30 days max: have you spotted McFly and Carlito? – Cinema News

30 days max: have you spotted McFly and Carlito? – Cinema News

After a lost bet against Philippe Lacheau and Tarek Boudali, the star youtubers McFly and Carlito had to appear as an extra in 30 days max. The particularity ? The duo was filmed … from behind!

30 jours max, Tarek Boudali’s second feature film after Marry me my buddy, hosted a well-known duo on YouTube, McFly and Carlito!

But why did the comedians with 5.8 million subscribers find themselves on the set of 30 days max in the studios of Bry-sur-Marne? To understand, we have to go back to June 23, 2019. Philippe Lacheau and Tarek Boudali are invited to McFly and Carlito’s channel for an anecdotes competition.

“We had a” Truths-lies “battle. If they won, I gave them a role. If they lost, they had to be in my film, but from behind. And dressed identically as in their show so that their fans will recognize them “, reveals Tarek Boudali.

The battle was therefore lost by the McFly / Carlito duo, the director kept his promise. In November 2019, the videographers went to the 30-day max set, in Bry-sur-Marne, to shoot their scene. As you can see in the video posted recently by Raphaël Carlier (Carlito) and David Coscas (McFly), they appear in police station footage. Can you spot them on the big screen?

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