30+ Halloween Kitchenware to Buy and Spice Up the Spooky Feast

Have you started decorating the kitchen and dining area for Halloween? You can’t add a hauntingly cool charm without Halloween-themed kitchenware and tableware. Whether you’re planning a full-course meal or just going to serve snacks to your guests, such devilishly created kitchen utensils and accessories can turn all your food and beverages into frightful delights.

From a bloody chopping board and skeleton beer glass to tablecloth and dish towels, there are many things you can use to accentuate your Halloween party. These kitchen items are spooky and practical at the same time, without being too gruesome.

You’d surely love to put eerie Halloween kitchenware on display during the darkest hour of the creepy night of October 31.

# Pumpkin-Shaped Soup Tureen

It is obvious to decorate your outdoors and interior space with conventional pumpkins. In the kitchen, you can make use of this pumpkin-shaped soup tureen instead. It is perfect to add a festive essence to your dining table.

Buy: $30

Bjarke ballisager designs creative height-adjustable side table
Image: amazon

# Skull Bowl and Bone Spoon

This spooky bowl and spoon combo that would look ghoulish on your table is made from ceramic with decorative sutures. If you may, you can use it to serve sugar.

Buy: $25

15 halloween kitchen utensils to spice up your spooky feast
Image: walmart

# Skull Cup

This hyper-realistic human skull is cast in ceramic and has a capacity of 12 fluid ounces. It’s good for a scare and also safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

Buy: $66

Skull cup decor for halloween
Image: etsy/trevorfosterstudio

# Zombie Head Cookie Jar

It is a ceramic jar in the shape of a zombie’s head, perfect to keep cookies and Halloween candy. Ask the guest to lift off the lid to reach in for the cookies – if they dare!

Buy: $65

Zombie head cookie jar
Image: ebay

# Large Skull Coffee Mug

Scare the party with the hand-painted skeleton head-shaped mug. Serve piping hot coffee in this eerie mug and get an instant reaction for your guests.

Price: $15

Skull shaped coffee mug- halloween kitchen ideas
Image: amazon

# Jack Skellington Mug

This ceramic mug in the shape of Jack Skellington’s face will add a haunting flair to the kitchen. Perfect gift for a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, it can hold 11 ounces of drink.

Price: $15

Jack skellington mug
Image: amazon

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# Skull Tea Infuser

This spooky skull-shaped tea infuser will give you the creeps while it steeps. It brews up a perfect cup of tea and is molded from pure, food-safe silicone.

Buy: $15

Skull tea infuser
Image: amazon

# Skull Inspired Wine Goblet

This wine goblet is hand-painted in black and features scary claw and a skull. The golden base makes it attractive.

Buy: $15

Halloween kitchen utensils
Image: amazon

# Skull-shaped Beer Glass

Made of thick handblown glass with beveled glass rim, this skull-shaped mug is perfect for beer lovers. It can hold 17.6 ounces of beer.

Buy: $12

Skull-shaped beer glass new
Image: amazon

# Zombie Baby Cup

Fill this uniquely shaped cup with a party drink to serve your guests a dose of creepiness or just let it sit on the table. It’ll look horrific whether on the dining table or on a shelf.

Buy: $27

Zombie baby cup new
Image: etsy/nerdnebula

# Witch Cauldron Bowls

These cauldron-shaped and glazed iron black, ceramic stoneware bowls are ideal to serve Halloween punch, cookies, soups, and magic.

Buy: $19

Halloween kitchen utensils
Image: etsy/onceuponaspellgifts

# Ceramic Skeleton Plate

The scary ceramic plates will be a great addition to the dining table. They’re perfect to serve mouthwatering dishes and scare off the trick-or-treaters.

Buy: $75

Halloween kitchen utensils
Image: amazon

# Spider Web Bowl

Scare trick-or-treaters and share candies in this spooky spider web bowl. You can even place it on a dining table to serve fruits. It measures 10.5-inches across and 3.5-inches deep.

Price: $7

Halloween kitchen utensils ideas
Image: amazon

# Sugar Skull Teaspoon

Add two teaspoons of horror to your cup of coffee with this skull-shaped teaspoon. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel.

Buy: $15

15 halloween kitchen utensils to spice up your spooky feast
Image: amazon

# Ghost Spoon Rest

Add wicked Halloween fun with this spooky ceramic spoon rest in your Halloween dinner party. Each of these is hand-painted for the scare.

Buy: $22

Halloween kitchen utensils
Image: etsy/samanthaboothart

# Skeleton Hand Salad Server

Toss and serve horror-filled salad to your guests with these creepy metal skeleton hands. BUT! Do not poke them.

Buy: $180

Skeleton hand salad server for halloween
Image: amazon

# Inflatable Pumpkin Beverage Cooler

This fun beverage cooler boasts jovial pumpkin art and serves as an elegant holder to keep your drinks cool. It really inflates to look cute than scary. But who said, cuteness is not Halloween ready.

Buy: $17

15 halloween kitchen utensils to spice up your spooky feast
Image: amazon

# Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

This plastic mold shapes a delicious gelatin treat into a zombie’s brain. Are you ready to try the jello mold and freak the kids out?

Buy: $10

Gelatin mold zombie brain - halloween kitchen utensils ideas
Image: amazon

# Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener

This spine-chilling bottle opener with a clenched claw is always ready to flip the top of your chilled beer.

Buy: $24

15 halloween kitchen utensils to spice up your spooky feast
Image: amazon

# Zombie Head Bottle Opener

With a 2D relief design of Walker’s head from hit AMC TV show, this opener is ready to crack open your favorite beverage. It is a perfect takeaway for The Walking Dead fans.

Buy: $16

Zombie bottle opener
Image: amazon

# Wall-Mounted Skull Bottle Opener

Made from cast iron with a rustic brown finish, this wall-mounted skull bottle opener is a perfect addition to the kitchen this Halloween.

Buy: $9

Wall-mounted skull bottle opener
Image: amazon

# Skull-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cast that sinister shadow over your Halloween party with this skull-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Buy: $8

Skull shaped salt and pepper shaker for halloween
Image: amazon

# Skeleton Salt Shakers

Enhance your table decor with this pair of Halloween-themed salt and pepper shakers. If you can’t have enough of skulls and skeletons, this ghoulish shaker set is yours to be.

Buy: $17

Skeleton salt shakers
Image: amazon

# Skull Embossing Rolling Pin

Embossing rolling pins are a necessary kitchen tool for Halloween. If you’re a baking fan, these will help you create embossed skull cookies for your kids – scary fun, right!

Buy: $25

Skull embossing rolling pin
Image: Pinterest

# Jack Skellington Cookie Cutter

Surprise those kids with cookies in the shape of Jack Skellington’s face. These cookie cutters are 3D printed using food safe PLA plastic.

Price: $2

Jack skellington cookie cutter
Image: amazon

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# Skull-Inspired Napkin Holder

This handy Halloween tableware will creepily climb to the dining table and hold napkins for you.

Buy: $15

Skull napkin holder - halloween kitchen ideas
Image: amazon

# Skull Napkin Rings

Inspired by the British reality television series Four Weddings, this is a set of four handcrafted skull rings for napkins.

Buy: $159

Skull napkin rings
Image: etsy/martharotten

# Halloween Oven Mitts

Add a whimsical touch to your kitchen with these Halloween-themed oven mitts. They’ll keep your hands safe and enhance your kitchen décor. Don’t walk into the living room wearing them else you’d freak the kids out.

Buy: $18

Halloween mitts for oven
Image: amazon

# Halloween Spider Web Tablecloth

Looking for a spooky black lace decor accessory? This spider web themed tablecloth is ideal to increase the mysterious ambiance.

Buy: $13

Skeleton dinner plate - halloween kitchen ideas
Image: amazon

# Halloween-Themed Kitchen Dish Towels

Add up festive touch to your kitchen decor with Halloween-themed dish towels. They will be perfect to clean up the spooky spills.

Buy: $17

Halloween themed kitchen dish towels -
Image: amazon

# Coffin Knife Holder

Handcrafted from hardwood, this coffin-shaped knife block will look great in any kitchen. It can accommodate five stainless steel knives and kitchen scissors.

Price: Starts from $60

Coffin knife holder
Image: etsy

# Skull Sponge Holder

Add Halloween touch to the kitchen sink with this skull-shaped sponge holder. With two suction cups at the back, it can be applied to any clean and smooth surface. It drains and dries all types of sponges.

Price: $8

Skull shaped sponge holder for kitchen
Image: walmart

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