30+ Modern Fall Home Decor Ideas for 2022

Needless to say, fall decoration is easier to pull off when it comes to seasonal home decor. You simply forage for natural items in your garden, in the nearby forest, online, or in local stores to transition from summery vibes to the warm ambiance of the fall.

There are tons of ways to adorn your home in a classy and joyful manner for the autumn season. Here we have compiled a list of fall decor ideas for the entire home that will help you welcome the sweater weather with fervor. These can last you through the entire season from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

You can employ numerous popular themes from pumpkins and other gourds to fall foliage and pinecones. Mix and match all of these elements together across your fireplace mantle, living room, porch, and other rooms of the house.

You can make fall decorations by yourself such as DIY fall wreaths or purchase them from a nearby store or even online, but most of them are easy and inexpensive to drape your living space with coziness. Let’s explore some of our favorite modern fall decorating ideas below.

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Living Room Fall Decor Ideas

Utilize the abundance of fall foliage and gourds to decorate your modern fireplace in vibrant colors.

Fireplace Mantel Fall Decoration
Image: Helen Norman

Make a fall bucket list and exhibit it oh-so-proudly over the fireplace mantel with flowers and gourds.

Living Room Fireplace Mantel Fall Decoration
Image: Grace in my Space

If you want the subtle touch of seasonal celebrations, this side table filled with pumpkins, maple leaves, and pinecones is a brilliant idea.

under stairs fall decor with pumpkins and cloche
Image: Laurey W. Glenn

Tabletop fall foliage makes a wonderful greeter to anyone who comes knocking at your door during the festive season.

Fall foliage decoration
Image: Helen Norman

Pumpkins, pumpkins all around, big, small and round. Make your fireplace mantel the center of focus with colorful gourds.

gourds on the fireplace mantel for fall decor
Image: Finding Lovely

This tabletop fall foliage topiary is an ideal pick for a perfectionist.

Tabletop Topiary Fall Decor
Image: Laurey W. Glenn

Bedroom Decor Ideas for Fall

Get a customized wall sign to celebrate the seasonal offerings and put it behind the headboard.

Seasonal Wall Signs for modern bedroom decor
Image: Instagram @farmhousebargainhunter

Place a fall wreath along with faux pumpkins on your bedroom table to bring aesthetical joy to it.

Embellish the Bedroom Table
Image: City Girl Meets Farm Boy

Creative use of faux pumpkins and faux leaves in your bedroom can bring the aesthetic appeal of autumn with subtlety.

Display Gourds on night stand table
Image: Instagram @myfarmhouseish

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Using a fall color palette in your bedroom furnishings can be a surefire way of making it cozier and inviting.

wreath with autumnal color palette in bedroom
Image: At Home in the Wildwood

This bedroom wall decor will last you throughout the festive season and make it a warmer space.

Adorn the Walls with wall art
Image: City Girl Meets Farm Boy

Place bunches of wheat, candles, and cloches on your bedroom table to celebrate the harvest season.

Bedroom Fall Decor with candles and wheat stalks
Image: Brian Woodcock

Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

Set the dinner table with a festive spirit and make a succulent-filled tray dotted with fall vegetables the centerpiece of the celebrations.

Tablescape Fall Decor centerpiece
Image: Laurey W. Glenn

Adorn the kitchen racks with fall foliage and flowers to keep things beautiful and fragrant.

Pumpkins and Cutlery on kitchen shelf
Image: Brian Woodcock

Your kitchen island also needs a decorative touch and that’s where a trayful of colorful gourds comes in.

Display the Gourds on kitchen island for fall
Image: Helen Norman

A bouquet of fall flowers and foliage on your dining table warrants an instant uplift of spirits.

Display Seasonal Foods and Flowers in kitchen
Image: Lincoln Barbour

A tiny, lonesome faux pumpkin also has an amazing potential to decorate a simple table.

rustic Kitchen Fall Decor
Image: Finding lovely

Create a centerpiece with fall foliage and lots and lots of gourds arranged in a neat line.

Set the dining table for Fall
Image: Dana Gallagher

Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Set your dining table adorned with a fall foliage wreath, vase, lanterns, gourds, and centerpieces for fall porch decor.

Fall Porch Decor Ideas
Image: David A. Land

Use chrysanthemums and gourds on the front porch to set the seasonal decor.

Chrysanthemums and Pumpkins for Fall Decor
Image: Hector Sanchez

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Get a giant wreath on the porch and place pumpkins on the stairs to evoke the warm vibes of autumn.

Fall porch decoration with pumpkins on stairs
Image: Helen Norman

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Go full-fall with cornstalks and pumpkins dotting your modern front porch to set the festive scene.

corn stalks for modern Porch fall Decor
Image: Kara Allen

Pumpkin topiaries and leaf garland over the front door are the perfect choice for your fall decoration.

Employ Vibrant pumpkin topiary for Fall  porch decor
Image: Helen Norman

Fall foliage and gourds dot the seasonal decor of this porch in an extravagant yet elegant way.

Full-on Fall Foliage and pumpkins for Fall Porch Decor
Image: Sugar and Charm

Backyard Fall Decorating Ideas

Have an al fresco meal out on the patio with seasonal vegetation decorating the space.

modern Backyard Fall Decor
Image: Tria Giovan

Get a fire going in the backyard and dine under the stars while fall fruits and foliage adorn the atmosphere.

Outdoor Dining table decor for fall
Image: Laurey W. Glenn

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Employ chrysanthemums, lights, throw blankets, and a fire for your fall backyard decoration.

Dreamy fire pit for fall decor
Image: Instagram @createandcottage

Throw pillows and throw blankets have an untapped potential when it comes to autumnal decor.

Chrysanthemums and Firepit for fall decor
Image: Blesser House

String lights, fall foliage, apples, and pumpkins are crucial for this backyard decor idea.

flowers and apples for Al-fresco Dining in fall
Image: Helen Norman

Fall Bathroom Decor Ideas

Hang a garland on the bathroom curtain rod to add a subtle touch of the season.

  Window Garland for Bathroom Fall Decor
Image: Instagram @ thetinydreamhome

Set a vaseful of fall foliage on the bathroom vanity with a faux pumpkin.

Seasonal Foliage and Gourds for modern Bathroom fall Decor
Image: Sunny Side Up

Faux pumpkins, candles, and hydrangeas set a relaxing mood in the bath space.

Flowers and Candles in bathroom
Image: Design Enthusiasm

Don’t forget to adorn the bathroom shelves with fall elements.

Deck the bathroom Shelves for modern fall decor
Image: Blog by Aria

Faux fall leaves, flowers and faux pumpkins, and candles are the perfect way to enjoy a hot bath on a cold day.

Candles and Flowers on bathtub
Image: Instagram @gembeauties

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