3 fascinating biopics to discover on Disney +

Joaquin Phoenix, Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins deliver impressive performances there. Focus on three biopics to discover on the Disney + platform.

3 fascinating biopics to discover on disney +
20th Century Fox


3 fascinating biopics to discover on disney + 2005 Twentieth Century Fox

Walk the Line is a biopic dedicated to the singer country-rock Johnny Cash. A film carried by Joaquin phoenix which evokes the birth of a new style of artist, that of a man who beyond his anger, the ravages of addiction and the temptations of star status, has gone beyond everything to become an icon.

Released in theaters in 2006, Walk the Line is also the journey of a man who, from the depths of the darkest period of his life, was carried by a fusional love affair with June Carter. A passion that has nourished his art throughout his life. This saga is marked by the themes that will make the strength of Cash’s music and his minimalist style: death, love, betrayal, sin, hope and faith.

Johnny Cash and June Carter had respectively chosen the comedians Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon to embody them on the screen. Unfortunately, they could not see the final result: the singer-guitarist died in September 2003 following complications from diabetes, while his partner died the same year from heart problems.

Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (Oscar for Best Actress for her role) performed the songs on Walk the Line themselves, with the comedian also learning to play the guitar. The two Hollywood stars suffered a “intensive rock‘n roll training camp” which included music lessons, individual practice and rehearsal time, group work time with orchestra and recording sessions.

The duo’s involvement was trying. “We went through difficult things together, because we knew that we had to take the good of the characters as the bad“, explains Joaquin Phoenix, who entered the clinic at the end of filming, marked by the similarities between his own life and that of Cash (like Johnny, he lost a brother, River, died of an overdose).

Note the presence on Netflix of other musical biopics such as Tina (dedicated to Tina Turner, with Angela Bassett in the role) and Notorious BIG (on the rapper of the same name, played on screen by Jamal Woolard).


3 fascinating biopics to discover on disney + UFD

The feature film Braveheart, directed by Mel Gibson, is an evocation of the tumultuous life of William Wallace, hero and symbol of Scottish independence. The latter, at the end of the 13th century, faced the troops of King Edward I of England who had just invaded his country.

Braveheart, which won five Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director, is a project that took a long time to come to fruition. Originally, Mel Gibson only wanted to produce this historic epic. But Terry Gilliam’s refusal to direct it and Paramount Studios’ refusal to have Jason Patrick play the lead role led the Lethal Weapon star to take on the double hat.

In the end, Braveheart, designed for a budget of $ 76 million, grossed more than 213 worldwide. The cast of this powerful film with battle scenes still as impressive more than a quarter of a century after its release, we find in particular Patrick McGoohan, Brendan Gleeson but also Sophie Marceau in the role of Princess Isabelle of France.

Note for the anecdote that with this film shot in Scotland and Ireland, Mel Gibson encountered problems with animal protection organizations. They believed that the horses used in the violent fight scenes were real, when in reality they were fake.


3 fascinating biopics to discover on disney + Twentieth Century Fox France

Hitchcock is, as its title quite clearly indicates, a biopic dedicated to the famous director Alfred Hitchock, “the master of suspense”. The feature film, classic but never boring, captivating and often funny, focuses on the implementation of a classic of the American, prepared in collaboration with his wife Alma: Psychosis.

In the role of Alfred Hitchcock, we find an unrecognizable Anthony Hopkins, surrounded on the screen by Helen Mirren, who plays his companion Alma, and Scarlett Johansson, who lends his features to the actress Janet Leigh.

Hitchcock’s starting point was to offer viewers a different side of the famous filmmaker, highlighting part of his private life. “I always thought that the love story between Alfred (Hitchcock) and Alma (Reville) had to be at the heart of this film”, says director Sacha Gervasi. “Their dynamic, complex, contradictory, magnificent and painful relationship went beyond marriage to be a true artistic collaboration.”

Yes Anthony hopkins has done various research on Hitchcock before the shoot he was also helped by the way Sacha Gervasi saw the filmmaker at this point in his career. To know “a film industry Goliath turned modern-day David, determined to make a film that no one predicted would be successful, and that no one saw resisting the Motion Picture Production Code Administration, the censorship body. “

Note that you will find on Netflix another biopic worn by Anthony Hopkins: Nixon, directed by Oliver Stone, feature film dedicated to the controversial 37th President of the United States.

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