30+ DIY Scrap Wood Projects You can Try at Home

Believe it or not, wooden furniture is never out of style. We all like to furnish homes with timeless wooden chairs and tables, but it has become crucial for us to note how sustainable they are in current times. We cannot afford to deplete the earth’s natural resources so it is time to reuse the scrap wood for various DIY projects.

There are various amazing things you can build using salvaged or scrap wood and pallets. If you are looking for some help, we have compiled a comprehensive list of DIY scrap wood projects that will inspire you to create something useful for your home.

1. Scrap Wood Armchair

Scrap wood armchair diy instructables
Image: instructables/guerilla furniture design

This chair made out of scrap wood is perfect to be placed in a quiet corner in your living or study room. It will uplift your home decor with a rustic appeal.

Tutorial: Instructables/Guerilla Furniture Design

2. Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Pallet wood coffee table diy tutorial ideas
Image: the merry thought

If you are creative enough and have moderate woodworking skills, this reclaimed wood project is just right for you. You need to make a tabletop using pallet boards. There is even storage included in the design. It is great in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. This eco-friendly coffee table will lend a lasting appeal to any interior space.

Tutorial: The Merry Thought

3. TV Stand

Tv stand - diy scrap wood projects
Image: homedit

If you are looking for a budget-friendly multimedia furniture, this rustic and industrial TV stand is a good option for you. It is a great weekend project made with dark wood and galvanized pipes.

Tutorial: Homedit

4. Couch from Pallets

Couch from pallets easy diy
Image: hunker

Making a couch from pallets isn’t that hard – you simply need to lay down the pallets in the shape of a flat seating. More functionality is added with cushions and attractive finishes. It is a simple, stylish, and budget-friendly furniture piece.

Tutorial: Hunker

5. DIY Storage Bed with Drawers

Wooden bed diy project
Image: ana white

Made by renowned DIY homemaker Ana White, this storage bed can be built with pallet wood or any scrap wood. It is a big project that involves plenty of time and woodworking experience.

Tutorial: Ana White

6. Pallet Headboard

Kelly wearstler launches new morro furniture collection for 2022
Image: thinking closet

You can combine pallet boards into a photogenic headboard. It’s upon your creativity to piece the wood pieces together into a unique pattern to make it eye-catching.

Tutorial: Thinking Closet

7. Wooden Side Table

Side table - diy scrap wood projects
Image: vicky myers creations/grillo designs

This DIY pallet wood side table is a great project for beginners. It involves simple measuring, cutting, joining wood pieces together, and finally adding some finishing touches.

Tutorial: Vicky Myers Creations/Grillo Designs

8. Wooden Desk Lamp

Diy wooden table lamp
Image: mountain modern life

Wood lamps are modern and stylish additions to your space. You can make one that fits perfectly with your décor easily. Just get a salvaged piece of a tree stump and get to work.

Tutorial: Mountain Modern Life

9. Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

Reclaimed wood coat rack
Image: because im addicted

If you are creative enough, you can transform reclaimed wood in countless ways. This handmade wood coat rack, for instance, will help keep your entryway neat and tidy. It will provide dedicated space to hang hats, coats, and bags in one place. Build one easily with a wood piece and some characteristic hooks of your choice.

Tutorial: Because IM Addicted

10. String Light Chandelier

String light chandelier diy
Image: instructables/darbin orvar

Salvaged wood can be used to build beautiful woodworking projects like reclaimed wood lamps. This rustic DIY chandelier is made using string lights and some reclaimed wood by Youtuber Darbin Orvar. The project was completed under the budget of $40.

Tutorial: Instructables/Darbin Orvar

11. Wooden Shelf

Slatted wooden shelf scrap wood
Image: pretty handy girl

Giving a second life to a salvaged piece of wood is certainly admirable. Scrap wood pieces that normally clutter our store rooms can be used to create shelves. You’ll find hundreds of unique reclaimed wood shelving ideas online. Choose one that suits your place and get busy DIYing.

Tutorial: Pretty Handy Girl

12. Wooden Planter Box

Wooden planter - diy scrap wood projects
Image: crafts by amanda

Want to join the green living movement? Start with repurposing old wood panels into planters. Make a beautiful planter box using unused wood shims.

Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

13. DIY Wooden Wall Art

Wall art - diy scrap wood projects
Image: the navage patch

If you have discarded wooden pieces at home, you can easily create this wall-mounting art piece. However, you can always shop online but DIY art pieces have their unique charm. They make a personalized statement in the living space.

Tutorial: The Navage Patch

14. Driftwood Wall Sculpture

Driftwood wall sculpture diy easy
Image: diy driftwood

It’s super easy to create a beautiful work of driftwood sculptural art using just weathered driftwood pieces. The only task is to glue them up in a creative shape. Use a paper or cardboard template for help and internet for inspiration.

Tutorial: DIY Driftwood

15. Scrap Wood Bench

Diy scrap wood bench
Image: sawdust sisters

Simple and modern, this reclaimed wood bench will add a touch of style, elegance, and history to the hallway. You can even pair them with dining tables. It can be used as a decorative bench or a bench to sit on.

Tutorial: Sawdust Sisters

16. Wooden Wall Clock

Wall clock - diy scrap wood projects
Image: anika’s diy life

This wall clock made of reclaimed wood will be a charming addition to any wall. It brings functionality plus a unique character to your home. There are many designers who specialize in making wood wall clocks to present a timeless blend of raw and wild.

Tutorial: Anika’s DIY Life

17. Wooden Herringbone Tray

Serving tray - diy scrap wood projects
Image: hometalk

Make this stunningly beautiful reclaimed wood serving tray to add rustic charm to your coffee table! The herringbone pattern makes it unique and a perfect homemade gift.

Tutorial: Hometalk

18. DIY Barnwood Mirror

Diy barnwood mirror project
Image: the diy village

If you have old barn wood at home and want it to utilize in some project, you can try making this mirror. It is a floor-length mirror that will look like a secret door.

Tutorial: The DIY Village

19. Bathroom Storage Ladder

Bathroom storage ladder diy
Image: clean and scentsible

If you powder room lacks space, you can create this easy ladder storage for rescue. It adds character to the bathroom and provides some additional storage.

Tutorial: Clean and Scentsible

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20. Scrap Wood Vase

Scrap wood vase diy
Image: shanty 2 chic

Making a vase from unused wood pieces is a simple, quick, and budget-friendly DIY project. It will help you add natural essence to your home.

Tutorial: Shanty 2 Chic

21. Driftwood Candle Holder

Driftwood candle holder diy project to make
Image: coastal cellar

A driftwood candle holder is an easy and inexpensive DIY project to take on. It will be helpful in creating a relaxing atmosphere whether inside or chilling outdoors on a balcony or patio.

Tutorial: Coastal Cellar

22. Pallet Coasters from Popsicle Sticks

Pallet coasters from popsicle sticks easy diy project
Image: diy projects

If you are making your first foray into DIYing, this project is just right for you. You only need to glue up popsicle sticks into the shape of a crate. Finish in your style.

Tutorial: DIY Projects

23. DIY Wine Rack

Diy wine rack from scrap wood easy
Image: jenwood house

Build this little, wall-mounted wine rack using scrap wood in your garage. There is space for bottles as well as glasses. You will need woodworking tools for this project.

Tutorial: Jenwood House

24. Wooden Bird House

Birdhouse - diy scrap wood projects
Image: a crafty mix

Put wood planks lying unused at home to good use and make a cute little shelter for feathered friends. It will really be enchanting to see and hear birds in your backyard.

Tutorial: A Crafty Mix

25. DIY Wood Succulent Planter

Diy wood succulent planter easy to make project
Image: kj

This easy-to-make wood succulent planter is the perfect way to bring nature into your home. You will definitely enjoy building this planter box as it only needs basic supplies.

Tutorial: KJ

26. Outdoor Vertical Garden from Pallets

Pallet wood outdoor planter diy project
Image: zillow

Add greenery to your home with this planter made of pallet boards and fabric. You can grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in it.

Tutorial: Zillow

27. Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holder... Diy scrap wood projects
Image: funky junk interiors

This sweet, little shelf can be used in any room. Use it in the kitchen or your bathroom with a branch dowel working to hang toilet paper. The natural imperfections of the wood make  it unique.

Tutorial: Funky Junk Interiors

28. DIY Arrow Wooden Bookends

Diy arrow wooden bookends new project
Image: domestically speaking

Showcase your books on the shelf with this unusual set of wooden bookends. They are a terrific weekend project for beginners. You can add a piece of metal under them which helps keeping them upright.

Tutorial: Domestically Speaking

29. Modern Key Rack

Modern key rack diy scrap wood projects
Picture: francois and me

Create a designated spot for keys at home with this modern and stylish wall-mounted key holder. It has no hooks but cuts, on which keys are suspended.

Tutorial: Francois and me

30. Utensils Caddy

Utensils caddy - diy scrap wood projects
Image: pastels and macarons

If you are throwing scrap wood away, we suggest turning those pieces into a silverware utensils caddy. It’s a perfect beginner DIY woodworking project to make something creative for your table!

Tutorial: Pastels and Macarons

31. Dog Feeding Station

Diy dog feeding station from chairs easy
Image: the diy village

DIY-loving pet parents looking to pamper their four-legged friends can build this simple and functional dog feeding station. You will need old chairs and bowls for the project.

Tutorial: The DIY Village

32. Tree Swing

Tree swing - diy scrap wood projects
Image: a beautiful mess

Enjoy outdoors by making an old-fashioned tree swing using reclaimed wood and rope. It requires hardware that can be found at home easily. Bring joy to kids and to yourself through this project.

Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

33. DIY Cutting Board from Repurposed Wood

Diy cutting board from repurposed wood project easy
Image: diy huntress

This beautiful cutting board is made with power tools but no planer is needed. It will be a cool addition in your kitchen. Give it a try.

Tutorial: DIY Huntress

34. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Reclaimed wood accent wall diy project
Image: jenna kate at home

Looking for ideas to utilize huge heaps of unused wood in your store? You can use old wood pieces to make a beautiful accent wall in your bedroom. It will add interest and texture to the space.

Tutorial: Jenna Kate at Home

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