30 days max: Did Tarek Boudali perform all his stunts himself? – Cinema News

30 days max: Did Tarek Boudali perform all his stunts himself?  – Cinema News

For his second production, Tarek Boudali stages an action-packed detective comedy: 30 days max. But did he resort to a liner for the perilous stunts?

After the success of Marry me my buddy and its 2.4 million spectators, Tarek Boudali is back behind (and in front of) the camera in 30 days max. Philippe Lacheau’s accomplice plays Rayane, a cowardly and clumsy young cop constantly mocked by other police officers. The day his doctor falsely tells him that he has only thirty days to live, he understands that this is his last chance to become a hero in his police station and impress his colleague Stéphanie. The eternal fearful then turns into a real hothead who will take all the risks to corner a big drug kingpin.

For the needs of the role, Tarek Boudali did not hesitate to give of his person. Thus, for the action scenes, the actor did not use an understudy and insisted on performing all the stunts himself. “The very first day of filming, I walked through the 5-meter-high plank for the opening sequence. From there the crew knew what we were getting into.”, confides the actor in the press kit of the film.

Tarek Boudali, a good thrill-seeker, also wanted to perform certain perilous sequences without a green background, such as a tightrope walk between two buildings. “I really got on this board between two buildings! I wanted to do everything for real. I had to struggle with the production, but in the end, it passed. And at the end of the shoot, I had thanked the broker who assured me! “, jokes the actor.

One of the film’s most spectacular scenes, a motorcycle chase, left Tarek Boudali in a cold sweat. To ensure this sequence, the actor notably passed his motorcycle license two months before. “It was not the stunts that were the hardest, but the weather. Most of the sequences where I am in my cape and shirtless were shot between November and December 2019, often at night by -2 °! When I slalom in motorbike at 90 km / hour, without helmet or protection, it was really cold and it even started to rain… If I missed it, I died! It was the most dangerous scene but also the most exciting for me.”

Despite the dangers associated with filming these action scenes, Tarek Boudali was not injured … except once, and in a so-called easy sequence. “It was my fault, too! When I jump out of the chair and sprawl out on the desk. The stunt manager asked me to put on my protection, but we were in speed and I didn’t see the danger. . And I hurt myself. Crossing the window, too: I was stopped dead by the exterior facade, and I made a big bruise on my thigh “, remembers the native of Paris.

Questioned by us, Tarek Boudali confided to be a big fan of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Tom Cruise, two actors known for their strong implication in the stunts. “When they do their stunts themselves, it adds something more to the film. It’s impressive. So I wanted to do the same thing on my scale, even though it’s a comedy and I don’t have the same budget as Tom Cruise. I like the adrenaline a lot, so it was a real wish on my part. We had to convince the producers but also the insurance companies. They finally all accepted and I was very happy to be able to do my own stunts. “

Interview by Brigitte Baronnet in Paris on October 6, 2020


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