A dream collaboration between Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino could come to fruition in the latter's latest film. Here is the latest information.

After Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise could well join the cast of The Movie Critic, Quentin Tarantino's latest film. According to insider Jeff Sneider, via The InSneider, the Top Gun star is currently in discussions for a role in the feature film. Everything would now depend on his busy schedule which he would be rearranging for a “small role” or “a cameo” in the film in question. The actor will spend most of the year filming Mission: Impossible 8.

Brad Pittfor his part, will be part of the adventure and will thus reunite with Tarantino for a third collaboration after Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – the latter film having earned him the Oscar for Best Supporting Role for his performance alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

We do not yet know whether his role will be main or rather secondary. For the moment, the rumor pointed to Paul Walter Hauser (The Case of Richard Jewell, Cobra Kai) to play Jim Sheldon, the film critic of the title. If Tom Cruise were indeed to play in the film, this would mark his reunion with Brad Pitt30 years after Interview with the Vampire (1994) – and this, despite their enmity on the set…

Pitt and Cruise, not the best friends in the world

It is Brad Pitt himself who had spoken about it in the past: his relationship with Tom Cruise was somewhat tense on the set ofInterview with a Vampire– a shoot that actually made him so unhappy that he considered leaving the project altogether, before learning that it would cost the production $40 million if he left.

Speaking to Première Magazine in 1995, he spoke in more detail about his relationship with Tom Cruise : “You have to understand, Tom and I are… we're walking in different directions. He is the North Pole. I am the South. He comes to you with a handshake, where I could bump into you.

30 years later Tom Cruise finds Brad Pitt with a
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Brad Pitt had attributed these tensions to an unspoken rivalry between the two stars: “I always thought there was this underlying competition that got in the way of any real conversation. It wasn't mean at all, not at all. But it was just there, and it bothered me a little.

However, he ended up praising the talent of his co-star and although they were not the best of friends, they apparently had no hard feelings between them. Moreover, they were ready to meet again in 2019 for James Mangold's film, Le Mans 66, a second collaboration which was to take place until a financing problem prevented this meeting. They had even already participated in a reading of the script together. It was ultimately Matt Damon and Christian Bale who played the heroes of the film. The Movie Critic could therefore well be an opportunity for Brad Pitt et Tom Cruise to finally meet again, and this time without animosity: this would be a summit meeting…

What do we know about The Movie Critic?

While details about the film are scarce, we do know that it will take place in 1977 Los Angeles and will be based on Jim Sheldon, an acerbic and irreverent critic working for The Popstar Pages, a porn magazine. The character would be “a guy who really lived, but who was never really famous” who Tarantino described as the “Travis Bickle of film criticism”, in reference to the hero of Taxi Driver, played by Robert De Niro in 1976.

Note that Jim Sheldon's name was the one used by Tarantino himself when he wrote for the New Beverly cinema site, the theater he now owns in Los Angeles.

Other information was also revealed by Paul Schrader (the screenwriter of Taxi Driver precisely) in an interview given to Le Monde in December 2023.

Quentin will insert extracts from films from the 1970s. And he will also make his own versions of films from that era. He asked me for permission to shoot the ending of John Flynn's Legitimate Violence (1977), as I had written it in the original screenplay, before it was completely rewritten and watered down.”, he revealed.

As for rumors, we can mention the one evoking Tarantino's desire to offer a very last role to Bruce Willis, who was forced to end his career for health reasons, or his wish to reform the cult duo by Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson – a rumor mentioned by Jeff Sneider last September.

Regardless, this tenth and final feature film from the legendary director should continue to be talked about until its release – and even after. It is one of the most anticipated projects of the moment although no release date has been announced. Its filming could begin within a few months.

While waiting to find out more, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood can be watched again in streaming on Netflix.

By Vanniyar Adrian

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