that long nails do, but they are practical. While long nails are prone to breakage and can be high-maintenance, short nails lend themselves well to all occasions and will not restrict you. There are a variety of shapes to choose from, but round or square shapes work exceptionally well with short nails. You want to keep it simple when adding cow print to short nails.


Short Cow Print Nails


23. Long Cow Print Nails

You need to take greater care of long nails, and some shapes may restrict you from certain activities, like contact sports, but there is no denying that longer nails are ultra-feminine and cool. The added space also lets you get more creative with your designs as you do not have to keep them refined to a small area. This could include adding jewels and gems to your fingernails to give them a little sparkle or trying a modern approach to the French tip manicure. Long nails are also more noticeable and can be incredibly flattering, elongating the fingers and making them look slimmer.


Long Cow Print Nails


24. Cow Print Nail Tips

Cow print is one of the most fun prints you will ever wear, and adding it to your nail art will bring you a lot of joy. However, we can acknowledge the boldness of this print. Like any animal print, it can take a lot of confidence to pull off, which is why adding them in a more subtle but no less creative way is ideal. For this look, you want to focus the print only on the tips of the nail. This can be achieved with long or short nails, but there is less space on short nail lengths, making it more challenging to create.


Cow Print Nails With French Tip


25. Cow Print Nails with French Tip

The French tip nail is a classic option for nail art. It is timeless, chic, and can be adapted to suit varying lengths and nail shapes, giving you a classy manicure that is perfect for all occasions. There is a lot to love about the original version of the French tip, but for those who want something more exciting and modern, why not add cow print to the tips? This approach is a fantastic way to draw attention to your nail shape. It works best with longer nails, giving you more space for the design.


Cow Print Nail Tips


26. Coffin Shape Cow Print Nails

Coffin nails are one of the hottest looks, and for a good reason, this shape is defined by the tapered sides and a straight tip. They are flattering and versatile and can be created short or long. Most people opt for super long nails, highlighting the shape and making a statement. There is something incredibly feminine about coffin nails, and the shape also lends itself well to nail art, including cow print. The only downside is that these nails are higher maintenance and they can be prone to breakage.


Coffin Shape Cow Print Nails


27. Almond Cow Print Nails

If you are looking for a versatile and universally flattering nail shape that is great for every day, almond nails are it. They are incredibly stylish and look great when worn long or short. The shape is tapered and defined by a pointy tip and the filed sides; it resembles the almond nut, hence the name. The shape is excellent for making the nail beds look slimmer and is a durable and versatile shape. They also look great with nail art, and a cow print on your almond nails will draw attention to the shape.


Almond Cow Print Nails (1)


28. Cow Print Acrylic Nails

Cow print can be added simply and subtly, or it can be bold and bright. The beauty of this print is its versatility. It can also be added to your natural nail, or if you want stronger nails, longer lengths, or interesting nail shapes, you can try acrylics. Acrylic nails are added over your natural nail and are created using a mixture of powder and liquid monomer. They do not need light to cure. They are also long-lasting, durable, and incredibly easy to style, letting you choose your desired length and shape.


Cow Print Acrylic Nails


29. Cow Print Press on Nails

Cow print has long been favored in Western and cowboy aesthetics, but it is filtering into the mainstream now, becoming one of the hottest nail trends. There are many ways to try out the print, from classics to something more colorful and adventurous, but one of the easiest ways to add cow print is with press-on nails. Press-on nails are artificial nails that are predesigned and stuck onto the natural nail with glue. They often come with the print already finished, making this an affordable, quick, and easy approach.


Cow Print Press On Nails


30. Cow Print Gel Nails

Gel nails are created with gel polish, a special coating that is added to the natural nails. They are hardened by placing the nails under a UV or LED lamp. This is a fantastic alternative to artificial nails but can make your natural nails stronger. Gel nails are long-lasting and flexible and can be created in many ways, including cow print. Cow print can be added to nails of various lengths and shapes and is playful, giving your manicure a youthful finish.


Cow Print Gel Nails

31. Cow Print Dip Nails

Dip nails are achieved using the dip nail technique. This is done by dipping the nail into a highly pigmented powder and then applying a sealant to harden the powder. The result is a beautiful, long-lasting manicure that will be chip-resistant. The process can also be done on artificial and natural nails and is a wonderful alternative to acrylics or gel. There are many options for nail art, and you can also create something playful and feminine using cow print with nail polish over the dip nails. Try mixing and matching different color cow prints for an eye-catching finish, focusing on a new color for each nail.


Cow Print Dip Nails


32. Cow Print Nail Stickers

If you are looking for a playful and versatile manicure, look no further than cow print. Cow print can be added to the nails in various ways, including focusing on the tips or mixing and matching it with bright colors. The irregular shape makes it a relatively easy pattern to recreate. However, if you do not have the time or patience to master it, using nail stickers is a wonderful alternative. Adding these stickers to your nails can be done in different ways, including wrapping the entire nail or focusing it on just the tips.


Cow Print Nail Stickers


33. Cow Print Nail Foil

Cow print features irregular shapes and can be created in various sizes; this gives you a lot of freedom with how you choose to create your own design. It also leaves gaps in the nail art which you can fill with other details, like foil. Foil nail art is created by applying foil to the nails, creating a texturally interesting and eye-catching finish. This is also great for a woman who wants their manicure to have a little bit of glamor and sparkle.


Cow Print Nail Foil


34. Easy Cow Print Nails

The standard cow print pattern is easy to recreate because the spots are irregular; this gives you more freedom because they do not need to be as precise and perfect to look good. You can experiment with the sizes and angles where you place the spots and try out different color combinations. For an effortless look, you want to keep the nail art as simple as possible; avoid adding other details or trying techniques that are harder to achieve, like the French tip manicure.


Easy Cow Print Nails


35. Cow Print and Sunflower Nails

What could be more cheerful and fun than a combination of classic cow print with a sunflower? Cow print is incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched with different colors and designs, but the sunflower is one of the best choices for two reasons; the bright yellow color pops against the black and white, and the symbolism linked with it. Sunflowers are associated with happiness, joy, and devotion. They can also represent good luck. If you want to lighten your mood and get compliments on your manicure, this is the way to do it.


Cow Print And Sunflower Nails


Cow Print Nails FAQs

How do you get cow print nails?

There are many ways to create cow print nails, including painting them yourself or going to a nail art professional. If you intend to create the cow spots yourself, there are several helpful YouTube tutorials online which can provide you with all the tips. Or you could use press-on nails or stickers for a quick, easy, and affordable solution.

How do you do cow prints on short nails?

Cow print looks great on nails of all lengths and shapes and is incredibly versatile. On short nails, you want to keep the look as simple as possible as there is not a lot of space to get more creative. You also do not want the spots to appear squashed together.

How do you do a cow print?

Cow print can be created in different sizes and colors, but the classic approach uses either black or brown spots on a white base coat. The spots are irregular but rounded in appearance. Not all cow prints are the same, with differences in the spacing and angles making it easier to create them. If you need help, there are several helpful tutorials online which will offer a step-by-step guide.


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