30+ tweets about the death of Elizabeth II, god save the queen

That’s it, what we thought was impossible has happened. France, what am I saying, the United Kingdom, what am I saying the whole world is in mourning: Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022. Our mother to all will have ended up succumbing to the vagaries of old age, to 96 years old. It’s funny, it’s still a sacred page of history that turns. However, the grief did not prevent the twittos from commenting on the event. And as The Queen would surely have wanted us to laugh rather than cry, that’s what we’re going to do (by murmuring the English national anthem, anyway).

2. Ready for Victory

3. Always the first on the news that one

4. Not sure he’ll get over it, our poor Steph

5. Princess Diana and the Queen meet in the afterlife

7. Oh the prank!

9. Abdicate or not abdicate? Discuss in comment

10. I would give anything to see this

11. The Queen knew Hitler, but see Salah vs. Napoli was his limit

12. Let’s meditate, let’s meditate

13. We can’t help but remember Sibeth Ndiaye’s iconic phrase: “The girl is dead”

14. The Queen when Meghan Markle comes to say goodbye

15. Big atmosphere up there

16. Pray hard friends

17. The Queen’s BeReal today

18. Don’t add more, we’re already crying enough

19. It’s too much to take

20. It stinks of ass

21. The End of an Era

22. Yes

24. Really…

25. My heart is broken in two

26. RIP Princess Diana, you would have liked that

28. Not So Hurried

29. Real promise or not?

30. But what will become of them?

31. You Will Remember

32. At Least One Happy Here

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