30 Popular Bubble Braid Hairstyles to Try in 2022

Bubble Braids


An 80s favorite is back and taking over, and with good reason, let us introduce you to the bubble braid! This ultra-cool, super stylish, and versatile hairstyle is effortless to achieve and can be created on hair of all textures and types. If you have long, loose curls, the bubble braid can help you tame them. Or with medium-length, straight hair, it can make it look more textured and voluminous. There is a look to suit every preference, letting you get creative and producing a hairstyle that is playful and expressive. Or you can opt for a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for more formal occasions. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about bubble braids and become inspired by these looks.


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1. Bubble Braid Half Up Half Down

An excellent way to try out the bubble braid is to combine it with the half up, half down hairstyle. This is the perfect way to show off your hair texture and experiment with your hairstyle, creating something that is playful and looks youthful. The bubble braid is made by adding several hair elastics down the length of a ponytail; you then want to wear the rest of your hair loose. Pulling the hair away from the face with the half up, half down hairstyle is very flattering and can open your face and highlight your features. Styling your hair with loose curls or subtle waves will create a soft and romantic look that is ideal for special occasions.


Bubble Braid Half Up Half Down


2. Two High Bubble Braids

The bubble braid has made a comeback because it is versatile and stylish. There are many ways to approach the hairstyle, letting you find the look that appeals to you the most. You can try two high bubble braids if you want a statement appearance. This is created by putting the hair in high ponytails on either side of the head, then adding hair elastics down the ponytail’s length and pulling the hair to create the bubble. This look works best with medium to long hair to achieve more drama! You can also experiment with the parting, but a middle part complements this hairstyle. It will draw attention to the face and is the perfect choice for those with symmetrical features.


Two High Bubble Braids


3. Two Low Bubble Braids

Bubble braids can be styled in several ways, depending on the aesthetic you wish to achieve. Two low bubble braids are ideal if you want a laid-back and romantic appearance. It is also a more versatile option as your hair does not need to be as long to create these bubble braids. The beauty of bubble braids is that they can be worn with all hair textures and types. This includes straight or wavy hair, and they can help tame the hair or create volume. Keep a few strands of hair loose around the face to frame it.


Two Low Bubble Braids


4. Bubble Braids with Natural Hair

Consider bubble braids if you are looking for a pretty way to wear your natural hair that is effortless to achieve and an excellent solution to other braided hairstyles that take hours to install. The braids can help tame your curls, keeping them in place while also showing off your natural hair texture. Instead of adding hair elastics to the length of your ponytail or ponytails, you can get creative using cuffs or other meaningful accessories. Try multiple bubble braids instead of just one or two, creating a gorgeous, statement look for a hairstyle that demands attention and looks super cool.


Bubble Braids With Natural Hair


5. Bubble Braids with Short Hair

Most bubble braids are created on medium to long hair, but there are also options for those with short hair. The idea is to keep your look as simple and as low as possible to maximize the length. Instead of adding multiple hair elastics throughout the ponytail length, you may only be able to fit two or three, depending on your hair length. The result is a fun and youthful finish that lets you express yourself and shows off your playful side.


Bubble Braids With Short Hair


6. Bubble Braids with Medium Hair

Medium hair is appealing because it is long enough that you have a variety of hairstyles to choose from but not so long that it is high maintenance. Bubble braids work well with medium-length hair, and you can experiment with how you add them. This could include a low bubble braid or the half up and half down hairstyle. You can create a fun and youthful appearance with statement hair accessories like scrunchies or keep it simple with small, clear hair elastics; the choice is yours!


Bubble Braids With Medium Hair


7. Bubble Braids with Really Long Hair

Bubble braids are incredibly versatile and can be added to hair of varying lengths and textures, but long hair gives you options to get creative. The added length can also help you create a hairstyle that makes a statement. With long hair, you can also experiment with how you wear it, including trying intricate looks that involve the bubble braid or wearing the hair higher. Adding hair elastics throughout the hair can also keep it tame and may even reduce tangles. The finished result can look ultra-chic and is a great way to wear your long hair for all occasions.


Bubble Braids With Really Long Hair


8. Softball Bubble Braids

Bubble braids can be styled to look chic and sophisticated or pretty and youthful, depending on your preference. For a bold, girly look, you can create larger, softball-sized bubbles. This look is achieved by using fewer hair elastics down the length of your ponytail, and backcombing each section to add volume, keeping each bubble bigger and more noticeable. The look can be achieved with various hair lengths and textures, but the longer and thicker your hair is, the more you will have a statement finish.


Softball Bubble Braids


9. Bubble Braids on Curly Hair

Curly hair is gorgeous and can be styled in many ways, including bubble braids. This is a great way to show off the volume of your hair and is also a practical option as it can tame the hair and create a more structured finish. The appeal of bubble braids is their versatility, and there are multiple ways to wear them, including the half-up, half-down hairstyle, which is incredibly flattering. This option will also let you show off your curls while keeping them away from your face. If you find it challenging to add small hair elastics down the length of your ponytail because your hair is very curly or coarse, then use hair products, or larger accessories like scrunchies instead, which are easier to remove.


Bubble Braids On Curly Hair

10. French Bubble Braids

French braids are one of the chicest and most classic braided styles. They are created by sectioning the hair into three pieces, gradually adding more hair to the sections as you work toward the middle. French braids are done using the overhand braiding technique and are relatively simple to do; plus, they are exceptionally versatile and can be combined with various other styles. You can channel the 80s with a fun and bold bubble braid look, combining it with a French braid on the top half of the head for a more detailed hairstyle and creating a contrast. This is the ideal option for someone who wants to experiment with the bubble braid and make it more unique while also giving the look more structure.


French Bubble Braids


11. Bubble Pigtail Braids

If you are looking for a cute way to wear your hair to the beach or for a date, you can experiment with bubble pigtail braids. Pigtail braids are two braids featured on opposite ends of the head. To upgrade to the traditional braid, you can try the 80s favorite bubble braids. Add hair elastics to the full length of your pigtails, or combine this look with other braided hairstyles for a more intricate and detailed finish. The beauty of bubble braids is their versatility. There are many different ways to try them out, regardless of your hair texture or type.


Pigtail Bubble Braids


12. Two Side Bubble Braids with Straight Hair

The two side bubble braids hairstyle is one of the easiest and most versatile looks to try. It suits the ladies that love Y2K aesthetic and can be incredibly flattering. You can experiment with different color elastics for a playful and youthful finish.


Two Bubble Braids Half Up Half Down 7.50.55 Pm

13. Bubble Braids with Extensions

Bubble braids can be created with various lengths and look great with most hair textures. However, they are much easier to achieve on longer hair. The added length can also give you more versatility with how you wear your braids, including mixing it with a more intricate braided look on the top half of the head or wearing the braids high. If you do not have naturally long hair, extensions can help you achieve your desired look. They are also ideal for giving the hair more volume, making it a perfect choice for someone with naturally fine or thin hair. In addition, the bubble braid can also make your hair appear fuller and thicker because of the texture it creates.


Bubble Braids With Extensions


14. Small Bubble Braids

You can create big, bold bubbles that are the size of a softball or keep it simple with small bubble braids for a more subtle and wearable look. This is an excellent option for someone who wants to try out the style. Small bubble braids can be achieved on the hair of various lengths and textures and is a great way to update the classic ponytail. Instead of focusing on one ponytail, you can also create several for a fun look that has movement.


Small Bubble Braids


15. Bubble Braids on Top of the Head

For a sleek and stylish finish, you can wear your bubble braids on top of your head. This is achieved by creating a high ponytail and adding hair elastics down its length; you can determine how big you want each bubble to be depending on how noticeable you want it. You can also wrap part of the hair around the top of your ponytail, adding to the volume to your look. This approach works best with long hair, which gives you more room to experiment with how you style it but also makes more of an impact.


Bubble Braids On Top Of The Head


16. Bubble Box Braids

Undoubtedly one of the best and most wearable looks to emerge from the 80s is bubble braids. It is an effortless hairstyle to achieve, easily adapted to suit your hair texture and length and is playful and fun. You can also combine it with other braided styles, including protective styles like box braids. Box braids are created by sectioning the hair squares and creating individual plaits, which have a box-like appearance, hence the name. If you want an alternative approach to this style, you can introduce bubble braids; instead of braiding the full braid, you can stop halfway down, adding bubble sections toward the ends. Or you can find a creative way to merge both of these hairstyles; speak to your stylist beforehand to see which option will work best for you.


Bubble Box Braids


17. Boho Bubble Braids

For a dreamy and romantic look, you can create bubble braids that have a boho vibe. This is a gorgeous approach and is ideal for those who wear bubble braids to special events like a wedding or prom. You may also wish to add vines or baby’s breath to the hair. The key is to keep the bubbles as loose as possible and leave hair loose around the face, softening your features and framing them. You can add other smaller braids throughout the hair to achieve contrast. This hairstyle will work with most hair lengths and textures but is best suited to longer hair that is naturally wavy or curly.


Boho Bubble Braids


18. Bubble Braids with Thin Fine Hair

What is not to love about bubble braids? It is a style that works on all hair textures and types, including thin and fine hair. The appeal of the bubble braid is that there are various ways to try it out; it could be as simple as adding hair elastics down the length of a single ponytail or could be combined with other braided styles. For fine hair, you want to avoid pulling at the scalp and causing tension, resulting in breakage, so the simpler your hairstyle, the better. Bubble braids are also great for creating the illusion of thicker and more voluminous hair because of the texture it makes. You can leave a few strands of hair to fall around the face to soften it and frame the face, and highlight the features.


Bubble Braids With Thin Fine Hair Copy


19. Front Bubble Braids with Wavy Hair

You cannot miss front bubble braids, and this is the ideal option for someone who wants a playful and youthful hairstyle. Choosing to add a bubble braid on either side of the face is a great way to get yourself noticed. It can also be very flattering, as the braids frame the face, drawing attention to it and highlighting your features. Depending on the effect you wish to achieve, you can leave the rest of your hair loose or pull it into another bubble braid. This hairstyle will complement most hair textures and lengths and is super cute.


Front Bubble Braids


20. Easy Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are appealing because they are effortless to achieve. You can combine them with other braids for a more detailed appearance, but often, the simplest approach is the best. This is achieved by styling the hair in a single ponytail and adding your chosen hair elastics to its length. You want to keep the bubbles medium in size for a look that is not too subtle or too dramatic. Style it with the hair swept back and off your face for a sleek and sophisticated finish that will lend itself well to various occasions.


Easy Bubble Braids


21. Low Bubble Braid

Some hairstyles from the 80s should never be resurrected, but the bubble braid is not one of them. It is one of the most effortlessly cool looks that can be easily adapted to suit your hair texture and length. Styling it low creates a softer, more romantic appearance and is ideal for those with medium-length or long hair. You can wear it loose, with strands pulled out to fall on the face, softening it and framing the features. Or you can wear it tight for a more sleek finish.


Low Bubble Braid Copy


22. Advance Unique Bubble Braids

Bubble braids can be effortless to style. However, if you have the time and patience and want to create a unique finish, why not try a more advanced approach? This could include creating one ponytail with multiple different sections, each with bubble braids. Or involve a more intricate braided technique. The beauty of the bubble braid is that it is adaptable to suit your hair length, texture, and skill level. This lets you create a gorgeous look that is also expressive.


Advance Bubble Braids


23. Bubble Braids with Pink Hair

If you are a woman who likes to stand out from the crowd and wants her hair to be expressive and fun, then it’s time to dye it pink. Pink hair is feminine and associated with romance, love, and female energy. It is also incredibly flattering, and there is a color to suit every complexion, whether you want a soft pastel that is easy to wear or a bold, saturated hue that demands attention. The playfulness of the bubble braid will complement your hair color, creating a youthful and girly hairstyle. You can also add clear hair elastics, or something brighter and bolder or darker, to create a contrast.


Pink Hair Bubble Braids


24. Bubble Braids with Pearls

Pearl details are a luxurious touch to any hairstyle and can make you look gorgeous and sophisticated. With bubble braids, this can be achieved with the hair elastics you use, which could include one that is made up of tiny faux pearls. This is a wonderful way to add some glamor to your bubble braid and will transform it, taking it from youthful and playful to smart and sophisticated. You want to keep the hairstyle as simple as possible; focusing on one ponytail with the pearl hair accessories added down its length. The simplicity complements the hair accessory instead of creating a look that overwhelms it or feels too busy or complicated. You can also create a matchy-matchy effect with the pearls by wearing pearl earrings.


Bubble Braids With Pearls (1)


25. Bubble Braids with Colorful Elastics

The great thing about bubble braids is that they are effortless to achieve and lend themselves well to personalization. This lets you experiment with different finishes. This could be by combining your bubble braids with other more complicated braiding techniques or wearing the hair in a half up, half down hairstyle. You can also add your touch, letting you have fun with your look and expressing yourself; one of the easiest ways to achieve this is with the hair elastics you choose. For a look that will make you stand out from the crowd, you can choose brightly colored hair accessories and mix and match them along the ponytail length.


Bubble Braids With Colourful Elastics Copy


26. Six Bubble Braids

You do not have to stick to one bubble braid, and this look also works with multiple braids. For an eye-catching and youthful hairstyle, why not try six bubble braids? You want to section your hair into six different areas to achieve this look. You will then add your chosen hair elastics to the length of each ponytail and pull the hair to create the bubble effect. The bubbles can be big and noticeable or small for a more subtle approach. Using wire or cuffs, you can also add a personal touch to the hair.


Six Bubble Braids


27. Bubble Braids with Scrunchies

Scrunchies are the 90s favorite hair accessory, and it is a great way to express yourself and have fun. They come in a wide range of different colors, patterns, and prints, letting you choose the option that best suits your preference. Scrunchies are also easy to wear and look great on hair of various textures and lengths; they can sometimes be overwhelming on very thin and fine hair. Bubble braids look great in multiple styles. From simple to detailed, the general idea is to add hair elastics down the length of a ponytail. On thick and curly hair, scrunchies are a wonderful way to create this look.


Bubble Braids With Scrunchies


28. Bubble Braids with Messy Buns

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to change your hair, you can experiment with bubble braids and messy buns. This is an excellent option for shorter or long hair and features the bubble braids closer to the top of the hair and the ends tied into loose buns. The combination creates a texturally interesting look that’s also fun and expressive. Leaving the hair to look messy gives it a softness, which is excellent if you want to achieve a romantic finish. It is a cute hairstyle for dates, festivals, or hanging out with friends in the summer months and will get you many compliments.


Bubble Braids With Messy Buns Copy


29. Coil Hair Bubble Braids

The bubble braid is a fantastic alternative to many other braiding techniques, which are time-consuming and complicated. It is great for coily hair, which is very voluminous and features tight curls. The bubble braid can help you keep the hair in place and can be achieved quickly and with little skill. The look can also help tame your curls but is not a protective style like some other braided techniques, such as cornrows and box braids. It is therefore not long-lasting. This can also be a plus; you can change your hair as often as you want while still taking a break from heat styling.


Coil Hair Bubble Braids Copy


30. Bubble Braids Tutorial

If you have fallen in love with the idea of bubble braids but are not sure how to create them, the good news is there are multiple tutorials available online. They will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make the look of your dreams. You can watch the video below for a classic bubble braid that can be worn everywhere. And adapted to suit your hair texture and length. It includes helpful tips on transforming your classic ponytail into something fun and youthful! Plus, all the tools and accessories you will need to achieve the bubble braid.



Bubble Braids FAQs

What is a bubble braid?

The bubble braid is a simple and playful look that is achieved by styling the hair into a ponytail and then adding hair elastics down the length of your ponytail to create a bubble effect. This look has many variations, including different-sized bubbles, depending on how noticeable you want them to be.

Are bubble braids protective?

The bubble braid can help keep your hair in place and be styled to look sleek and sophisticated, but they are not a protective style in the same way many other braided looks are.

Are bubble braids trendy?

Bubble braids are very trendy. They first emerged in the 80s but have made a big comeback because of their versatility and how easy they are to create. The look can also be adapted to suit various hair lengths, textures, and types and can be kept simple, or you can opt for a more unique and detailed approach.

How to do bubble braids?

There are multiple versions of the bubble braid, depending on how simple or complicated you want your look to be. The classic version features a ponytail, with hair elastics added down the length. You can determine how much space you want to leave between each hair elastic, opting for a big or small bubble effect.

How to do half up, half down bubble braids?

The half up, half down hairstyle is incredibly versatile and trendy and is achieved by pulling the top half of the hair into an upstyle. This can be anything from a loose bun to a bubble braid. The hair is pulled away from the face, opening up your features. To transform the classic half up half down hairstyle that features a ponytail on the top part of the hair, you need only add hair elastics down the length of the ponytail. This gives it a bubble-like appearance.


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